Was listening to Rush Limbaugh : Bitcoin

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and others stick with conspiracy theories after mail-bomb suspect’s arrest /r/politics

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Rush Limbaugh: "Oh, the hell with that. Why don't we just use Bitcoin, to hell with printing up a whole new platinum coin here. Just use Bitcoin, which is the currency on the Internet."

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Rush Limbaugh endorses Bitcoin

Love him or hate him, he has 15 million listeners.
I was surprised this wasn't on YouTube so I threw it up.
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Rush Limbaugh Show (Hosted by Mark Belling) Discussed Bitcoin Today (Mon) For 9 Minutes...

Can't legally post the audio, but if you're a Rush 24/7 subscriber, you can listen here. Go to 08:00:00.
Got lots of facts wrong, and doesn't understand the trustless nature of Bitcoin (suggested that Rush set up his own coin... Rushcoin).
Nevertheless, even bad coverage is good coverage ;)
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Was listening to Rush Limbaugh /r/Bitcoin

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Alpha Rovers greatest moments V2.0

It's been about 6 months since this list was last updated, let's see if we can get to 101. Currently at 76.
1-Pushes his cat in a cat stroller
2 -Gets another man to change a lightbulb
3 -Rides around on a 9bot
4 -Choked on a shot of whiskey
5 -Complained about his drawn butter
6 -Makes homosexual jokes about co-workers
7 -Mocks people with speech impediments and/or disabilities
8 -Watched all Twilight and 50 Shades movies
9 -Drinks Champagne all year round
10 -Befriended a mouse that lives in bushes outside his house. Claims mouse had "little mouse hands". (credit thehotsister)
11 -Asks women if they like backdoor action
12 -Asks women when they started developing breasts
13 -Facetimes with an 8 year old girl regularly
14 -Likes to tell stories about his threesomes with another dude, not sure as if he recalls having a threesome with 2 females. (Chaka7511) (Terryballsonchin)
15 -Started wrestling boys around the same time he started masturbating, not sure as if he recalls wrestling a girl. (Chaka7511)
16 -Likes to befriend turtles. (rawdog87)
17 -Hates every popular thing for inexplicable reasons . (blueskynoise88)
18 -Lets ex girlfriend Duji walk all over him. (blueskynoise88)
19 -Has never exceeded 199.99 pounds. (blueskynoise88)
20 -Dislikes people that are passionate about stuff. (jt312)
21 -Once downed a tub of animal crackers over the course of one show. (ThrashemCatchem)
22 -Calls B2's dad for anything that involes tools. (qigger)
23 -Once picked up a hammer and was rushed to ER by B2mywife for a sliver that was undetectable with modern medical technology. (SnitzTheGoat)
24 -Doesn't feel comfortable eating chocolate covered bananas in public. (Sanity0004)
25 -Sprained his wrist while attempting to vacuum. Bought a Roomba instead. (DetroitLightningSF)
26 -Loves telling long stories about the shit ton of dippin dots he ate over weekend. (Subtle_OG)
27 -Has expressed interest in learning more about soccer. (liluzipurp)
28 -Likes to freeze his chocolate dusted nuts. Claims they are delicious. (jeffmoss262)
29 -Got married in swishy pants. (Triceratastic)
30 -Plays the flute. (notdongbobbler)
31 -Has wife pump gas when he's not in his Tesla, that he owns, because it's electric and thus doesn't need gas. (MrsHoose6)
32 -Was shot but fortunately the bullet only grazed him and didn't leave much of a scar.
33 -Rarely mentions this subreddit and says Reddit like he's unsure what it is.
34 -Deleted message board from his website and claims he doesn't read internet comments.
35 -Doesn't like to acknowledge the city that made him. Prefers "The City where the show is based" and sometimes "Up north here"
36 -Wears a "nail bracelet" that his wife gave him for "nailing her so good". (hspencer1)
37 -When Anderson Cooper comes up, Rover likes to mention at least 3 times that he really likes Anderson Cooper.
38 -Was once kidnapped by a large woman and possibly sexually assaulted, but not sure...
39 -Favorite insults are "What a doooosh" and "What a jacknut"
40 -Invites a tech expert on show to take calls, makes a joke suggesting the tech expert is a pervert, then proceeds to answer calls himself.
41 -Ahhbsessed with anal sex. Likes to tell every hookup girl the proper way to do it. LOTS OF LUBE!
42 -Shaves all of his body hair, including his anus. Hmm...
43 -Chose to travel the world with Charlie, whom he insists is a beta homosexual. Strange coincidence...
44 -Bought an orginal Star Trek outfit for over a thousand dollars. Says Game of Thrones fans are nerds. (jerichosway) (lucky917)
45 -Claims he has never told B2 his wife that he loves her. (SnitzTheGoat)
46 -Allegedly told Duji he loves her when they dated.
47 -Had sex with Duji for a decade.
48 -Married a girl out of his league, B2mywife, but seemingly prefers masturbating in bed while she sleeps instead of sex.
49 -Had B2 his wife assemble his grill.
50 -Never spoke on the phone with B2 his wife until they married. Later shocks his fans by admitting that he did in fact speak to her before the marriage. (hspcencer1)
