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Gridcoin "Fern" Release
Finally! After over ten months of development and testing, "Fern" has arrived! This is a whopper. 240 pull requests merged. Essentially a complete rewrite that was started with the scraper (the "neural net" rewrite) in "Denise" has now been completed. Practically the ENTIRE Gridcoin specific codebase resting on top of the vanilla Bitcoin/Peercoin/Blackcoin vanilla PoS code has been rewritten. This removes the team requirement at last (see below), although there are many other important improvements besides that.
Fern was a monumental undertaking. We had to encode all of the old rules active for the v10 block protocol in new code and ensure that the new code was 100% compatible. This had to be done in such a way as to clear out all of the old spaghetti and ring-fence it with tightly controlled class implementations. We then wrote an entirely new, simplified ruleset for research rewards and reengineered contracts (which includes beacon management, polls, and voting) using properly classed code. The fundamentals of Gridcoin with this release are now on a very sound and maintainable footing, and the developers believe the codebase as updated here will serve as the fundamental basis for Gridcoin's future roadmap.
We have been testing this for MONTHS on testnet in various stages. The v10 (legacy) compatibility code has been running on testnet continuously as it was developed to ensure compatibility with existing nodes. During the last few months, we have done two private testnet forks and then the full public testnet testing for v11 code (the new protocol which is what Fern implements). The developers have also been running non-staking "sentinel" nodes on mainnet with this code to verify that the consensus rules are problem-free for the legacy compatibility code on the broader mainnet. We believe this amount of testing is going to result in a smooth rollout.
Given the amount of changes in Fern, I am presenting TWO changelogs below. One is high level, which summarizes the most significant changes in the protocol. The second changelog is the detailed one in the usual format, and gives you an inkling of the size of this release.



Note that the protocol changes will not become active until we cross the hard-fork transition height to v11, which has been set at 2053000. Given current average block spacing, this should happen around October 4, about one month from now.
Note that to get all of the beacons in the network on the new protocol, we are requiring ALL beacons to be validated. A two week (14 day) grace period is provided by the code, starting at the time of the transition height, for people currently holding a beacon to validate the beacon and prevent it from expiring. That means that EVERY CRUNCHER must advertise and validate their beacon AFTER the v11 transition (around Oct 4th) and BEFORE October 18th (or more precisely, 14 days from the actual date of the v11 transition). If you do not advertise and validate your beacon by this time, your beacon will expire and you will stop earning research rewards until you advertise and validate a new beacon. This process has been made much easier by a brand new beacon "wizard" that helps manage beacon advertisements and renewals. Once a beacon has been validated and is a v11 protocol beacon, the normal 180 day expiration rules apply. Note, however, that the 180 day expiration on research rewards has been removed with the Fern update. This means that while your beacon might expire after 180 days, your earned research rewards will be retained and can be claimed by advertising a beacon with the same CPID and going through the validation process again. In other words, you do not lose any earned research rewards if you do not stake a block within 180 days and keep your beacon up-to-date.
The transition height is also when the team requirement will be relaxed for the network.


Besides the beacon wizard, there are a number of improvements to the GUI, including new UI transaction types (and icons) for staking the superblock, sidestake sends, beacon advertisement, voting, poll creation, and transactions with a message. The main screen has been revamped with a better summary section, and better status icons. Several changes under the hood have improved GUI performance. And finally, the diagnostics have been revamped.


The wallet sync speed has been DRASTICALLY improved. A decent machine with a good network connection should be able to sync the entire mainnet blockchain in less than 4 hours. A fast machine with a really fast network connection and a good SSD can do it in about 2.5 hours. One of our goals was to reduce or eliminate the reliance on snapshots for mainnet, and I think we have accomplished that goal with the new sync speed. We have also streamlined the in-memory structures for the blockchain which shaves some memory use.
There are so many goodies here it is hard to summarize them all.
I would like to thank all of the contributors to this release, but especially thank @cyrossignol, whose incredible contributions formed the backbone of this release. I would also like to pay special thanks to @barton2526, @caraka, and @Quezacoatl1, who tirelessly helped during the testing and polishing phase on testnet with testing and repeated builds for all architectures.
The developers are proud to present this release to the community and we believe this represents the starting point for a true renaissance for Gridcoin!

Summary Changelog



Most significantly, nodes calculate research rewards directly from the magnitudes in EACH superblock between stakes instead of using a two- or three- point average based on a CPID's current magnitude and the magnitude for the CPID when it last staked. For those long-timers in the community, this has been referred to as "Superblock Windows," and was first done in proof-of-concept form by @denravonska.







As a reminder:









Detailed Changelog

[] 2020-09-03, mandatory, "Fern"





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Welcome to the Official Energi Cryptocurrency Reddit!

Welcome to the Official Energi Cryptocurrency Reddit!
Below you will find a Table of Contents that will cover all the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Energi?
  2. What are the Fundamentals of Energi?
    1. Scalability
    2. Funding
    3. Governance
    4. Inflation
    5. Distribution
    6. Decentralization
    7. Long Term Vision
  3. Coin Specs
  4. How to Get Started
    1. Official Energi Website
    2. Social Media
    3. Exchanges
    4. Energi Block Explorers
    5. Wallet Downloads
    6. Proof-of-Stake Setup Guides
    7. Masternode Setup Guide
  5. FAQ

1. What is Energi

Energi is a self-funding (no ICO and no premine) cryptocurrency that has a purpose to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance and Self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth. You can read more about why we decided to self-fund and chose not to conduct an ICO here.
Energi provides a small allocation to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards, takes a bulk of the coin issuance and gives it to its treasury and active Masternodes. Energi also allocates 10% on-going reward to the leadership of the Energi Backbone, which is significantly less compared to today’s ICOs’ rewarding their founders between 20–50% of the tokens distributed. Another trait that sets Energi apart from ICOs is they give an on-going 10% allocation through each block reward, rather than rewarding the founders up-front.

2. What are the Fundamentals of Energi?

  • Scalability
1 minute block times and a 2 megabyte block size limit provide Energi with a vast transaction capacity for regular on-chain transactions. This allows for plenty of space on the blockchain for extremely fast transactions with very low fees.
Energi features a powerful on-chain scaling solution with a system of incentivized full nodes called Energi Masternodes. A Masternode is a full node backed by 1,000 NRG collateral that provides level 2 scalability to the Energi Cryptocurrency. 40% of the emissions of Energi is allocated to Masternodes, providing an extremely strong incentive to grow the number of full nodes and scalability of the network.

  • Funding
A key feature of Energi is its powerful treasury system. Energi makes up to 40% of the emissions available to the treasury, to be utilized in a manner that provides maximum benefit.
Treasury allocation is decentralized, allowing for submitted proposals from anyone, to be voted on by Masternodes and paid out from the emissions.
Energi has a 14 day treasury cycle, allowing quick payments for proposal authors and contributors, as well as strategic responsiveness to effective proposals. Energi is guided by the principle that every dollar spent from its funding model should yield more than one dollar of value in return. Thanks to a 14 day treasury cycle, the Energi team is able to measure results and respond quickly to changes in strategy.

  • Governance
The Energi Treasury is a decentralized governance model designed with Masternodes as caretakers, with voting rights on how to best utilize treasury funding.
This governance model reduces risk by allowing participation from everyone who holds 1,000 NRG as a Masternode. In this way, the Energi community can work together on how to best build the strategic direction of Energi.

  • Inflation
Energi Cryptocurrency has a simple rate of inflation at 1 million coins per month with no maximum cap. This ensures consistency in funding allocation, Masternode rewards, and PoS rewards, making the economics of the cryptocurrency more understandable for everyone who chooses to participate in Energi.
No coin supply limit ensures that Energi is prepared for the long term, avoiding “bubble” economics caused by dramatic early inflation that in most coins only serves to benefit founders ahead of increased adoption.

  • Distribution
Energi conducted a fair launch on April 14, 2018 with no ICO and no premine. Prior to launch, the Energi team gave a specific time and date for the launch of its main net, which its vibrant community eagerly awaited, so that mining could begin fairly, again avoiding centralization among the coin founders (It's important to note that Energi has transitioned from Proof-of-Work consensus to a Proof-of-Stake consensus).
Energi Masternode payments were designed to begin at block 216000, which occurred on September 18, 2018, almost 160 days after launch. This ensured time to list Energi on exchanges, and to grow the community, encouraging fair and equitable distribution before the extremely powerful Masternode rewards began. It is all too common for Masternode coins to feature a premine, which has the effect of centralizing distribution among the founders and early adopters.
From 2018 to 2020, Energi distributed nearly 4 million coins to users who contributed to spreading awareness of the project with social media activities about Energi, such as tweets, follows, and subscriptions on all major social media platforms.

