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What does 50,000 Nukes and Alien Tech get you? Not the key to soemone else’s Bitcoin address. |

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Does anyone know the IP adress for the dns entry so I can manually configure my hosts file?
Edit: It's (thnx smickles)
Edit2: (.COM not .ORG) seems to work fine
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How Analyst Snickers at Those Who Invest in Gold but Not ... Earn Bitcoin (Satoshis) Walking & Running with New sMiles App ₿₿₿ Analyst Snickers at Those Who Invest in Gold but Not Bitcoin A Luxury Yacht or a Snickers Bitcoin Beats Gold in New $1 ... Ms. Smiles Create Right Now Cash- Receive bitcoin for Free ...

An investor who put $1 into Bitcoin a decade ago would have enough money to buy a luxury yacht — but those who invested the same amount in gold would only have enough to buy a Snickers bar. Crypto analyst Willy Woo posted a chart to Twitter on June 9 examining the performance of Bitcoin ( BTC ) vs. gold over a ten-year period starting on Oct. 6, 2019. Should Bitcoin emerge from the next three days having survived short term profit takers, and with intact prices above USD 8,200, there will be little doubt for a consistent push towards 8,500 and beyond. But for the average trader, it remains to be seen, one day at a time. BitcoinNews is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our ... Get early access to sMiles, and earn Bitcoin. Become a beta tester, secure a cool username, and get instant sats rewards. Powered by the Lightning Network technology. If you invest $12.8 million in #Bitcoin today, 10.7 years from now you will be lucky if you can still afford to buy a Snickers Bar. — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) June 9, 2020. Obviously, all the institutional investors who are buying Bitcoin at a record pace from Grayscale Investments do not agree with Schiff’s assessment of Bitcoin: According to crypto analyst Willy Woo, a $1 investment in Bitcoin a decade ago would be enough to retire on, while the price of gold has barely moved.

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How Analyst Snickers at Those Who Invest in Gold but Not ...

A $1 investment in Bitcoin ( BTC ) in 2009 would buy a luxury yacht today — but $1 of gold would only buy you a chocolate bar. That was the result of a compa... Eine Luxusyacht oder ein Snickers? "Bitcoin gegen Gold im Vergleich" Alt Season oder keine Alt Season? kann sich das Jahr 2017 wiederholen ? Gründe und Fakte... sMiles Bitcoin is a activity tracking app that pays you in Satoshis for doing whatever it is that you do every day. It won't pay you for sitting all day, unl... Check out Our Blog: - How Analyst Snickers at Those Who Invest in Gold but Not Bitcoin can Save You Time, Stress, and Money. To get at... Her niece said "I have $800 in Bitcoin". I thought she was joking but when i asked her where she got it she said she earned it walking. sMiles isn't the first app to pay users crypto for walking ...