51 -Talks to Duji on the phone every morning on his way to work.
52 -Made a sex tape with Duji. Ewww that is sick!
53 -Would send emails to Duji posing as his cat.
54 -Took time off work when his cat died.
55 -Found out his dad died on the air. Shrugged it off.
56 -Sent his Uber driver back to pick up his baseball cap. (CantLookAway99)
57 -Doesn't understand how Charlie and Snitz have so much time to watch netflix and hulu. Proceeds to watch 86 episodes of the Sopranos in 2 weeks.
58 -Watches every Oscar nominated movie to prepare for the Oscars, then spends two days gabbing all about it.
59 -Cried in bed next to Duji when he was allegedly dumped by a local news reporter.
60 -Makes fun of Rush Limbaughs fake radio voice, used to sound an awful lot like Rush Limbaugh. See Dieter vs Butterbean.
61 -Likes to interrupt people to correct their pronunciation.
62 -Likes to stop in the middle of an email to point out a misspelled word.
63 -Doesn't follow anyone on twitter.
64 -Doesn't recall if he was engaged to Duji.
65 -Doesn't have kids, but cut ones umbilical cord.
66 - Claims rock is dead and thus has no choice but to listen to Pink, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello. Even had a Range Rover that only played Pink. (Cantlookaway99) (Chaka7511) (Dieterswig)
67 -According to one eye witness Rover was seen dancing on his boat to a Pink song. (Mtneer24)
68 -Comes up with painful and/or humiliating competitions for his underlings but never competes himself.
69 -Used to pick up chicks by pretending to be an australian actor, complete with accent and his black friend Tyrone playing the part of bodyguard.
70 -Had an indian friend Patel, says he smelled of curry and didn't even know it.
71 -Said the girls of Babymetal were hot, not realizing they were 12-14 at the time.
72 -Thinks Track Jackets and Hurley hats are cool.
73 -Can not say the word "podcast" without immense disdain.
74 -His show is always #1 when an affiliate drops him.
75 -Handles criticism by talking louder than caller, then claiming said caller hung up.
76 -Says he was #1 before JLR and will be #1 after JLR. Most viewed youtube clip is JLR.
77 -Drinks La Croix.
Update 2.0
78 -Wrestles with co-workers 9 year old girl
79 -Plays mysterious "sleeping monster" game with co-workers 9 year old girl
80 -Kicked out of Auschwitz for squeaky shoes
81 -Says Cindy on The Brady Bunch was "the hot one"
82 -Called his co-workers morons for jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon while secretly investing himself (calipiterseverywhere)
83 -Hosted illegal warehouse parties during his rebellious teenage flute playing years. (BigGulpsx)
84 -Wears hoodies in the summer. Too Alpha for AC. (chongo11)
85 -Lost wedding ring playing in the snow with ex-girlfriends daughter (chongo11)
86 -Asks for an opinion, proceeds to explain how opinion is wrong, just wrong! (NwoNW)
87 -Approves of a rejoin shitting on other shows for doing lists, proceeds to do 1-2 lists per show. (NwoNW)
88 -Gets tour bus with his face plastered all over it to get the show more exposure, then hides bus in secluded parking lots. (jeffmoss262)
89 -Wants gun regulations for people with mental health issues. Lost his shit when his ex-girlfriend went on a date. (PeterMEWL)
90 -Wore zippers fashioned into a jacket in Paris. (Fartboxboy4life)
91 -Shits on Dieter for keeping his girlfriend now wife secret. Was in secret relationship with Duji for a decade. (Fartboxboy4life)
92 -Gets an upset tummy when he drinks beer. Going to Germany for Oktoberfest.
93 -Frequent emergency bowel movements and avoidance of B2 suggests leaky butt and explosive diarrhea, possibly from a stretched/weakened sphincter. (DeeJayShawDay)
94 -Has spent entire segments arguing over the correct pronunciation of Maybach.
95 -Is pro eugenics
96 -Explained away a pile of tissues next to his bed as being the result of so much sex with B2mywife.
97 -Laughs at JLR for getting a prostitute. Brags about dating a porn star.
98 -Flooded the engine of his sport suv by driving through a puddle (sandiegotaco)
99 -Still claims he's never told his wife that he loves her but is sure to tell her how much he appreciates her everyday. (Roger4Pres)
100 -Has pictures of co-workers 9 year old daughter all over his workcenter. (Roger4Pres)
101 -Rover during his teenage years of running from cops and banging chicks left and right. https://imgur.com/gallery/MzRS0h4 (DeeJayShawDay)
102 -Claims he can throw a baseball 75+ mph but on the day he was going to prove it his wrist starting hurting. (Roger4Pres)
103 -Claims he has a friend. What's more, this friends name is "Crank" and Rover talks to him about once a year. (Roger4Pres)
104 -Became an expert in mental health after working in a mental hospital for 1 year, but doesn't like to mention this more than once every 3 hours. (mos661)
105 -Is sure to let every black celebrity he interviews know that he had a single mother and they were poor when he was growing up in Vegas. (mos661)
106 -Made his wife quit her job to “help” with all of his business. Does not pay her anything, then bitches when she wants something. “B2 is looking for a new car, well I guess I’m getting a new car cuz I’m paying for it” (hspencer1)