  • Decentralization
Decentralized governance with Masternodes helps to ensure everyone is able to participate in Energi and help guide the project to achieve the best results. The change to the requirement to run a Masternode, from 10 000 NRG to 1 000 NRG, has allowed more people to be involved and boosted decentralization for the whole project.

  • Long Term Vision
All of the above features seamlessly work together in concert, to ensure that Energi is prepared for the long term. Rather than try to closely find a niche in the market, Energi is prepared to adapt and overcome all challenges for many years to come. Energi’s use case is that of a traditional cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. However, Energi’s strategy is to excel by avoiding the pitfalls of previous projects, while further utilizing and improving upon the most powerful ideas in the cryptocurrency space.

3. Coin Specs

Ticker: NRG
Block time: 1 minute.
Hashing Algorithm: Dagger-Hashimoto (similar to Ethereum).
Masternode requirements: 1,000 Energi.
Treasury cycle: Every 14 days.
Approximately 1 million Energi will be released per month. The allocations can be observed easily as “10/10/40/40.”
10% will go to the Energi Backbone.
10% to the PoS participants
40% to Masternodes.
40% to the Treasury.
Thus, for every block, allocations are: 2.28 Energi to the Backbone, 2.28 Energi to the PoS participants, 9.14 Energi to the Treasury, and 9.14 Energi to Masternodes.
Since Treasury allocations are paid in two-week cycles, they are made in lump sums of approximately 184,000 Energi every 14 days.
In order to allow for widespread distribution of Energi before Masternode payments began, Masternode rewards were delayed until day 150. This was to allow the airdrop campaign to be completed and ensure a large amount of NRG is spread out through the community. Until that point, Masternode rewards were redirected to the Treasury. Thus for the first 5 months, the Treasury gained approximately 368,000 Energi every two weeks (about 800k Energi per month). The airdrop campaign was designed to release ~4 million Energi to the community.

4. How to Get Started

  • Energi Official Website

  • Social Media
Publish 0x:
Telegram Announcement:

  • Exchanges
KuCoin - BTC:
KuCoin - ETH:
BitBNs - INR:
Mercatox - BTC:
Mercatox - TUSD:
Bithumb - BTC:
Bithumb - USDT:
Citex - BTC:
Citex - USDT:
Beaxy - BTC:
CoinAll - USDT:
WhiteBit - BTC:

  • Energi Block Explorers
Gen 3 Explorer:
Gen 3 Calculator:
Gen 2 Explorer:

  • Wallet Downloads
Gen 3 - MyEnergiWallet:
Gen 3 - Core Node:

  • Proof-of-Stake Setup Guides

  • Masternode Setup Guide

5. FAQs

Gen 3 Wiki:
Core Node Sync:
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Step by Step Guide to Starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC

Step by Step Guide to Starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC
In order to help our miners to get the best possible profits, now we present you the step by step guide to starting Smart Mining of ViaBTC. No time for hesitation, try Smart Mining now!
Smart mining consists of two different mining modes, namely as “Manual Switch” and “Auto Switch”.
Auto Switch provides an automated way of profitable mining using the designated algorithm to monitor the real-time status of possible returns. In comparison to manual switch, it’s more flexible and easier to keep tracking of your mining returns.
Enable Auto Switch
It now supports BTC、BCH and BSV, besides, your assets in your account can also be converted into BTC on an hourly basis automatically.
Before enabling auto switch mode, you’re required to configure smart mining URL: stratum+tcp://;
Enable Manual Switch
This supports Bitcoin pool (BTC, BCH, BSV, FCH) and Ethereum pool (ETH, ETC).
One-click switch address is different from the stratum URL for a specified coin. Details for one-click switch URL are listed as following: BTC/BCH/BSV/FCH: stratum+tcp:// ETH/ETC: stratum+tcp:// Noted: Port 25 or 443 is available as an alternative option.
Go to then click [Settings] from the drop-down menu on your right hand side.
Click [Switch mining pool] under the [Mining Settings] to select a new coin type.
Select “Mode” and “Coin Type”
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the unique feature of Auto Switch compares to Manual Switch? It’s more flexible and easy to set up, SHA-256 mining algorithm compatible.
How long will it take to be activated after enabling Auto Switch? Once Auto Switch is on, system will monitor the possible return rate of all compatible coins using a designated algorithm and switch to the one with higher profits, you may go to the Pool panel for more accurate mining status.
Why I can’t see my earnings increased after enabling Auto Switch mode? Auto Switch mode demands high-efficiency when it switch between the current mined coins to the new one with possible high returns, specified using designated algorithm and current difficulty, thus it’s not a guarantee pass for high returns when “Auto Switch” is on.
Is there any requirements of MIN. limit of hashrate before enabling Auto Switch? There is no minimum limit of hashrate in your account before enabling Auto Switch in your account.
Which type of coins are supported in Auto Switch mode? Currently all types of coins in Bitcoin Pool are supported in Auto Switch mode, including BTC, BCH and BSV.
When will the mining rewards distributed to my account? Rewards distribution are varies for different mining modes, and distribution time remained unchanged compares to the one in Manual Switch mode.
Can I use part of hashrate to mine a designated coin after enabling Auto Switch? After enabling Auto Switch, hashrate connecting to your account will switch from one to the other automatically using a designated algorithm.
Will I receive hashrate fluctuation notification after enabling Auto Switch? You’re required to set hashrate fluctuation notification for all compatible coins by the time enabling Auto Switch, more detailed guideline can be found here.
How to check your current mining preference?
Go to first then enter [Pool] panel to check your current mining preference.
When should I change my mining preference?
It is recommended to use profit calculator to get a general idea of the theoretical earnings outcome when selecting mining preference.
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⟳ from Wed, 26 Feb 2020 20:21:50 GMT updated on Sun, 01 Mar 2020 05:23:29 GMT contains 2962 apps.
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Huobi Exchange Review

Huobi was founded in 2013 by their current CEO and chairman, Leon Li. Li’s background includes having attended Tshingua University, specializing in Automation. Before starting the Huobi Group, Li spent time as a computer engineer at Oracle. In December of 2013, Huobi was named as the largest digital asset exchange operating in China. 2017 saw Huobi extend their limbs into Korea, Singapore, and Japan.
Currently, Huobi has headquarters of various financial sectors based in: Singapore; South Korea; Japan; Australia; Indonesia; Russia; Argentina; Thailand; and China. The company has strived to give customers not only a great exchange, but a great resource for any service one may need. Despite the many difficulties faced with Chinese government in regards to cryptocurrency laws, Huobi has managed to adapt to the changes and thrive globally, eventually branching off into various sectors including venture capital, a cryptocurrency wallet project, and a division dedicated to working with mining pools.

spot trading : Huobi offers several different platforms to serve any customer’s needs. For starters, Huobi offers a standard spot trading platform that operates similarly to many other spot trading platforms in the industry. The platform features a multi-timeframe chart, a depth chart, and integration with TradingView (including their tools). Customers are able to view the order book and the asset trading history, as well as their own personal order history. Limit orders, Market orders, and Stop-Limit orders are all available options for traders.
margin trading : For the trader that prefers to trade with a little more volume or risk, Huobi offers a Margin trading platform. Customers can apply for loans through Huobi to trade a greater quantity of cryptocurrencies and profit from the price spread. The original loan must be paid back, and accounts can be liquidated if the risk ratio falls below 110% (calculated as: [(Loaned Amount + Tradable Balance) Total Asset] / [(Interest Payable + Loaned Amount)] x 100%.) Traders can margin trade with Bitcoin; Ethereum; XRP; Litecoin; Bitcoin Cash; and EOS. These assets can be traded with USDT or BTC.
futures trading : Huobi also offers a Futures trading platform. While margin trading can be risky, trading contracts is said to be very high-risk. With that being said, Huobi offers Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Quarterly contracts in Bitcoin; Ethereum Classic; Ethereum; EOS; Litecoin; Bitcoin Cash; XRP; TRX; and Bitcoin SV.
OTC(P2P) - The OTC, or over-the-counter, section of Huobi offers potential buyers and sellers a way to move large quantities of coins without exposure to the fickle exchange market. Certified merchants can register here, and slippage can be minimized by matching buyers and sellers directly instead of creating market orders.

While you do have the online trading interface, Huobi does have computer programs and mobile apps that you can use.
I found that the PC programmes were more functional as they did not have to rely on the PC browser and were hence much faster. They also have better charting and you are in more control of your trading parameters. These programs are available on Windows and Mac devices.
However, if you are a trader that is always on the go, that is where the Huobi mobile apps come in. These were developed for the main exchange but you can switch to the derivative markets on the futures and swaps platform.
This was a pretty well designed application and you have one-touch ordering as well as some basic charting functionality. The app is available in iOS and Android and you can head on over to the respective app stores to get a sense of the feedback.

