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Decentralized Replicated Storage Platform

I built a decentralized vps cloud platform in an effort to deliver the cloud that I had envisioned when I first heard the term.
On this platform there are two roles the public can participate in.
Our role is to be a "virtual isp" and provide IP transit to all of the virtual machines spanning our global fabric. Contributors netboot our secure virtualization platform and we provide all the networking glue that makes it possible for a server sitting in your house, garage or datacenter to become part of our network. We are responsible for all assigned ip addresses, so NOC support is handled no differently than any other ISP.
I wanted to bring the "mining" model to the virtualization space and encourage existing cloud providers to compete in a free market on a common platform and lower the barrier of entry to competition. Contributors set their own prices and consumers make their selection based on actual performance metrics (cpu, memory, iops, latency, network throughput and uptime). You pay only for what you use and you're not forced to conform to some "standardized" template.
As a company you may not want to rent your machines to the general public. However you might want to leverage some of the unique networking and security features and use our cloud platform to run your internal cloud infrastructure. With the physical hardware and data under your control, execs may feel a little more comfortable monetizing excess capacity and sell under utilized servers to the public.
To seed the initial foot print of the network, I setup two locations each with four servers on dedicated fiber. Each site can easily achieve gigabit speeds to their peering points. One location is on the US West coast and the other is on the US East coast. These servers represent our initial fabric capability and I plan to add 2 to 3 more servers in 2 or 3 more locations as the need arrises.
Over the last year a few dozen people have been helping me test this platform during it's development. I've received positive feedback and it's time to invite the public to submit consumer applications for our beta round. Services are production ready, but subject to a more rapid maintenance cycle. Once we enter the second phase of beta testing we will be accepting applications for contributors.
You can submit beta applications and other questions to the following;
[email protected]
I'm looking for help with continued development. If you feel you could contribute to this project, please contact me at the address listed above. I plan on accepting applications for full time positions in the near future.
Here are some features that differ from typical services;
Here are some features I'm still working on;
Pricing during the beta period is;
For example;
I know the current data transfer cost is too high. I'm working on lowering it, as soon as I setup more peering arrangements the cost should come down drastically. Only internet ingress and egress count towards data transfer accounting. All internal traffic is unmetered and free of charge, even if the traffic spans multiple servers in different locations. Instances without a public address are given private addresses and have no data transfer limits both internally between instances and externally to the Internet.
Highly available instances automatically have their block storage replicated to another offsite server in real-time, if there is a eminent failure your machine will be migrated live without interruption to the location that has your replicated data. No downtime, no ip address changes and best of all you don't need to manage it. Pricing depends on the level of redundancy. Highly available instance pricing is your instance price times your level of redundancy. So if you want your data replicated in to exist in 3 different locations then your price is simply triple the single instance price.
Future contributors would probably like to know what kind of hardware requirements to expect;
The the current minimum;
These are optional, but highly recommended;
All pricing is subject to change, I only expect prices to go down. Eventually when we come out of beta, pricing will follow the free market as contributors will be able to set their price and compete with other contributing cloud providers on a level playing field.
Please comment, I'm looking for feedback.
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windows vps for mining

hi am new to bitcoin . i have a windows 2008 r2 VPS runs in SolusVM KVM Virtualization. spec is 700gb HDD,8Gb Ram,1gbps node,unmetered bandwidth, the problem is there is no graphics card .i tired the guiminer but its says no opencl devices and stuck at the same conneting stage
so is there any idea to mine bitcoin or any coin using VPS ???
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Pagando un VPS con Bitcoin (Servidor Virtual Privado)

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