107 -Made the decision to become a soccer fan at the age of 42 and immediately flew to London to watch a game. Not interested in Cleveland sports teams or even acknowledging they exist.
108 -Somehow grew up poor despite his parents being a doctor and a lawyer.
109 -Loves gabbing about his non-processed diet. Goes to Dairy Queen at least once a week with some little girl.
110 -Once spent an entire segment bitching at Charlie for using a day and a half of vacation time. Meanwhile, Rover is going to Europe for 3rd or 4th vacation this year.
111 -Will CANCEL your RMG+ membership if you bitch about RMG+. Gained Legendary Alpha status as a result. (hspencer1)
112 -When he walks around the block by his house he is always traveling uphill. It is currently unknown how he achieves this seemingly impossible feat. (multiple mentions)
113 -Was surpised by the speed of a turtle he tried to catch.
114 -Won't push a shopping cart or carry out leftovers as these are the job of a woman. (hspencer1)
115 -Has his 93 pound wife drag the garbage cans to the curb. (hspencer1)
116 -Has B2 deal with handymen that do work around the house so he can pretend he's too busy to fix things himself.
117 -Suggests he's going to fire Duji for her poor news reading skills on a daily basis for close to 20 years.
118 -Had a marker thrown in his face by Duji. Promised to get back at her one day. This was around 2015.
119 -Continues to do a poor impersonation of JLR despite universal hatred for it.
120 -Kept quiet while Gene Simmons treated him like a little bitch.
121 -Said Rob was a horrible person for denying he was the father of a child. Rover continues to deny he has any kids despite spending all his time with one that looks just like him.
122 -According to a recent poll, Rover is the second least liked person on his own show. This might explain why Duji is still around.
123 -Says everything on Reddit is a lie. Everything on this list is a verifiable fact except a few that are more speculation.
124 -Says "Iced" instead of "fired"
125 -Says "The hiv" instead of "HIV"
126 -Instead of coming up with entertaining radio bits he prefers to spend his time working on the technical side of the show like the "WIRES!" and the broken video player that is RMGTV. Too full of himself to hire a professional. (johnclevohio)
127 -Instead of simply calling it "the news" he insists on calling it "the shizzy, the news" (moss661)
128 -Went to a sex club and got serviced by some hot chick but can’t quite recall any of the details (NwoNW)
129 -Says a little bit of JLR goes a long way. Fans say hire JLR full time and get him in the studio.
130 -Claims he is lifting 30lb dumbbells, could easily prove it but chooses not to.
131 -Takes a girl he claims he's not the father of to "Daddy daughter dances"
132 -Was enraged when he learned Snitz was making 1 to 10 dollars a week on Twitch. Says fans were only donating that money because of his RMG fame.
133 -At 5 years old he experienced a lifetime of adventures.
134 -Made his wife cry when she bought the wrong candy bars for Halloween.
135 -Befriended an insect, possibly a silverfish, that lived in a hole in his shower. (zdriver7)
136 -Flew First Class while his wife rode coach. (zdriver7)
137 -Is so dedicated to putting on a good show that he arrives a full minute before the show goes live. Only arrives late 1-3 times a month.
138 -Shits on Bob and Tom for fake laughing but acts oblivious to Duji's incredibly fake and annoying laughing.
139 -Promised a 10 year retrospective. 10 years ago.
140 -Allegedly gave Duji a six figure payout when they broke up.
141 -Frequently inquires about the age of Snitz's daughters.
142 -Rates his wife a 7. Also rates Duji a 7.
143 -Asked a guest if his sons were "well hung"
144 -Made his wife cry by taking 30 seconds to make reservations at a restaurant (LarryJarocque)
145 -Complained for years about pain in the tip of his penis. Was cured by a finger up his butt. (LarryJarocque)
146 -Frequently shows up to work with a white substance on his lips (LarryJarocque)
147 -Was spotted in the wild wearing these https://imgur.com/a/FVMlwhg (Roger4Pres) (notdongbobbler)
148 -Says Americans are fat and stuff their faces with Doritos and cheeseburgers all day. Is fat and stuffs his face with animal crackers.
149 -Buys a million dollar bus to tour the country and go to all the big events. Goes to something called Spiedie Fest instead. A festival dedicated to cubed chicken in a bun...
150 -Blocked his door with a heavy old typewriter so he could have his virginity taken without interruption. (NwoNW)
151 -Chose not to get his wife anything for their first anniversary.
152 -Has special wipes for his oily eyelids.
153 -Only buys the douchiest of vehicles. Ranger Rovers, Teslas and possibly a G-wagon soon.
154 -Isn't comfortable drinking tap water because it runs through pipes while recognizing the fact that bottled water also runs through pipes. (jtr489)
Any suggestions not added means they're most likely covered already.
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We Have A Serious PR Problem. Solutions?