Huobi operates a hot and cold wallet storage procedure. This means that they keep the vast amount of their coin holdings in an offline environment away from hackers. They then have a smaller percentage in “hot” wallets with multisig capability.
They also operate a decentralized server structure around the world which can ensure uptime irrespective of whether one of the servers goes down. You can think of this as effective load balancing.
Finally, they have anti DDoS measures in place. We all know that crypto exchanges are prime targets for Denial of Service attacks and it can be quite frustrating when these are perpetrated in peak market times.

Huobi, like many exchanges in the space, has had, at one time, some shady history, but for the most part, has managed to maintain a clean reputation. Historically, Chinese exchanges have shown to operate in accordance with different standards, with many exchanges having to suffer at the will and whim of the Chinese government. Some of the controversy Huobi has seen in the past has been a result of this (particularly with the Chinese ban on ICO tokens). It should be noted that in 2017, the exchange did invest into “wealth-management products” using idle customer funds. This sort of activity shouldn’t be taken lightly.
However, with that being said, the exchange continues to turn over a large amount of volume. For the most part, the exchange can be considered a trustworthy platform to trade popular and exotic cryptocurrencies. This does not mean it is entirely safe to store user funds on the exchange, as the exchange (or the user funds) can be susceptible to risk at any given moment. No matter how comfortable one may be with the internet, one should always remember that the internet is not as safe as many would like to believe. Huobi does have measures in place in the unfortunate event that an account is breached, and if verifiable, the customer may be able to retrieve lost funds.
A unique feature offered on Huobi is their Official Media Authenticator. This essentially lets users enter the URL of a content channel to see if the channel is authentic. A feature like this, while seemingly simple, could save anyone from potentially losing their funds due to a scam or phishing website.

Huobi Global offers a signficant host of features to its users and has maintained its credibility over a long period of time. This is largely one of the main reasons it a ranked as a top 4 exchange by liquidity as its users trust their funds there.
After establishing itself in Asia, Huobi is trying to branch out and take on other areas of the globe which is great news for Western traders. Additionally, the Huobi prime platform could provide some great opportunities for the exchange users moving forward.

Huobi Website:
Huobi Indian Community:
Huobi Global Community:
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Vechain in the last 30 Days: Apotheosis, Blockchain X, BMW, University partnership, DApp ecosystem, BitOcean ICO, Carbon banking, Live use cases, Early adopter rewards and more

This post is for those who are new to Cryptocurrency or want to find out more about VeChain. The text "VeChain" has been banned in this subreddit for the last 30 days. For more details about the ban itself, please visit this cryptocurrencymeta post. Changes have been made and official channels of communications have been opened up to prevent this from happening in the future.
All feedback is welcome, and all discussion is encouraged, but please no moon-posting, ridiculous price speculation or baseless FUD. Looking forward to answering any questions you guys have :) VeChain Foundation COO Kevin Feng is holding a Business AMA with Boxmining today, so new information is coming very soon.


Updates from the last 30 days

It's been a big month for VeChain as they have continued to work and share with the community. Here are the updates from their Official Medium channel and Reddit Rebrand Post

New website -

It has loads of useful information and a well produced introduction video. I would highly recommend reading through the website to get an idea of the scope of what VeChainThor is trying to accomplish.
"We are controlled by the few, the powerful and the greedy. We should be free. Free to choose, to trade, to create. It is time for a new world, a world founded on safety and security. A world where everything you do creates power, power for all. And you, you will decide the shape of this world. The power to change the future, is in your hands. VeChain." VeChain Introduction Video

What is Blockchain X?

Blockchain X is a global enterprise level public blockchain platform. VeChainThor is referring to their network/protocol as Blockchain X, to differentiate it from Bitcoin (Blockchain 1.0) and Ethereum (Blockchain 2.0 = Blockchain 1.0 + Smart Contracts).

Blockchain X = Blockchain 2.0 + IoT + AI + VET/VeThor = A living digital ecosystem

  • Blockchain = structure - bones, muscle etc (immutable trustworthy network)
  • IoT = senses - touch, vision, taste, smell, sound (collect real world information from RFID/NFC/QR etc.)
  • VET/VeThor = bone marrow/blood - generate blood & circulate (value transfer on the network)
  • AI = brain - information synthesis (automation of network with deep learning)

VeChainThor: the top candidate for enterprise and government level adoption of Blockchain

VeChainThor has an extremely strong development plan geared towards enterprise and government level adoption. If successful in their execution, I see VeChain being the leading cryptoasset comparable to Ethereum in size. The reasons I believe they will succeed are due to their ecosystem development, innovative governance model, robust economic model and strong strategic partnerships. The evidence of their success is snowballing with each new enterprise level partner and client.

DApps & Ecosystem development

The infrastructure layer has adoption in mind at the very core. Governments and enterprises will prioritise safety and security before venturing into blockchain adoption. (Mentioned in the introduction video.) The core DApps, VeVID (Verified identity, KYC/AML), VeVOT (Voting, Governance tool) and VeSCC (Smart Contract Certification, Regulatory compliance) provide the safety and security that governments and enterprises will demand. Blockchain X will have built-in KYC/AML, Governance and Regulation compliance. This sets it apart from other protocols and ICO platforms.

Governance model

The governance model is a balanced mix of decentralisation and centralisation. With problems such as Bitcoin's scaling debate, it appears that a purely decentralised governance structure may be inefficient. VeChain will use a new model of a decentralised system through centralised channels. The final decisions will be made in a decentralised democratic process through VeVOT by stakeholders with voting authority. I believe this model will be more widely adopted as it retains some of the efficient centralised channels that enterprise & government are familiar with, while still giving overall control to the network participants via a democratic voting system.

Economic model

The two-token economic model splits the value in the network into VET and VeThor. VET's primary function is to generate VeThor. VeThor represents the underlying costs of using the VeChainThor blockchain. All smart contract execution and transactions will require payment with VeThor. Through the dynamic rate of VeThor generation, the fiat value of VeThor can be kept relatively stable. For example, if the VeThor price was too high due to an increase in enterprise demand, the VeThor generation rate can be increased, which increases supply, and brings the price back down. The opposite is also true if the VeThor price is too low. The way I see VET is a store of value, a representation of ownership of part of the network and the right to use the network. Whereas VeThor is the perfect medium of exchange and a pure utility token. By using a two-token system, VeThor can have a stable fiat value over a long period of time. A company will be able to calculate how much VeThor will be needed for a consistent fiat value year after year and will be able to budget for this. This is extremely useful for enterprise and government level adoption since it removes the inherent price volatility from a nascent market like crypto.
VeChain also has a Node system, whereby holding VET generates additional rewards. Nodes of different levels will generate up to 200% additional VeThor compared to the base rate. This encourages long term staking in the network and decreases volatility. See the Apotheosis Part II article and X Series Node article for more information. A portion of VET supply will be locked up when nodes activate. Long term VET holders will not sell and downgrade their status. This decreased supply will lead to price increases. Early adopters (Deadline to stake: Before 20th March 2018) will be rewarded in the new X Series Node system. Features include exclusive participation in VeChain ecosystem project whitelists. (Something I'm excited about since I believe there will be a handful of reverse ICOs from traditional enterprise clients)


VeChain is planning on adding more than 100 additional full-time developers by the end of 2018.
For those interested in the technology of Blockchain X, I would direct you to the Medium AMAs where the VeChain team have provided detailed answers to common questions. Hardware 1, Hardware 2, Software 1 and Software 2 are worth a read.

Strategic partners

The three strategic partners each play a key role in VeChainThor's expansion. PWC has clients which make up 85% of the Fortune 500. DNV-GL is the preferred provider of those Fortune 500 companies for management systems certification services. PWC and DNV-GL will serve to introduce their enterprise clients to VeChain and increase adoption. BitOcean is positioning itself as a Fiat on-ramp for Crypto in Japan through physical ATMs and online exchanges, with approval by Japan's Financial Services Authority. BitOcean also plans to operate in China when regulations are finalised. BitOcean represents a Fiat/VET pairing that may serve to decouple VET/BTC and lead to independence of VET from the whims of BTC price.

