Magnr Review: A Bitcoin Savings Account

My review of Magnr and Bsave Bitcoin savings accounts

Thought I'd write something up for my experience at both of these savings accounts since one was really great and the other was not so great. I'm not affiliated with either of these companies in any way, just would like to share my experience for anyone who would think it's helpful.
Magnr seems to be a well known and widely used savings account that promises a fixed rate of 1.28% paid out in monthly installments. I funded my account several times and had uncomfortably long wait times before the funds showed up. Their site says the earnings are accrued daily yet the amount to be paid balance stayed at a fixed amount not representing daily increases. This made it confusing on how much I was earning and when the periods started or began. They also stated that users should transfer funds out of their savings if any forks were to occur in order to receive the additional coins. Then they sent out a weird email saying new coins would be paid in the form of interest? In the end the amount of interest earned was completely obliterated by fees, not to mention the 24 hour hold time on any withdrawal requests. Maybe this would be good if you have over a full BTC and aren't going to look at it for more than a year, which does not fit my needs.
I recently found out about and thought I would try it out with some Nice Hash earnings. My experience there was quite the opposite of Magnr, the interest earned ranges slightly from day to day, but is paid out every 24 hours in Bits. This was a really cool feature because the simple interface showed how much longer remained until the next payout, the estimated payout amount, and the historical payouts. The biggest drawback was the initial deposit had to be a minimum of .05 BTC which is decent a bit of change. I was earning about 5 bits every 24 hours for the .05 BTC I deposited which was about 5 cents a day or about 1.2%. My favorite things about Bsave were the consistency of the payouts and when it came to withdraw the BTC to Bittrex, it took just as long as from a normal wallet which says something about their trustworthiness.
So in short I would recommend using if you want an easy way to generate interest on the coin you already plan to hold for a while. It's simple user interface shows real tangible earnings that make sense and if you ever need to pull it out, it's available right away.
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My review of Magnr and Bsave Bitcoin savings accounts /r/Bitcoin

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*There is no consensus, there never will be consensus, only Nakamoto consensus*

This post is for Antpool, F2Pool, Bitfury, BTCC, Bitfinex, and other related parties, particularly those involved with bitcoin mining.
Consider for a moment, the promises made to you, the consensus formed at the 'consensus roundtable', the HF in core that you negotiated for and signed on, simply cannot happen given bitcoin core's governance structure. You've proposed something contentious and you've probably been handed promises by people who cannot fulfill them given the predicament bitcoin core finds itself in. They have a lead maintainer, who's role is supposed to be benevolent dictator, but he refuses such a position, and therefore your contentious core hardfork is an impossible thing to accomplish.
"When people require consensus before a miner-vote, they reverse cause-and-efffect. Bitcoin creates consensus"
It's unfortunate, this whole debacle is tiring, and I just want bitcoin to succeed and for it to be over with.
Also please consider by agreeing to the Segregated Witness softfork first what exactly it is that you are doing to bitcoin. By causing the fee market prematurely, incentivising offchain solutions through transaction discounts, and possibly disincentivising yourselves in the process by abdicating tx fees.
btcc_samson in particular it behooves you to spend the time to grok the economic effects of technical decisions, for the sake of us all! Your decisions are more important than you might imagine...
Miners: you should be using the deployment of the SW SF as a negotiating tactic to acquire the code to increase blocksize onchain. Deploy SW when you have it and its been reviewed. Antpool, F2Pool, think about this- you're putting yourselves into a position to where you will no longer be able to implement the code on your own if you needed to. You SW SF first, the HF falls through, bitcoin is a settlement layer, and you get little fees, as all the low fee high volume fees are on a different blockchain now.
Could someone politely page the other consensus roundtable parties just once, if they have a reddit account?
Join us, re-join us(we won't lock you in a room with peter todd and withhold dinner)
and Coinbase, OKCoin, Bitstamp, (Peter Smith), Xapo,, Foldapp, Bread Wallet,, Cubits, Vaultoro, Coinify, Bitso, Bitnet, BitOasis, Lamassu, BlockCypher,, itBit, BitAccess, Coinfinity, Chronos Crypto, Magnr
For bitcoin!
(oh and while you're here, know there is a lot of opposition to RBF. Please save some downtime by not upgrading to that :P)
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Magnr is one of the most secure and leading Bitcoin trading and investment platforms out there, and we are going to show you why and how to use it to make your Bitcoin work for you! Magnr currently offers Bitcoin holders two methods of growing their investments through their platform. If you are looking for a low risk, steady return on your Bitcoin, Magnr Savings provides a regular interest ... Magnr Review What is the Magnr? Name: Magnr Website address: Price: $0 (There is no minimum amount to deposited.However, your account balance must be a minimum of 0.1 BTC to earn interest.) Status: Legitimate Overall Rank: 85 out of 100. Magnr (Great in the latin word) is a multinational company that engages in bitcoin trading, savings and investment for digital currencies. Magnr Review: A Bitcoin Savings Account. By David Smith — January 31, 2016. For investors looking for a passive non-volatile, relatively low-risk bitcoin investment option, Magnr is ideal. Since I was in the 7th grade I’ve been dreaming of passive income. Back then I didn’t know about the many investment vehicles available. However I did know every time I went to the bank, the teller ... Magnr Review. A trading cryptocurrency guide must provide reviews of all of the top crypto exchanges out there, so that you can find the best cryptocurrency exchange site for you. This review of Magnr consists of four parts: general information, fees, deposit methods and security. *** UPDATE 26 February 2019: This exchange is currently closed ... Magnr Bitcoin Savings. Magnr Savings allows you to earn interest on your bitcoin deposits. Your interest is compounded on a monthly basis for greater returns. Magnr savings accounts are a completely unique investment opportunity. Magnr works similarly to swaps, but without the daily management. Additionally, Magnr allows investors to lend to ...

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Close. This video is unavailable. James Turner will be covering Hashing and how it relates to bitcoin mining. P2P networks and CAP theorem with Distributed Ledgers. The Zeros and Ones. Cryptographic Signatures and Merkle Trees and ... Como resultado, somos capazes de fornecer ganhos de juros aos poupadores que depositam sua confiança na Magnr. tags bitcoin grátis, bitcoin, ganhar dinheiro, dinheiro ,bitcoin, coin ganhar ... 1,28% JUROS MENSAL Faça sua "Poupança" de Bitcoins (1.28-2% mês ) conheça, turbine seus bitcoins AS DUAS MELHORES CARTEIRAS QUE SÃO POUPA... It uses a graphical interface that lets you back-test on historical data, simulate paper trading, and implement a custom trading strategy for the real markets. The technique I used was a cutting ...