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January 2009

1: Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda assume their seats on the United Nations Security Council / Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, becomes the American Capital of Culture and Vilnius and Linz become the European Capitals of Culture / Slovakia adopts the euro as its national currency, replacing the Slovak koruna / Sixty-six nightclub-goers die in the Santika Club fire in Bangkok, Thailand.
3: The first ("Genesis") block of the blockchain of the cryptocurrency and decentralized payment system Bitcoin is established by the creator of the system, known as Satoshi Nakamoto.
12: The UN Security Council votes unanimously to expand sanctions against North Korea.
13: Germany's center-right government led by Angela Merkel unveils an economic stimulus package worth about $67 billion. The package includes investments for railways, roads and schools and tax relief.
15: US Airways Flight 1549 ditches in the Hudson River in an accident that becomes known as the "Miracle on the Hudson" as all 155 people on board are rescued.
18: Gaza War - Hamas announces they will accept Israel Defense Forces offer of a ceasefire, ending the conflict / Fareed Zakaria characterizes George Bush's "single most significant bad decision" during his presidency as his tax cut. "Rather than pay down debt and save in good times for the inevitable bad times, Bush squandered it all so that all of us – particularly high income earners – could indulge in a bit more consumption." Bush, of course, believed that the tax cut would stimulate economic growth and create more tax revenue.
20: A protest movement in Iceland culminates as the 2009 Icelandic financial crisis protests start / Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first African-American to hold the office.
21: Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip, officially ending its three-week war with Hamas. However, intermittent air strikes by both sides continue in the weeks to follow / Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host takes issue with fellow Republicans who say they support President Obama. Limbaugh describes himself as "a thinker" and too many others as emotional in their belief in or support for Obama. He tells fellow conservative Sean Hannity that he is worried that Obama will ruin the U.S. by giving the government too large of a role in the economy, with "many people thinking that just because they're Americans they're entitled to things." He says that his critics will complain that he "is not with the program."
25: The Vatican condemns President Obama's move to restore funding for family planning clinics abroad. It is referring to Obama's repeal of a policy that was begun by President Reagan in 1984, rescinded by President Clinton in 1993, and reinstated by President Bush in 2001. That policy required nongovernmental organizations that receive federal funds to refrain from performing abortions or citing abortion services offered by others.
26: The first trial at the International Criminal Court is held. Former Union of Congolese Patriots leader Thomas Lubanga is accused of training child soldiers to kill, pillage, and rape / The Icelandic government and banking system collapse. Prime Minister Geir Haarde immediately resigns / An annular solar eclipse took place in Indian Ocean, and was the 50th solar eclipse of Saros cycle 131.
31: Protest rallies erupt in cities across Russia, supported by Russia's Communist Party. Some outside Russia are blaming the United States for the global economic crisis. The protestors in Russia are blaming Putin and want him to step down. Police break up demonstrations.
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Some parting thoughts for both sides of this thing.