Evidence of adoption to date: Existing clients & Investors

VeChain currently has 180 business opportunities in their pipeline for 2018 (compared to 4 use cases in 2016 and 22 in 2017). They have real uses cases and existing clients that range from medium to large enterprises. Revealed clients include Chinese Government Gui'an New Area project, BMW, Groupe Renault, DIG, Kuehne + Nagel, China Unicom, NRCC - State Tobacco, MLILY, Sunshine culture, Hubei Sanxin Cultural Media, Fanghuwang, YIDA future, Madeforgoods and iTaotaoke. Each of these partnerships deserve a detailed post on their own, they are all available on VeChain's Medium page. Taken together, it becomes clear what type of Ecosystem VeChainThor is trying to build.
Jiangsu Printed Electronics and Xiamen Innov Information Technology are technology partners and I suspect will be mass producing the RFID/NFC chips.
Breyer Capital and Fenbushi capital are the two featured investors on VeChain's website. Jim Breyer generally makes some pretty smart investment decisions. His only other crypto investments are Circle and Ethereum.
Bonus news: This week they are presenting with DNV-GL a cold chain supply chain solution at the Global Food Safety Initiative conference 2018. Zoom in and you'll see VeChain Intelligent Control Display System. DNV-GL have also launched their new digital assurance solution, My Story™. Four top Italian wine producers are using My Story™ under supervision of the Italian wine authorities. Twitter and DNVGL link.

China's potential

China is widely known to be anti-cryptocurrency but extremely pro-blockchain. China's "13th Five year plan 2016-2020" focuses on moving up in the value chain by abandoning old heavy industry and building up bases of modern information-intensive infrastructure, with blockchain and Smart Cities being a key technological focus. VeChain has achieved approval from the Government of the People's Republic of China with Gui'an New Area project, multiple mentions on state owned media (CCTV) and deals with state owned enterprises (China Tobacco). China will not fall behind in the international Blockchain race, they will finalise regulations and adopt Blockchain rapidly in the coming years. VeChain appears to be one of the leaders in the field, with their largest office in Shanghai and existing government connections.

Leader in the field

Last but not least, VeChain is leading the field in a number of areas.
  1. Academic research: VeResearch with Michigan State University #1 for supply chain management and another university to be announced
  2. Transparency: quarterly financial reports, regular social media updates, multiple AMAs, response to cryptocurrency ban, directly addressing FUD in official Telegram channels
  3. Corporate responsibility: cryptocurrency disaster recovery plan
  4. Environmental responsibility: Carbon bank initiative with DNV-GL

Skeptics section

In the interests of balanced discussion, I will update this section with skepticism I find in the comments below.
  1. "No whitepaper"
    • VeChain are working on a Whitepaper as part of their Q1 2018 goals. Information normally found in a Whitepaper has been made available through the development plan. I'm actually not too fussed about not having a whitepaper. For me evidence of enterprise adoption is a more useful indicator of how successful VeChainThor could be.
  2. "No official wallet" "No Mainnet"
    • VeChainThor has been operating as a private blockchain since June 2016. Public VeChainThor Blockchain Launch, VeChain Wallet with VeThor Forge Function will be released in Q2 2018 according to the roadmap.
  3. "VeChain are dumping their VET on the open market"
  4. "Can we talk about the fact that the BMW "partnership" is not really a partnership? VEN is allowed to participate into a startup program hosted by BMW. BMW is not a client. " - u/DutchDolt
    • "BMWstartupgarage" has neither been confirmed or denied by BMW or VeChain, it has been spread by a youtuber called "Crypto Gem"
    • Going to the website linked, BMW refers to successful participants as both partners and clients
    • This is still a developing partnership with details under NDA, however the VeChain/BMW link has been confirmed at the VeChain rebranding event and by Sarah VeChain Country Manager
  5. "Vote manipulation" "Shilling" "Brigading" "You're a paid shiller"
    • In the past VeChain Telegram Moderators wilfully participated in brigading, leading to the ban on the word "VeChain" for 30 days in cryptocurrency
    • It is difficult to differentiate manipulated behaviour and organic behaviour on Reddit, the moderators here do an amazing job getting rid of spam and detecting vote manipulation
    • The Official VeChain Foundation has stepped in to help Reddit moderators prevent VeChain vote manipulation
    • Official Telegram Rules: Brigading & Reddit links: We have a new policy regarding Reddit and 'brigading'. No brigading of any kind will be allowed. If you want to post a Reddit link, do so with the "np." prefix added to its URL, for example " /CryptoCurrency". No spamming for upvotes, as it hurts both of our communities.
    • This is strictly enforced by Telegram moderators and results in a warning then an insta-ban for repeat offenders
    • is being copy-pasted en masse by detractors as evidence of brigading
    • Image shows Boxminig feeling sorry for WTC PR team and a "np" link to a different thread
    • I wish I got paid to shill VeChain, I made this post to share a fundamentally strong crypto with the community _________________________________________________________________________________________

An interesting perspective supported by CEO Sunny Lu

NTSpike: VeChain Thor Is Positioning to Become THE #1 Enterprise dApp Platform, and Here's Why - A Systems Analyst's Perspective
Disclaimer: My holdings are 80% VEN and remainder in NEO, WTC, TKY, XRB, AMB
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Why the price needs to increase for XRP to succeed

The question "Why will the price of XRP increase?" gets asked repeatedly, so I thought I'd express my opinion and understanding of how the price will increase and needs to increase for XRP to be successful.
A common misunderstanding I see is that people are really caught up on market capital and use that calculation to determine how many XRP need to be purchased by banks and institutions to fulfill transactions. This leads to incorrect assumptions where someone says something like "If I want to send $1 billion dollars to another bank, then I need 1 billion XRP" (assuming XRP are worth $1 each). That is not how it works. 1 billion XRP is currently 2.6% of the entire circulating supply of XRP, if someone were to sell or buy 1 billion XRP right now, it would wreak havoc on the market and they could potentially not end up with anywhere close to $1 billion after selling 1 billion XRP.
Let's look at some smaller numbers on Poloniex's USDT/XRP pair to clarify this statement. As I write this, XRP is trading at 0.9 USDT (let's just assume that USD/USDT are currently 1:1 for this example as well, and all price figures I give are correct at the time of writing). If I want to send Dave's bank $1,000,000 right now, I will need to buy $1 million dollars worth of XRP. I can't just buy 1 million dollars at the lowest price, because on the order book that price of 0.9 is only for 6.12 XRP. The next sell order at 0.9014 dollars is 306.54 XRP. And that price keeps going up as you fill each sell order, because that's how order books work.
In order to buy $1 million worth of XRP, I need to scroll a long way down the sell orders until the sum of all the sell orders is $1 million. And conveniently enough, the point the sell order summed total exceeds $1 million is at the sell price of 1.000 USDT.
When I put in my $1 million dollar purchase, I do not end up with 1,111,111 XRP (1,000,000 / 0.9). I'll end up with somewhere in the region of 1.07 million XRP. As you fill each sell order, it pushes the price up so your average buy in will be somewhere in the region of 0.93 based on Poloniex's current order book.
But what's now happened? I've consumed every sell order up to the 1.000 USDT mark. I'm now technically sat on 1.07 million XRP valued at $1 each according to the market capital calculation. My $1 million dollar purchase is now magically worth $1.07 million dollars? I just made $70,000 by doing nothing! Or did I? Of course I haven't, because the exact same process works in reverse for buy orders.
Something else to bear in mind with this scenario is that bots and traders will see the massive purchase and then start buying in themselves as they think that something important is happening. I.e. FOMO by traders/speculators, or automated responses from bots.
When Dave's bank receives my 1.07 million XRP, he then has to sell them to get his dollars I promised him. So now the exact same process happens in reverse. As he sells his XRP, it drives down the buy price. Now hopefully he'll end up with $1 million at the end of it. But if bots/traders see 1 million XRP being dumped, then it could push the price down as people panic (in exactly the same way that buying 1 million dollars worth of XRP would cause FOMO).
So why does the price of XRP need to be high? It needs to be high to avoid this scenario occurring. I'm just going to use the following figures as examples, they're not in any way price predictions:
Imagine now that each XRP is worth $100 each. To send the same dollar value, I now need to buy significantly less XRP than I did previously. Let's pretend that ends up as 10,000 XRP exactly (I know it won't as per my previous examples). 10,000 XRP is only 0.00001% of the total XRP in existence. So this means that less sell orders get consumed and the price does not jump as much.
JoelKatz used a similar example for buying a house with Bitcoin back when it was worth $10 each vs what it is today. If you read that whole twitter conversation, he basically explains this much better than I could anyway.
Now XRapid already solves this problem somewhat as it locks in the sell and buy orders to avoid these spikes, but it still needs the liquidity. As far as my understanding goes, if Bank of Steve wants to send $1 billion to Bank of Dave today, then there's just not enough liquidity in the market for XRapid to find the XRP for that transaction. That is why the price needs to and will go up for XRP to succeed and to be used by banks. The price will go up as it gets used by more and more institutions all competing for the same resource (XRP).
Anyway, that's how I understand things. Feel free to please point out any inaccuracies or debate my comments. At the end of the day, we're (mostly) all here because we believe XRP has a bright future. I've been holding since September 2016 and invested back then because of my assumptions above (albeit there was no xRapid back then, but the use case of cross border payments was still the same).
EDIT: Typos and reformed introduction.
EDIT2: Changing link around as the mobile app appears to be picking up the twitter URL and using David's face as the post image.
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Oyster PRL

In good spirits and excitement, I figured I would share a little bit of information and speculation from over in /oyster that some of you might appreciate. I know most of you have probably heard of PRL and while maybe it didn't interest you initially, I would highly recommend that maybe you take another look. Especially with mainnet and an airdrop of its mesh net token, SHL this next month.
For the uninitiated, each PRL is going to be pegged to a certain amount of data storage (consistently increasing over time through the use of a smart contract to combat cheaper data storage in the future and secure it is an appreciating "asset") ranging from a minimum of 64 gigabytes to some potentially much higher initial value. One PRL token will give the owner the ability to store the pegged amount of data on IOTA's tangle (decentralized, secure and anonymously) for an entire year. This would obviously be an alternative to Dropbox and other online web storage services and you can make the calculations for yourself as to what the intrinsic value of each token could range between, as I don't want this to be monetary focused but rather implicative of potential usecase and transformation of crypto markets as the project improves and continues to deploy. Here is a post I made in /oyster a few days ago which really opened my eyes to how beneficial PRL could be to cryptocurrency as a whole, since we will have a more stable, secure and trusted market.
I have been posting a lot lately, probably too much, but I was thinking that when PRL gets pegged to Gigabytes of storage, the price will likely stabilize. Market value of storage will stay pretty consistent and it seems PRL could be the new Tether. With the ability to buy and sell straight to fiat, this could really help decouple alts from Bitcoin. Maybe offer more liquidity to the market and more confidence. Just sharing my thoughts!
This was the response that I received from one of the Oyster community managers, (if someone could comment instructing me on how to link their username that would be great because I don't know if I did it right) courtesy of u/MrRedPanda
"You are summing up exactly what Oyster PRL is aiming to be. The free market will decide what the actual value of decentralized anonymous storage will be - however, with a peg the market will drive to an equilibrium, becoming a stable safe asset. (You could compare it to tether, but truly decentralized and not backed by centralized $ and you not have to rely on somebody handing you out e.g. $ - which they could simply deny)
Bruno Block, 16.12.17:
Anybody let me know if there is any coin out there that is both completely decentralized and pegged to something tangible (like data storage for PRL). I’m quite sure that Oyster is the first to accomplish this.
All other tethers are centralized since they require a reserve and some ‘trusted’ party to enforce the peg. This obviously has a lot of counter-party risk and is not decentralized. This is even how scamcoin USD started out, claiming to be pegged to gold. Then one day oops, no more peg!
If I invent honeycoin and say that I have 1m jars of honey at my house, and each honeycoin represents a jar and can be redeemed at anytime, there are obvious risks with regards to me managing the honey.
Something from myself out of our telegram main chat, 06.03.18:
And more data stored on the tangle with Oyster PRLs mean more PRLs can be claimed by web nodes. Those website owners can either sell the PRLs for ad revenue to users which want e.g. use them for storage, keep them or use them themselves for storage (and then those can be claimed again by web nodes) - the cycle continues. A closed ecosystem, where the token as a usecase, pegged to a certain amount of storage and can be claimed by website owners for doing the PoW that keeps the files reattached on the tangle for the year. This way Oyster PRL will calibrate most likely to an equilibrium, making it a truly decentralized safe asset. (Similar to tether, but backed by decentralized storage and not centralized $)"
I am not an expert and I am sure that I have left you with more questions than answers but I figured I would spread some awareness on a potential "safehaven" for the next recession/dip/crash that we find ourselves in. If Bitcoin is having a bad day, it is unlikely that anonymous online data storage just got 50% cheaper and we will have the ability to lock our value into something tangible and backed by a service. Less volatility, more security and less speculative utility and value, is something we could all use a bit more of around here. I have linked the URL's to both whitepapers so that you can easily access the true source of greater information and look into it yourselves.
*DISCLAIMER* PRL is also in a huge pump and while I cannot read the market because I dropped my crystal ball off a deer stand, I would recommend that you learn what you can now, and if interested, skip FOMO and purchase at another time.
Pearl Whitepaper
Shell Whitepaper
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Today I actually used the bitcoin for the first (and hopefully last) time. I'm gonna share my thoughts and experiences.