This whole shitshow for the last couple of days has been really depressing, so I'm going to go away (at least for a while) and stop worrying about all this crap. Before I do, I wanted to leave some parting thoughts for both sides:
I really wanted to like you guys, but you appear to have a severe allergy to anything resembling credibility. I think you guys imagine yourselves to be ideologically consistent defenders of free speech, but from the outside, I'm not seeing it. A couple of days ago, you had that big shitstorm because someone banned a dude from /Planetside for making a "trap" joke (while studiously avoiding discussing the important bit of context that the person was making a wisecrack about a cross-dresser and not just referring to a literal trap). So, sure. You're against censorship, and you're taking that all the way down to the trivial level of subreddit bans.
So then there's /fatpeoplehate. In case you don't know, they deleted and banned people for expressing dissenting views there. I sort of figured that your view of fatpeoplehate was similar to mine -- they're not worth complaining about because they're so far beyond redemption and so lacking in real credibility that it's like complaining about the KKK.
But apparently not. It seems like the only ideological consistency you people have is that you find the absolute biggest assholes and rush to their defense. And yeah, maybe there would have been some negative murmuring if ghazi had gotten the banhammer, but I highly doubt that posts about it would dominate your front page. I know you guys have these romantic libertarian notions about defending to the death your right to say it, but it's time to face up to the fact that you're not brave political revolutionaries defending peoples' right to speak out against the government, you're a bunch of anonymous dweebs on a fucking internet forum defending peoples' "right" to be hateful towards fat people on the same internet forum (and I put "right" in quotes because reddit has the same right to ban FPH that FPH had to ban users who weren't hateful enough).
So let's put aside morality for a minute and think about this from a practical standpoint. I've seen plenty of GGers say that they have to kind of set aside their ostensibly main goal of ethical journalism when considering Breitbart, because Breitbart is the only outlet that will give GG any kind of positive press. And I understand that the reality of politics and discourse is that sometimes you have to make those kinds of compromises if you want to get anywhere. But here's the thing. If being anti-censorship is one of your core values, but you're willing to maybe be a little bit flexible about your core values in order to keep the movement going, well, if there was ever a time to be "flexible" about your core values, it was with this whole FPH shitstorm. You didn't need to comment on it, you didn't need to talk about it, all you needed to do was look the other way and say "well, it's one group of censorious assholes fighting another group of censorious assholes, let's just sit this one out and enjoy the fireworks."
It's my feeling that over the last couple of months, GG had finally started to build up a modicum of credibility as it was being revealed that GGers actually aren't engaging directly in the alleged harassment that the Circlejerk Of Secondary Sources has been claiming. You've now taken that tiny little shred of credibility, stomped on it, shit on it, and thrown it out the window. Now, people can't take your side without taking the side of FPH, because that's the side you guys have chosen. You are now committed to toxicity.
The second practical consequence to defending these people is that you're giving them a refuge within your group. A lot of fatpeoplehaters are probably discovering GG for the first time right now, and while I'm sure your numbers are increasing at the moment, the size of your movement is being bolstered by the absolute dregs of the internet. I mean, these people are committed to being assholes. That was the entire point of their subreddit. And now those people who were committed to being assholes have joined your group. GG is about to get a lot more low brow and hateful than it used to be, because you're absorbing a hundred thousand low brow, hateful people.
So even if I were convinced that you were being ideologically consistent (and not just consistent in defending assholes), I have a feeling that the quality of your discourse is about to take a huge nosedive, and I don't think I'd stay neutral about GG for much longer.
Good luck, guys. You've just cemented your spot among the lunatic fringe.
A (rather verbose) note: I realize there are people who refer to themselves as "anti-GG" whole only common opinion with other anti-GGers is that they, well, hate GG. I'm not addressing those people, but rather the subset of those people whom I would consider to be "SJWs". So we don't get into a big discussion about how SJWs aren't real or some bullshit, I'm going to be clear about what I consider an SJW to be, and you can personally decide whether this applies to you.
An SJW is someone who hangs out in communities like (but not limited to) SRS and the Tumblr feminist crowd. This community has its own methods of dealing with people they don't like ("calling out" private individuals on public sites, threats, harassment, suppression of opposing ideas, preemptively dismissing people based on their flawed notion of "privilege" that downplays wealth, etc), its own special lingo (words like "mansplaining", "manspreading", etc), and its own special definitions for existing dictionary words (like racism and sexism). Your personal views may not be in lockstep with the "official" views of this community, but you know whether or not you consider yourself to be a part of this group. The fact that they don't have a name for themselves is a convenient tactic for them, and nothing more. It doesn't mean that they don't exist. If you're gearing up to object to what I just said, don't bother -- you're one of the people I'm talking to.
Another note: I don't get my opinions about SJWs from anti-SJW meta subs. I've formed them through personal experience and discussion with these people, so don't assume that I'm speaking from a viewpoint that's highlighted the absolute worst of the worst.
It's true that I now hate SJWs less than I hate gamergate, but take a look at how low GG had to sink for me to get to that point. I'm sure there are other people walking away from GG at the moment, and you might be thinking that this is a big victory for you guys and that it somehow elevates you, but it doesn't. It just highlights how someone has to sink to surpass you.
What SJWs seem to forget in their constant quest to hate everything that isn't an SJW is that social justice exists because of free speech. Yeah, FPH are assholes, and GG are assholes for supporting them, but to say that I'm uncomfortable with the notion of mocking "freeze peaches" (or whatever the hell you guys are calling it) is the understatement of the century.
But we're just mocking the warped notion of free speech that GG has!
Bullshit. I've had enough direct contact with SJWs to know that for every one of you who hates something ironically, there's another one of you who is completely serious about it. I've shared some personal stories about my SJW encounters here before, and here's another one. I used to hang out in /enoughlibertarianspam, until it became increasingly clear to me that there were people there who were actually serious about mocking not just libertarians, but also fundamental rights like privacy, free expression, and anonymity. At one point there was a discussion about Bitcoin, and someone asked (in all seriousness) why people would want to be anonymous if they had nothing to hide. This person notably did not sign their real name to their post. They were upvoted for this comment, and when I replied that maybe that's a dangeous and knee-jerk road to take, I got downvoted for it. For every one of you who "gets" free speech and is just mocking it to troll GG and libertarians and whoever, there's a complete moron among you who believes that you're serious and doesn't have the faintest idea of the implications of what they're doing.