So very soon I'm gonna buy new pc and while doing backups of my current data I remembered that I have some old wallet with some btc on it. I went to check it out and indeed it had incredible amount of 0.00317220 btc which is what? Something like 30 bucks nowadays (should've cashed out during ATH, I'm a fool, lol).
I got it in 2014, back then fees were nonexistant and the space was full of idiot believers and cultists trying to recruit new members to the cult with overwhelming positivity, love bombing, hype, typical anti state propaganda, blatant shilling and donations. That's right baby. In case you're new or don't remember, back then people were donating small amounts of bitcoin left and right just to get more people to try and get hooked. They were doing it for fun and they were doing it to get more fools into this game. I was one of them newcomers. 2014 OG HODLer.
This was play money back then, a few bucks from pointless reddit tips. I took it to my wallet to check out how this "innovation" works out of curiosity. Since then I would look up bitcoin news once in roughly 6 months. Sometimes they were good like some hipster cafees would adopt bitcoin and a few stoners would use them, sometimes they were bad and since we saw all kind of bad here I don't even need to give examples. I never speculated on it or bought more because I was interested purely in its function as a currency of internet and its implications, not speculative value nor some dubious gains that can only be truly justified in hindsight and if you ignore the bagholders. Of course since then many things changed including my outlook on this whole circus, if you're interested my 'testimony' is here:
Since I found out I have roughly 30 USD in funbux and since as a PC gamer I really despise what idiot crypto space did to gpu market with their pointless irrational exuberance and idiotic waste of untold amounts of energy I decided to actually spend it. Because it fucked me already and made me spend much more on a graphic card that I should might as well get something back, right? Also the thought that my endless crypto abstinence would passively enrich those idiot, libertarian neckbeards is hurting my greedy human soul so fuck your 'donations to community' Satoshi. I'm ending my crypto celibacy. I'm going stop HODLing gasp and spend (and not replace).
First roadblock. Steam no longer accepts bitcoin. Green man gaming supposedly accepted it in the past, not anymore though. NICE ADOPTION CURVE BRO. Thanks to the december-january bonanza the adoption is going backwards and the progress that was achieved through years of constant shilling and pestering bussinesses to accept bitcoin has been lost due to speculative mania, volatility and fees. This is good for bitcoin of course but not good for me, need a way out. I'm not gonna register on some shady exchange and give them all my data, my bank account, picture of my id and my dick and whatever else these fucking scammers want. Fuck that, we're decentralized and trustless baby, I'm gonna use my money without using "trusted" 3rd fucking party to get my money back in a practical way or this thing is truly useless.
I look and find a website that offers games for bitcoin. The website is absolutely minimalistic, obviously no information about the company, some anonymous bastards that could be using stolen credit cards for all I know. Well, maybe not that bad, they've been up for years, I also found mentions of other websites that went dysfunctional over the years but not this one. Obviously I can't verify how they get their keys. Couldn't find any relevant information on google about them that isn't 3 years old. Once again nice adoption bro. I found one recent thread on reddit and was hopeful I will learn something useful in dedicated bitcoin reddit no less but...
Yeah, why would you want to spend your internet funbux on something? Buy the motherfucking dip bro. Currency of the future can wait, store of value here we come. Well what's the point of storing your value if you can't reliably unstore it at some point? Fuck that ideology, lol.
Finally decided to risk it for the biscuit. My old wallet can't even connect to the network because it's too fucking old. Maybe that's good nobody will scam me due to some electrum vulnerability or something that was discovered some time ago. I'm not sure, I heard about it some time ago. Anyway I download new electrum and it automatically finds my wallet file, everything is recovered just fine, good. the fuck do I use that thing? That's right. 4 years of ironhanded HODLing took a toll on me, I forgot how to use the damn thing. Fortunately the UI is pretty self explanatory (for quite tech savvy user who already used it in the past mind you) after a while I figure things out, just had to change the valuation from mbtc to BTC. The way it displayed my balance I almost thought I have 3 bitcoins for a second, I chuckled. My balance is 0.00317220 BTC. game price is 0.0028 BTC ($23.75 USD). Needless to say it looks horrible and impractical and a had to check a few times because I have my btc in several addresses. Just imagine buying groceries with it. I discover there are more informational tabs in electrum, why the fuck they're hidden by default is beyond me, they seem pretty useful. Anyway if I were to guess the probability of my normie acquaintances finding this easy and useful it would be very low.
Okay I select my game, decide to check out, now it's time to pay. The bitpay thingy is actually okay, when I copied the transaction url to the wallet it automatically filled everything out. Progress. Now...what the fuck is my password? Nice, I have my funbux that I hodled for a long time and can't spend it. And I can't generate new seed and make new wallet with my seed to bypass the password because I need password to create my seed. Catch 22. Obviously no customer support or email recovery for this one, lol. Thank god banks are not that autistic. Fortunately I find the password and seed as well in some old doc related to bitcoins in plain text (lol). Securitus maximus. Back then I was a complete noob, I can only imagine the hilarious opsec or lack thereof of fresh noobs in crypto. Use birdbath plebs.
I finally have my password, return to the website and see that the bitpay transaction timer has gone from 15 minutes to 6 minutes. I get slightly nervous. "What if I send my money but the confirmation comes later? Will it work?". I do quick google and apparently it may cause problems and I may have to contact bitpay and do some stuff if it won't confirm within timer. Jesus what a chore. Instead I wait till the timer runs out. Make another attempt, use the high fee to be absolutely damn sure that my transaction will be confirmed in this block (7 sats calculated by wallet, paid 4312 sats so 1.3 dollar or something? Sure, not as crazy as January but still meh, is this the 4 year progress? Last time I used it was much less I think. Or maybe it's so high because the price is high? Whatever).
I wait a bit and yes, success, my order is confirmed. Now I just have to believe I won't get scammed or I won't get wrong game or I won't get some shitty russian region locked key or whatever:
Your game(s) will be sent as soon as the order has been manually processed, which should take 8 to 9 hours.
Nice. Just wait 9 hours to be sure I'm not gonna get hosed by some internet no name company. Also manually processed? Is this 20th century or what? I bet their customer support is nonexistant or they have a designated emplyee who receives messages through contact form and laughs at the fools while copy pasting some bullshit. Currency of the future baby. Trustlessness fucking sucks for a customer like me. IT FUCKING SUCKS. It was a nice experiment though. I predict another 10 years of FUCKING SUCKING in regards to adoption too.
Now a comparison how it worked when I bought steam games in the past with paypal.
I go to steam (or other store, not much difference), choose pay with paypal. I pay with paypal. I get my motherfucking game. And that one time when I bought in other store when something actually gone wrong I resolved it with support quite quickly. Case closed.
So to sum it up. I got a few bucks in tips from crypto cultists in 2014. HODLed with adamantium hands since then. Never spent, never cashed out, never surrendered to the temptation until now. Turned 2 bucks into something like ~27 atm. Got money for free. Then this money's buying power risen without any work on my part and without any company behind this token producing positive value, products, services etc. It just rose because people paid more for it. I Bought something with the money I never had and never touched worth more than I originally got for free. If that isn't the literal definition of infinite value I don't know what is. I'm sure it's 100% sustainable too. It's not like it took enough energy to power my household for 6 months (if digiconomist stats are to be believed) or maybe even more to validate the transaction of me buying one fucking game. This is the future, right?
Now every time some salty butter will say I'm a stupid no coiner I can brag to them that they maybe had 100% gains or 1000% gains when they bought in early but my gains are literally infinite because I never had to even buy. Got 2 bucks for 0 effort, had it transmuted into 27 bucks like a motherfucking alchemist with a philosopher's stone (more during ATH, sucks to cash out late) with literally no effort. Best non-investment ever.
Now all I need is for bitcoin to proportionally bubble once again so that I can use the change from this transaction to buy another game in another 4 years. Get to work my minions. Shill.
I will update this thread later with information regarding whether I actually got what I paid for or not.
Edit: Ok. I finally received the steam gift from random, obscure, anonymous, internet game store. Yay?! Would I like to repeat this type of transaction again, next time with my own money? Hell no. But it served as a cool experiment and reminder why customer service, banks and trusted parties are important. The fact that my money will undoubtedly reach some random anonymous people without trusted 3rd party wasn't giving me a libertarian boner (hold on, I used payment processor anyway, I think?) and being my own bank did not gave me comfort nor any satisfaction at all. The fact that my money is at someone else's mercy and if they want to they can just take it and never refund it was adding to the discomfort. It was mostly frustration and a chore. Trustlessness brings fear, unceartainty and other words trustlessness is FUD and fiat is king, deal with it.
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The Real Fact About "The OOOBTC EXCHANGE"