On a different note, in case some people don't realize who I am, I'm the guy who made that post about Ivy Valentine a few days ago. I got some interesting and varied answers, but one particularly common thread was the idea that my sexuality and sexual fantasies can be valid, but it can still be bad (harmful, immoral, sexist, and/or misogynist) to create any media for people with those fantasies. For the record, this is separate and distinct from the idea that my preferences are overrepresented in video game media, which is something that I agree with and am not challenging in any way.
The idea that sexual fantasies and sexuality are okay, but that it's wrong (in various ways) to create fictional media for people who have certain fantasies doesn't make sense to me. It's just doublethink, plain and simple. And I'm sure someone can type up some absurd rationalization for why it isn't, but give me a fucking break, people. If sex and sexual fantasies are okay, then sexual fantasies are not the enemy. And once again, for every one of you who can maintain the doublethink that hetero male sexual fantasies are okay, but creating media that caters to those tastes is bad, there's a moron out there who has decided that heterosexual male sexuality is invalid. I've seen it here on reddit with my own eyes (not posted in some meta sub). People regarding cis-hetero-male sexuality such utter contempt that you can practically see the froth and spittle spraying out onto their screens as they type about it.
Then there's Anita Sarkeesian. Like it or not, she's the de fadcto figurehead of the movement against GG. I could actually get behind Sarkeesian if she were willing to a) address her critics directly, and b) make some clarifications about some stuff that I believe she's left intentionally vague in order to make herself appear more reasonable than she really is.
But she's not obligated to address her critics! Look at all the people who have harassed her!
And I'm not obligated to respect her poorly conceived opinions. Interestingly, she actually acknowledges the people who harass her. Why do that, but not give her legitimate critics the time of day? The argument that her critics and her harassers are all the same doesn't hold the tiniest bit of water, because she has a lot more respect for her harassers than her critics. Sarkeesian is not obligated to engage with someone who she realizes could easily point out the flaws in her arguments, but the pattern with people like that is that deep down, they know that their arguments are so critically flawed that critique would destroy them rather than help them patch up holes.
But she's not vague about anything important!
What does Sarkeesian really think about hetero male sexual fantasies? One thing I see people repeating over and over is that all Sarkeesian wants is more representation for groups in games. But I also see people saying that she's saying representing hetero male sexual fantasies is wrong in various ways (sexist, exploitative, and/or immoral, etc). Sarkeesian's own fans can't agree on whether she just wants more representation for other people, or if she wants to eliminate representation for some. And yes, she's said at one point that it's not bad to like problematic things or whatever, but as people right here in this sub seem to believe, there's a difference between enjoying "problematic" things and creating them.
If Sarkeesian were truly a reasonable person, she could take a tiny little moment to clarify that there's nothing wrong with creating media that caters to the sexual fantasies of hetero males, but her unwillingness to do that makes me think that either a) she's one of those doublethinkers who do feel that it's wrong, or b) she's more interested in creating drama because drama=money than engaging in real discourse, or both.
Without Sarkeesian and her negativity, it's quite possible that there would be no gamergate. There are other people out there (like Extra Credits) who have managed to call for more diversity in gaming without all of the accusations of badness that are so strongly implied in Sarkeesian's videos.
But I don't see it! She's not implying anything!
The fact is, this kind of negativity stirs up shit. SJW negativity stirs up shit. Heck, a lot of people think "cis" is a slur, because the first time they ever saw it, it was between the words "die" and "scum". That negativity has consequences, and the consequence is that you drive people away from being positive and inclusive and understanding. You talk about wanting a safe space? Bull fucking shit you want a safe space. If you wanted a safe space, you wouldn't be putting forth so much goddamn effort toward goading your opponents into lashing out at random people. You don't want a safe space, you want to feel validated, and fuck anyone on your own goddamn side who is actually affected by your shit. (Don't believe me? I'll dig up those McIntosh tweets where he publicly talks about how he's deliberately trolling GG and that it's even easier than he thought.)
Like it or not, GamerGate is your baby. It's the backlash against all of the negativity you jerks have been building up for the past several years. If you didn't have that pathological need for validation, you could discuss issues about representation of minorities in gaming without being assholes about it, and then maybe more people could be at the table and discuss this like adults.
Edit: For people criticizing me about using the term SJW, this is what the inside of the SJW box looks like. If you don't buy into our language and our methods, you must be the enemy of all liberals.
Both Sides
There are a lot of hypocrites in here on both sides of this thing. For most people in here, whether or not you believe it's okay for individuals to boycott someone due to their speech is dependent on what they're saying. You are only not a hypocrite if you believe that all of these things are true or all of these things are false.
My personal opinion on this stuff? It's all okay. Maybe you're just generally and consistently against using boycotts as a means of private censhorship, and that's also a valid and ideologically consistent view. But I see so much "well, it's bad when they do it, but since they did it, we can do it" bullshit that I really doubt anyone actually gives a goddamn about boycotts and free speech, and that instead people all just want to shut down who they want to shut down and will use any tactic they can to do it, then decry those exact same tactics when other people use them.
My feelings about this whole shitshow are kind of difficult to put into words, and I think this particular work of art expresses my thoughts better than I can:
I'll stick around to reply to people's thoughts on this. Maybe I'll even come back some day, although frankly I hope I'm adult enough to resist the urge to poke at this train wreck further.
Oh yeah, the questions
Since we're trying to generate some discussion here, here are some direct prompts.
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My stepdad, who knows little about bitcoin, said something completely awesome at thanksgiving dinner

I'm not sure if someone has said it before, but as I was going into my standard explanation of bitcoin, my stepdad, who is super conservative and knows little about bitcoin, chimed in with "The US dollar, or any currency, is backed by the full faith and credit of that country's government. Bitcoin is backed by the full faith and credit of the Internet." I said "whoa, have you been reading up on it or something?!" and he replied with "all I know is what you told me about it". For someone who tends to remain ignorant of anything outside of what Bill O Reilly or Rush Limbaugh has to say, it blew me back to hear him say something so elegant and precise!
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Rightwing loonwatch with some epic copypasta

But muh FTTN, but muh climate change is crap, but muh private roads, but muh property rights, but muh IPA, but muh free market, but muh LNP, but muh GOP, but muh taxes, but muh founding fathers, but muh Daily Telegraph, but muh small gubermint, but muh Green Army, but muh Milton Friedman, but muh LDP, but muh invisible hand, but muh silver, but muh gold, but muh god, but muh guns, but muh homophobia, but muh Chris Berg, but muh NAP, but muh Andrew Bolt, but muh Ayn Rand, but muh illuminati, but muh way of life, but muh Ronald Reagan, but muh ABC (Aus) hate, but muh secure borders, but muh Asian drivers, but muh Reason magazine, but muh Austrian economics, but muh Jihadist dole bludgers, but muh Alex Jones, but muh Ron Paul, but muh liberty, but muh Adam Smith, but muh fed reserve, but muh freedom, but muh team Australia, but muh Free To Chose, but muh suppository of all wisdom, but muh John Galt, but muh earn or learn, but muh Koch brothers, but muh constitution, but muh Gillard witch hunt, but muh corporation schools, but muh bitcoin, but muh Atlas Shrugged, but muh abortion-cancer link, but muh mens rights, but muh fiat currency, but muh new world order, but muh Daily Express, but muh 911 truth, but muh commies, but muh Murdoch, but muh U.N. takeover, but muh Washington Times, but muh Tories, but muh white persecution, but muh Agenda 21, but muh John Stossel, but muh Rand Paul, but muh welfare leeches, but muh precious metals, but muh chemtrails, but muh bootstraps, but muh stop the boats, but muh jack booted thugs, but muh Walter Block, but muh Defending The Undefendable, but muh christian persecution, but muh patriotism, but muh Sky News, but muh left-right paradigm, but muh reptiles, but muh Obama birth certificate, but muh Centre for Independent Studies, but muh Augusto Pinochet, but muh Margaret Thatcher, but muh liberal (U.S.) media, but muh mises.org, but muh Gina Rinehart, but muh Fox News, but muh Liberty Australia, but muh eugenics, but muh Herald-Sun, but muh Gadsden flag, but muh right to be a bigot, but muh Jooish conspiracy, but muh Iraq war, but muh fluoride, but muh John Birch Society, but muh Daily Mail, but muh science denial, but muh surplus, but muh Pauline Hanson, but muh ponzi scheme, but muh drug war, but muh Fred Nile, but muh inefficient government, but muh trickle down, but muh Queen, but muh moral fibre, but muh deregulation, but muh East West Link, but muh Thomas Jefferson, but muh Rothschild, but muh Rockefeller, but muh debt emergency, but muh fossil fuels, but muh bikie laws, but muh private insurance, but muh green Nazi's, but muh intelligent design, but muh Breitbart, but muh John Howard, but muh Glenn Beck, but muh sea-steading, but muh light bulbs, but muh Labor's mess, but muh raw milk, but muh We Are Change, but muh Russia Today, but muh crisis actors, but muh classical liberalism, but muh neoliberalism, but muh PPL, but muh death panels, but muh Rush Limbaugh, but muh Jesuits, but muh Bilderberg, but muh Bohemian Grove, but muh reverse racism, but muh private sector, but muh Peter Schiff, but muh Murray Rothbard, but muh Christian Science Monitor, but muh principles, but muh values, but muh false flags, but muh Tea Party, but muh Family First, but muh CATO, but muh FEMA camps, but muh sound money, but muh Bill O'Reilly, but muh Sean Hannity, but muh economic refugees, but muh tough love, but muh Howard's battlers, but muh war on Christmas, but muh Sarah Commie Young, but muh feminazi, but muh Rob Schneider, but muh vaccine autism, but muh free energy, but muh giant owl, but muh Bundy Ranch, but muh water filters, but muh ozzmosis, but muh Michael Savage, but muh vitamins, but muh Georgia guide stones, but muh martial law, but muh iodine, but muh Fort Knox gold, but muh Judge Napolitano, but muh JFK, but muh buy silver crash JP Morgan, but muh Jesse Ventura, but muh North American Union, but muh Royal baby, but muh David Icke, but muh shape shifters, but muh sovereign man, but muh greed, but muh tyranny, but muh tin foil hat, but muh Adam Kokesh, but muh boycotts, but muh Islamophobia, but muh King James bible, but muh dead babies, but muh blue pill red pill, but muh police state, but muh David Leyonhjelm, but muh Gary Johnson, but muh common law, but muh freemasons, but muh esoteric agenda, but muh union busting, but muh impeachment, but muh amendments, but muh sheeple, but muh UFO disclosure, but muh Morpheus memes, but muh Waco cult, but muh right to bear arms, but muh Benghazi, but muh UKIP, but muh ADL, but muh EDL, but muh Nigel Farage, but muh Jeff Kennett, but muh budget balance, but muh Paul Murray, but muh Chris Kenny, but muh mens vitality, but muh open carry, but muh armed march, but muh Ted Nugent, but muh Alan Jones, but muh 2GB, but muh Gerald Celente, but muh A Current Affair, but muh Today Tonight, but muh lower capital gains, but muh Sharia law delusions, but muh Halal protests, but muh commie EU, but muh crack smoking mayor, but muh Aaron Russo, but muh Max Keiser, but muh MK Ultra, but muh
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Confessions of a Troll: My confession. My apology. I've been a paid troll all along. Bitcoin isn't so bad.

Ok bitcoin.. it's time I confess. For a while now, I've become somewhat of the "resident troll" on this subreddit. I would make it my life's mission to comment on every single post and be negative ever.single.time. I've made it as predictable as predictable can be. I come in, hurl abuses about "bitcoin fantasy land", cuss at people for being "fucking idiots" and "fucking kids" (well, sometimes I ask them if they're a "fucking kid" and then answer the question myself about them indeed being "a fucking kid"). One of my favorite lines is to shriek that anyone who posts in favor of bitcoin has "2 coins and is trying to get rich".
Another filthy habit of mine has been to shout, literally shout, about things "HAVING ALREADY BEEN FUCKING POSTED ALREADY!!!!!" Every chance I get, I haven't failed to scream that some bitcoin related news has been posted before. Often times I threaten to report it.
There have been a few times when cornered about why I hate bitcoin, I've mumbled that I don't hate bitcoin and "have plenty of bitcoins". I don't think anyone believes that though :(
I'm an angry, overweight child who never had the foresight or vision to actually ever acquire a single bitcoin (I can't afford it).. and seeing this ground breaking virtual currency take off at a rapid speed.. just.. well.. breaks my heart. I could never get ahold of any bitcoins. Nobody would sell me any. Everytime bitcoin starts adoption phase in a new country, the only thing I can think to do is scream in a sarcastic tone about how bitcoin "IS NOW EXPLOOODDDING IN THIS COUNTRY HUH!!?".
I managed to acquire -600 karma since I came here, and I'm well aware I'm considered entertainment for others. I'm sad, I'm pathetic, and I have an unhealthy obsession with "fucking kids". (pun intended).
But tonight I make my confession, and beg you all for forgiveness. The truth of the matter is, yes, I started out a lonely troll.. furiously hitting refresh on my browser in /bitcoin for any post that I could inject my brand of Rush Limbaugh-esque negative shouting directed at anything bitcoin. It was originally a lonewolf operation because of my burning jealousy for not being able to be apart of something that was changing the world. But then I devised a plan. I created a second troll account called "witcoins", and being the suave man of mystery I am, had this subreddit fooled. Grammar-shmrammar, I didn't think anyone would realize we were the same account.
But then one day, I was approached by an entity I shall not name, to be compensated for my 50+ hours a week I put in here spewing anti bitcoin ranting and shrieking. I stepped up my game. I stopped leaving my mom's basement, I started fueling up on twinkies, donuts, cheatos, redbull and porn.. and dedicated my entire life to working for my masters. They told me they would pay me for every obnoxious piece of fuckery I shat into this subreddit. It was going great.. until today.
Today I was called out for being a paid troll, and my world crumbled. I had a change of heart. I saw the light. I looked in the mirror, and despite my mordbidly obese, angry neo-nazi mug staring me right in the face (pimples and all).. I felt complelled to confess. I am a bitcoin troll. I apologize to the community for letting my raging jealousy of bitcoin control my life.
I am sorry. This is my confession. Please, forgive me. :(
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RICH Venture Capitalistic in Silicon Valley Calls San-Fran Homeless "NAZIS",... you know the rich are afraid....