The Real Fact About
OOOBTC could be an entryway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and Crypto-ecosystem placed in Singapore. OOOBTC provides heterogenous system functions like spot commerce, derivative instrument commerce, over-the-counter commerce, whole-network commerce, and decentralized commerce. Moreover, it satisfies the requirements of various investors. Our commerce system features a strong security mechanism and reliable underlying design, that provides investors with a dependable commerce expertise. Besides, the distinctive online commerce model of the ooobtc platform would with efficiency match the market depth of major exchanges around the world whereas providing even higher liquidity. looking forward to the total network commerce system, we tend to believe the ooobtc platform can become the biggest liquidity supplier of digital assets within the world.
We have been taking multifariously careful measures like cold storage system, 2-factor authentication and secret writing technology to cipher your personal account data, that permits you to possess assured protection of your fund. Security is that the most vital side of business follows. this is often why we tend to integrate similar good technologies to supply our purchasers with the very best guarantee of security accessible on the market. Currently, our distinctive options include:
a) Pool commerce – we tend to are capable of getting high commerce volumes and generating substantial profits in today’s exchange because of our integration with alternative finance homes and major commerce forces.
b) High-Performance Support -- OOOBTC commerce system adopts self-developed, superior core matching engine technology and leverages distributed computing technologies like Google wrench and BigTable. Thus, it will support huge synchronic computation and build the order process speed to reach 1,000,000 transactions per second.
c) Community commerce – we tend to are capable of providing users with a platform to that they'll transfer their good contracts so as to participate in a vigorous good contract community for trades, business, services, and exaggerated visibility.
d) Coin Suggestions – New and existing cryptocurrencies is submitted for thought by our community users via our web site. If we tend to see a digital quality obtaining a substantial quantity of support from its community, we are going to perform the due diligence and build a choice to list this quality.
OOOBTC order AND open-end credit SYSTEM
Exchanging crypto to order or exchanging order to crypto is one in every of the most important downside moon-faced by several cryptocurrencies and exchange, newbies notice it therefore laborious to key into cryptocurrencies, or trade cryptos on the exchange because of lack of changing them back to order or order to cryptos. OOOBTC exchange aims to stay things terribly straightforward and quick for beginner users trying to turn over into the cryptocurrency area. even though you've got ne'er detected of Bitcoin or Ethereum before, OOOBTC will an awfully smart job at making a hospitable and informative page that invitations users to explore this new endeavor.
With the debit/credit card implementation, one will simply withdraw and deposit order to get cryptos employing a straightforward step via Mastercard, verve, visa or the other acceptable card. additionally with the recent development and partnership with some order payment suppliers. we are going to embody order commerce against cryptos.
Example; USD/BTC EUOBX CAD/ETH AUD/LTC we tend to believe that this may facilitate solve the matter moon-faced by several cryptocurrency exchanges, OOOBTC aims to alter fast and convenient cryptocurrency defrayal, anyplace within the world, with none special restrictions or waiting time”.
supported the precise and secure technology, our terminal is ready to supply reliable and quality services that confirm you're ready to trade any of ooobtc currency pairs free from all the troubles
OBX Token is associate degree ERC twenty customary token and once persevered the exchange can get pleasure from dividends shared from the whole platform revenues. the number of Obx bonus is calculated supported the number of quality control at 00:00 on a day to day and also the commerce fee of ooobtc at this hour that is generally distributed at 02:00 universal time (UTC + 8) each day. sometimes all users get their bonus inside twenty-four hours. The bonus is paid on to users account while not the requirement of manual assortment. you wish to carry a minimum of one thousand OBX to get the bonus and keep them for over twenty-four hours. we are going to build a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and anticipate the bonus attain your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users isn't a set range, the additional OBX you hold the additional profits you may receive
The OOOBTC Dividends and bonus system ar in six (6) section
i. Dividends in line with the whole value of all the currencies control in your OOOBTC exchange pocketbook.
ii. Holders of OBX Token can get daily dividend paid in OBX Token and this is often supported the whole range of OBX one is holding.
iii. 3. suggest a lover to get and hold OBX Token and you may get daily dividends paid as recommendation reward.
iv. 4. Register new users and acquire OBX Token paid as referral commission.
v. 5. Win OBX Token by enjoying games through the OOOBTC Game Center.
vi. 6. Earn dividends as our market maker, by commerce OBX Token daily on OOOBTC exchange you may earn dividends generated from our commerce fee.
The OBX commerce dividends calculation
OOOBTC we are going to use twenty - five hundredth of all commerce fees earned by ooobtc to shop for OBX from the market then distribute to users base on the OBX Bonus Program. moreover, all ooobtc Bonus moving forward are given to users in OBX rather than alternative cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. we tend to believe this may modify our OBX Bonus system and match higher with our user's expectations.
Note: you'll visit; to examine however a straightforward example within which additional elaborate the bonus system as sited within the written report.
Gamers are arguably a good target market for blockchain applications like cryptocurrencies as they're wont to online payments and coping with virtual currencies that exist inside a digital scheme. Blockchain has provided the chance for the play trade one thing it absolutely was lacking for a protracted time - stability. Considering every few weeks a scandal concerning knowledge leaks takes form, this is often a long-awaited amendment that is especially necessary for the web indulgent and plays trade.
Finding an honest place to play your favorite games like casino, Poker, throw dick, Pet Box, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Poker, Plinko and Slot games online might encourage be a true challenge, even for those players UN agency pay a great deal of your time researching and reading trustworthy reviews. though you'll truly notice an outsized range of really reliable and honest online casinos, it's not rare for somebody to open a casino web site with the intent to quickly reach the money. Luckily, that’s not the case with the ooobtc play platform, as a result of it's one in every of the foremost reliable places wherever you'll play some standard games safe and secure, victimisation cryptocurrencies solely and also the strength of it's that one will play these games without charge and win OBX Token while not losing cash, supported the concept of safe and accountable play,
ooobtc play platform is giving safe and fun setting wherever you'll play standard games, by commerce with a daily personal volume of zero.005 you may be given a chance draw and be a part of the ooobtc games and win OBX Token.
The Dice Game
Another nice game is named Dice, a crypto dice game. Here your task is to predict whether or not variety the dice can roll is higher or below a precise digit from the vary from zero.000 to 99.999. this is often not a classic dice game, however, it still offers you a prospect to use completely different systems as Martingale or D’Alembert to predict the ultimate outcome.
The Blackjack Game
Blackjack could be a classic card wherever your goal is to possess solely a pair of cards with a total that equals twenty-one. Also, you may win if the dealer features a lower score or an equivalent with additional cards. ooobtc play offers the essential variant of this standard game, therefore you won’t have any difficulties to start out enjoying it now
Daily OBX commerce volume over zero.005 BTC you'll have one chance to draw a lottery or the other games and win OBX Token, The zero commerce fees, and competition each runs daily from 12PM. UTC+8 on to 13PM. UTC+8 (1 hour only), OOOBTC reserves the proper to cancel or amend the competition or competition rules at their sole discretion, Invite five new friends to register associate degree account with success daily, you'll get another likelihood to draw the lucky wheel daily, All trades that we tend to consider to be “wash trades” won't count towards your total commerce volume for this competition, OOOBTC reserves the proper of ultimate interpretation of the activity and point for the awards; Please collect your award weekly or it's considered abandonment.
Charity Foundation
OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) could be a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled financial aid towards achieving world property development. OCF aims to rework financial aid by developing the world’s 1st decentralized charity foundation to create a future wherever blockchain technology is wont to finish all kinds of financial condition and difference, advance property development and make sure that nobody is left behind, OOOBTC can present 100 percent of it revenge to OCF. one in every one of the key edges provided by blockchain technology is transparency, that is additionally one in every of the best challenges moon-faced by charities these days. “Donors don’t have the visibility on wherever their funds are going, and most donations don't reach their supposed beneficiaries. This lack of transparency causes a scarcity of trust, additional reducing the temperament for individuals to present to charity funds generally, we are going to partner with charity organization around the world and reach resolute those that desire support for care, education, water, shelter, and excellent care.
What we tend to do:
 Incubate entrepreneurs and comes to build direct investments
 Collaborate with alternative trade partner and participate as a platter
 We provide charity event like care services, youngsters education,
We support entrepreneurs in:
a) Funding
b) Go-to-market strategy c) Token Models & Distributions
d) Technical Review
e) Listing recommendation
f) Talent Recruiting
g) Digital promoting
h) Blockchain development
Blockchain Technology is dynamical the planet to a decentralized world associate degreed there's a desire to change an innovative and secure platform wherever users around the world will safety and simply exchange their assets, each day cryptocurrencies are gaining additional legitimacy and also the range of corporations that are acceptive cryptocurrencies keep increasing, we tend to at OOObtc believes in decentralization and giving power to the community members, we tend to additionally believe community building and partnership.
For more information you can follow the link below: Website :
Reddit :

Author ; cryptounique
Bitcointalk Profile URL:;u=2524596
Eth wallet : 0x00a9b763ff87ae5e9c6312779456144a06f6200f
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Bitcoin Superstore NANO Purchase Via Amazon: Results and Review

You go to almost any online retailer, as long as they dont charge membership fees. You copy 3 things into a form on the BSS website: Title of product you want to buy, url of product page, price of product + shipping costs. BSS will calculate the sales tax for you and add their own 2% service fee. Give them your shipping address, and use brainblocks on their website to make the transaction.
I bought a PSN PS+ subscription digital renewal code from amazon. Amazon sends these over email, so in the note for the purchase on the BSS site I included my email for them to send me the code. I had a little trouble using brainblocks at first but overall the purchase was easy to complete and I got a confirmation email immediately. I received an email containing my digital gift card code 45 minutes later, which I was able to use to extend my subscription and get back to playing online with friends. I made the purchase around 12:45 AM Central US time.
The item I bought was $9.99 USD. They applied an estimated USA sales tax to make my purchase 10.61, which would have normally been added on Amazon or on any other purchase I make. BSS charges a service fee of 2% of the subtotal after tax. My service fee was around 20 cents.
Once I read the faq, the website was easy to use. Normally I could have avoided the 20 cent charge easily by using a debit card, but in this instance I could not use my card due to it being frozen for "suspicious activity." Under these circumstances, BSS was the fastest/easiest way to make my PSN subscription active. I will use the website again, likely for smaller purchases during times when I cannot or do not wish to use USD. If my bank still hasn't fixed my card by tomorrow then I will probably use the service to buy a another digital gift card code for a restaurant I'm going to tomorrow.
I hope this review gave you a clearer idea of how to use Bitcoin Superstore, let me know if you have any questions about my experience.
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SwapN>GO the new p2p multi-crypto exchange in town

Hi there thank you for tuning, I will try to keep it short just want to tell you a bit about us, share with the entrepreneurs community maybe get some feedback about our strategy or design any constructive comment is appreciated it, well we are a team of two one Developer and one QA Engineer and like 2 friends ; )
I had this idea of business for a long time now that I got some money together I went for it in full.

Our startup budget is 8k, it has been spent in :
Web Hosting
Bitcoin base.
Other Crypto base.
Services (electricity bill).
Development team.
Marketing resources design.
DevOps Consulting.
IT Security Consulting.

That sounds like a lot of people but yeah that really is just me, I am an engineer but of course i am not charging my own project (rent - food), anyways all this talking still you don't know the URL of the project, / the cool thing about us is that we are a p2p multi-coin so we can add more coins more frequently thanks to our internal design right now we only work whit (4) BTC LTC DASH ETH.

So the project start a year ago that is mostly why I decide to write this to do a review of what we have cover; in the beginning we did not have like a full business plan or like clear idea where the app was going so if you are starting don't give up while more pieces of code are develop later on you can put all together and accomplish what you where intended to do.

The project has the following features:

Fully SSL
User Space
Admin Panel -> inside features to control the exchange
Custom Chat system
Reputation Points
Password Reset Module
Register Module
Monster ID integration
Comments System
Balance Board
Sell Module
Deposit Module
Withdraw Module
Offers Search Engine
Tools Module ( includes two calculators)
Multi-coin H/L Chart
Sells Offers Colored Dashboard
Tokenized transactions

And other cool features. Come check us out =>

Now that you have a perspective on our work. Let's talk about business how can you help us?

We are looking for partners that can see the potential in our project. The ideal partner will be somebody that knows about technologies trends - can provide economic support to the project - knows how to code and has the time and disposition to work for potential millionaire business.

Ok, fine you are not that person, you still want help a BTC / LTC / ETH / DASH donations are always welcome, we can offer you in return free resets in the exchange system and of course, be in our Sponsors board. We believe in cryptocurrency we want to be a simple secure and easy to use the alternative gateway for people can get into the new economy.
Visits us - Register - Try our service - review our work and if you like our concept / idea please support.