40 years ago Perkins was rock-star in VC San Jose, he was the goto man if you wanted to start a company and get rich,
Then along came the CIA, inQtel, and the CIA became the new VC, and then you had GOOGLE go super rich, and they started these private buses picking up rich kids,
It's not just the buses the CIA/NSA client companys GOOGLE, APPLE, ORACLE, ... have driven up rents and pretty much destroyed CASTRO and all the cools places in the BAYHAREA including SOHO.
Now the artists, and the home-less, and the musicians, pretty much anybody the doesn't suck the cock or suck the tit of the NSA spy machine, ... is protesting these buses, cuz its the most obvious thing.
So what does PERKINS do? He calls them NAZIS and destroying the buses is same-same as KRISTILNACHT ... HMM
Yes it places well on the WSJ, and on Rush Limbaugh, and it probably plays well here on ZH, but the fact is the musicians and artists are COOL and to all them NAZI is telling that the real NAZIS ( google, nsa, ... bitcoin ) have ran out of intellectual arguments.
It's only money now, and its big money verus the POOR, and for the RICH (PERKINS) to be calling the SF POOR the "NAZIS", it telling.
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Rush Limbaugh Endorses Bitcoin Bitcoin $10k Pullback, Justin Sun Loves XRP, Binace Cloud & Layer1 Bitcoin Mining MASSIVE BITCOIN BREAKOUT AFTER THIS LEVEL...!!! Top News Stories- USA OIL Dominance, Covid-19,Bernie Sanders,Bitcoin and Rush Limbaugh a Homophobe Update: Rush Limbaugh's Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Rush Limbaugh on lung cancer: 'Days where I do not think I'm under a death sentence are over' 'Are you out of ya f---ing mind': 50 Cent learns of Biden's tax plan, endorses Trump Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 9. Rush Limbaugh endorses Bitcoin. Close. 9. Posted by. u/croketg29. 6 years ago. Archived. Rush Limbaugh endorses Bitcoin. Love him or hate him, he has 15 million listeners. I was ... Rush Limbaugh Announces That He’s Riddled with Cancer. Andrew Anglin February 4, 2020. That lucky dog. Read More » Rush Limbaugh: Trump Got Less Than Nothing. Andrew Anglin December 20, 2018. This doesn't sound very good at all. Read More » Hannity and Limbaugh Out for Final Trump Rally. Andrew Anglin November 6, 2018. We are all in this together now. Read More » Laughing Teen Shooting ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 1. Was listening to Rush Limbaugh. Close. 1. Posted by. u/mahouko. 2 years ago. Archived. Was listening to Rush Limbaugh. And heard a commercial of a guy talking about investing in ... 2020 has been a wild election year. Public polling data showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump may not be as accurate as the fake news media claims. And Rush Limbaugh reported secret polling data that

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Rush Limbaugh Endorses Bitcoin

–Flashback: Rush Limbaugh suggests the irresponsible theory that Al-Qaeda may have “given up” Osama Bin Laden in order to make President Obama “look good” –O... Rush Limbaugh Endorses Bitcoin Brandon Beltway. Loading... Unsubscribe from Brandon Beltway? ... Rush Limbaugh: Establishment GOP still upset Trump won - Duration: 8:21. Fox News 25,401 views. 8 ... --Rush Limbaugh, evidencing increased panic among the American right-wing, says there will be an economic collapse if President Obama is re-elected. --On the Bonus Show: Real cost of the Chevy ... Rush Limbaugh was amazed today over Larry Wilmore ending his WHCD speech with the n-word, remarking on how much heat he or pretty much anyone else would get ... THIS BITCOIN CHART shows EXACTLY when ALTCOIN SEASON is Starting!!! - Duration: 10:58. MMCrypto 13,867 views. 10:58. Mix Play all Mix - sunny decree YouTube; BITCOIN SELLING OFF!!? DON’T BE ...