SwapN>GO Donations

Thanks again for reading.
Best Regards
SwapN>GO Team
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Cryptos flagged as potential opportunities from analyzing reddit data, week ending 2018-02-24

Here are this week's stats on the most discussed cryptos on reddit!
Update this week: I’m working on an indicator that flags cryptocurrencies that are being mentioned on reddit for the first time, to expose potential investment opportunities earlier. In backtesting, the indicator was able to flag NEO/Antshares in July 2017, Vechain in October 2017, and ICON in November 2017: all three went onto 10x in price. I’m sharing the cryptos flagged this week below.
Background: I wrote a program that scrapes reddit posts from cryptocurrency and altcoin, and calculates how much certain cryptocurrencies are mentioned, to help give an early indication of the next potential 10x crypto. Crowd sentiment has proven to be a good place to start for more research. I'm always working to make my insights more useful so please reach out with any comments, and stay tuned for updates!
If you prefer to follow along via email and get more kinds of insights every week, you can do so here.
Note: always do your own research. Not all cryptos with a lot of mentions are being talked about for good/positive reasons (e.g. BitConnect). Keep reading for info on getting a list of all recent posts so you can browse the headlines and gauge sentiment. Sentiment is also only one piece of the puzzle: fundamental research on the project and team itself is required to make a good investment decision.
  1. This week, a high throughput blockchain platform (Zilliqa), a blockchain powered internet, operating system, and runtime for dApps (Elastos), and a blockchain project for crypto-asset and other digital information inheritance (DigiPulse) appeared on our list of cryptos that the community is talking more about for the first time. All three are recent ICOs.
  2. The founder of Nebulas, who is also a former co-founder of NEO/Antshares, did an AMA this week here.
  3. Nano's price is rebounding after a string of positive news: a new core update, a new Android wallet, and news of Twitch streamers accepting donations in Nano.
Crypto Name Market Cap 7 Day Price % Chg Post Count Post Count Week Over Week % Change Total Post Score Score Week Over Week % Change
Bitcoin 166.9B -8.58% 65 -26.14% 7295 -33.38%
Ethereum 82.4B -12.98% 45 25.00% 5225 -31.74%
Ripple 37.1B -19.28% 24 14.29% 1214 -73.05%
Litecoin 11.2B -10.84% 16 -27.27% 1659 -22.98%
Nano 1.8B 40.28% 16 14.29% 9020 128.88%
OmiseGO 1.7B -6.10% 11 175.00% 2329 138.38%
IOTA 4.9B -19.30% 10 -41.18% 3836 31.01%
Lisk 2.1B -40.70% 10 42.86% 620 8.96%
Bitcoin Cash 20.4B -21.95% 8 33.33% 1028 65.01%
Dogecoin 722.4M -8.94% 8 inf 465 inf
NEO 7.7B -12.57% 8 -33.33% 321 -65.15%
ICON 1.4B -31.12% 7 75.00% 1864 45.74%
Stellar 6.6B -24.36% 7 -46.15% 1644 -48.19%
Ambrosus 75.1M -18.85% 6 200.00% 278 434.62%
BitConnect 28.6M -27.13% 6 -33.33% 11291 71.10%
EOS 5.6B -19.10% 6 200.00% 2028 3655.56%
Aion 279.1M -23.37% 5 66.67% 123 89.23%
Genesis Vision 81.2M -9.81% 5 66.67% 161 130.00%
You can access the Google Sheet with all the stats and links to the scraped reddit posts here (reddit won’t let me post a direct link to the Sheet because it looks like a referral url)
*“Post Count” means the number of posts that had titles that mentioned the specified crypto. “Week Over Week Change” means the change in the specified metric over the last 7 days, compared against the metric over the previous 7 days before last week. “Total Post Score” means the sum of net upvotes (or score) for all posts that mentioned the specified crypto.
If you’d like to follow along via email and get more kinds of insights every week, you can do so here. I'm always looking to improve and provide more useful and interesting info, so don't be afraid to reach out!
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[Review] Basetao vs Ytaopal vs Cssbuy vs DDB vs Taobaoguides

Hi fam! I wanna share my experience with some Taobao Agents I have used. I have used Basetao for 2 years now, but lots of "new" agents have popped up since, so I decided to try em out.
This is a small review of these 5 agents, with proof that I have ordered through them (except for taobaoguides ,maybe he can confirm):
Basetao [B] | Ytaopal [Y] | Cssbuy [C] | DotDotBuy [D] | Taobaoguides [T]

Ordering Process

They all follow the same system. Paste the tabao URL of the item you want to buy on their shopping page, choose the options and add it to your shopping cart. Pay the items, after recharging your account. As soon as they arrive, check the qc pics and pay the shipping to your home. I recently found out that T also has a webpage, but I ordered my items through WeChat. You send him your list of items, then you send him the money through paypal. Same with Shipping.

Currency conversion & service fees

Paypal Recharge fees Service Fee
B 3% + 0.3 USD 5%
Y 4.4% + 0.3 USD 4%
C 3% + 0.3 USD 0-6%
D 2.9% + 0.3 USD 0
T 4.4% + 0.3 USD 0
I only paid/recharged through paypal. C has different ranks, which determines your service fee.
I wish there was an agent who accepts Bitcoins (if there is one, leave a comment pls). Too bad noredy stopped offering his service.

QC Pics

All agents offer QC pics. B,Y and T send them automatically. B on the "my orders" page, Y through mail and T through chat. At C you have to pay a small fee for each item you want pics of. You check this option when ordering the item. If you ordered pics, it will also show next to your item order as soon it arrives in their warehouse. D only makes pics through chat request.


Method Price (2.5kg)
B DHL 290¥
Y DHL 268¥
C DHL 288¥
D DHL 320¥
T DHL 248¥
I only used DHL, because thats the safest way through customs here in Germany. Here are the prices estimated via calculator on their webpages. It also depends on the size of the package, so the final price can vary.


No big difference here...All agents I used do a nice job with the packaging. I only made photos of the shipment from C & T, because they arrived on the same day: packages
T used a standard box, C used a vacuum bag (the only agent who used them)


Maybe not so important for some of you, but for me its a critical factor. My experience only with DHL.
Method customs tax
B 4 Parcels, no delay no
Y delayed no
C delayed no
D no delay no
T no delay no
I never had any problems with B, they declare a low value, the 4 parcels flew through customs.
Even though Y asked what and how much they should declare, they forgot to put the invoice on the outside of the package. DHL had to contact me and had me send a receipt. The same problem with C.
D & T did it correctly, no delay as well.
Here screenshots of the delay difference: T C
But all in all, the agents declare low value and I never had to pay any taxes.

Customer Service

B has a webbased live chat, which is online most of the time. In the beginning I had lots of questions regarding the ordering process and they were very helpful. In the times where they're offline, you can leave a ticket and they responded in less than 24hrs all the time. I requested some more detail qc pics of an item, and I got the new photos the next day. Pic
Y has a WeChat service that I have used. I was looking for a specific product and she helped me with the search and gave me item links. When DHL asked for a receipt, I contacted her and got the receipt in less than an hour!
C: I also needed a receipt from them, I tried contacting them through Skype, but no luck. So I just left a note on the "parcels page". Got the receipt in less than 3 hrs! Pic
D: I wanted qc pics so I used their webbased chat service. Got the photos the next day.
T: The whole ordering process was through WeChat and I had no problems whatsoever.
All the agents offer good customer service, some feel more "personal" like Y & T, but you can't go wrong with either one of them.


So what is my favourite? Which one will I continue to use? Well, I honestly don't know lol. They all worked pretty well.
B is a reliable company, good service, fast ordering, 5% fee.
Y you have this "personal assistant", low shipping, but forgot the invoice
C nice packaging, low service fee, forgot invoice
D no service fee, qc pics only on request, google translator
T low shipping, low fee, he needs to be online if you want to review your order
If you have any questions, leave a comment! if you know other agents that are worth testing, send me a PM!
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A Bitcoin calculator written in Go. Contribute to ThePiachu/Bitcoin-Go-Calculator development by creating an account on GitHub. Multicurrency mining pool with easy-to-use GUI miner. Ethereum, Zcash, Monero & other altcoins. Join our vibrant community of more than a million clients. he CoinDesk Bitcoin Calculator converts bitcoin into any world currency using the Bitcoin Price Index, including USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY, and more. The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Digital money that’s instant, private, and free from bank fees. Download our official wallet app and start using Bitcoin today. Read news, start mining, and buy BTC or BCH.

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