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We see Billion-dollar transactions happen over bitcoin all the time. Sometimes it costs less than a dollar.
It's no different than sending a penny's worth to your buddy from one wallet to another. The blockchain doesn't charge any more fees for more coins used; it charges only by how much data your transaction takes up in the blockchain, which is never that much and unrelated to the amount.
Buying that much without AML/KYC is of course the challenge. You'll need to accumulate smaller amounts from exchanges like these until you have what you need: [[link]2
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I'm fed up with pump&dump, IPO scam, clone coins...

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Poll - which currency do you auto exchange to?

Poll - which currency do you auto exchange to?

This is just a poll to see what others use for cashing out because i was curious. For some reason it does not update the current vote count in the post.

See live vote count here

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MPH autoexchange settings for individual coins?

I think the answer is no but I want to ask and make sure. Is there a way to set some coins I don't care about (such as Maxcoin and Groestlcoin) to auto exchange into bitcoins but have other coins I do want (such as Feathercoin and Digibyte) to not auto exchange because I want to keep those? Or do I just sort of have to turn on and off auto exchange every so often to sweep up the unwanted coins after withdrawing the ones I actually want?
If this isn't an option I'd like to suggest that it should be, if possible. MPH seems to want to support altcoin withdrawals over BTC but having only a single global auto exchange setting instead of settings for individual coin wallets doesn't help as much with that.
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The rise of the dead

I know it happened in the past, BTC and LTC barely moving while other small coins going up. But when I see zetacoin or maxcoin...etc.. going up 100% ... I know there's something fishy. No, they were not undervalued, they are dead scamcoins and everyone who have been long enough in cryptos know that (no security, no devellopement, no reliable exchange and no use at all)
So why ? Why all the dead coins suddenly get a push ? Who's crazy enough to throw money at let say megacoin right now ? Are they trying to squeeze the last Bitcoins from the alt market before the new coming ath with a pump and dump ? A rich idiot buying up everything, just in case ? A bank trolling ? What did just happened here ?
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Bittrex Stole My bitcoin? Help anyone?

I feel I was robbed by Bittrex. My bittrex account is verified. First of all, I bought bitcoin at 35 cents and made a killing off of it. Then the price went down and I got out. Now, MtGox style exchanges own the market. I admit I fell behind on my bitcoin skills. But I am no beginner to crypto currency. Here is what happened to me. I bought bitcoin, etherium and litecoin on CoinBase. I was able to transfer Litecoin onto my Bittrex account from coinbase with no problem. I sent ethereum to bittrex ethereum wallet and the money just vanished. Gone. Block chain says that the transaction was completed to my bittrex wallet. But of course my bittrex wallet has no ethereum it. Days have gone by. Nothing. Just Got robbed by bittrex. But I was not mad. I chopped it up to user error. Even though the block chain does not lie. I gave bittrex the benefit of the doubt. Like a sucker. So, I wanted to knowledge about these exchanges and am willing to loose money to gain education in bitcoin exchanges. But I thought I would loose money via bad investment. Not getting totally robbed by Bittrex.
Finally, Coinbase is not able to send bitcoin to bittrex. I understand this. Bitcoin cash. I get it. I understand that I walked back into the crypto market during sever turbulence. But the blockchain does not make mathematical mistakes. I split up my bitcoin from coinbase. I sent bitcoin from coinbase to several different wallets. All I wanted to do was get on coinbase and buy some potcoin and maxcoin. That is it. I then began trying to send money to my bittrex wallet. $150 missing dollars later I decided to quadruple check all my addresses. I copied and pasted them like most people do. But I manually checked every wallet address I sent. All my information was accurate. My bittrex wallet is somehow redirecting my coins to somewhere else. Bittrex stole or lost my bitcoin. Because I attempted so many times to send coin to bittrex, and every experiment turned up as a failure, I think bittrex scammed me. Buyer Beware Bittrex Scam.
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We need to split up hashing power better.

I'm noticing everyone gravitating to the same pools for more consistent payouts. We need to be careful we don't fall into the same situation that Maxcoin is currently facing, causing it's massive plummet in price. Here's a quote from one of the guys over on the bitcoin forums about why Maxcoin has plunged and the reasoning behind it.
Recent MAX price plunge due to market pricing in the risk of a 51% attack as dominates the network's hashrate
I'm admittedly a MAX bull and I think a lot of the recent price action is due to a problem right now with the centralisation of mining power at As of yesterday, they control upwards of 84% of the entire network giving them the ability to carry out a 51% attack if they so wished. 1GH's admin has a lot to answer for here. They are acting irresponsibly by failing to increase the fees on their pool.
MaxCoin is a brand new cryptocurrency in the broad scheme of things and it's community is still in it's early stages and quite weak. It took years for bitcoin to develop the community that it has behind it and almost as long for it's price to rise from 0 to where MaxCoin currently is. So to be honest, MAX is still doing brilliantly compared to the growing pains bitcoin experienced, and it is one of the most traded altcoins right now meaning the potential for future gains is huge once our current problems are ironed out.
It has strong fundamentals, which is the most important point. MaxCoin transactions are much faster, hashing function is technically superior, the initial distribution of mining profits was fairer than even bitcoin was & SHA-3 is a more efficient algorithm for mining, meaning you can squeeze more Khash/$ from your mining rigs.
The major problem for this coin right now is centralisation of mining power at because of the liability of a 51% attack. The fact that the maxcoin blockchain is technically un-secure is the reason the price has fallen. An anonymous, private mining pool - - controls about 5.5 TH/s of the network while the total hashrate is only about 7 TH/s. 1GH could attack the maxcoin blockchain if they wanted to, making your investment worthless. They have not done so as of yet, but their ability to do it remains an underlying fundamental liability in the network. Who knows if they have malevolent or benevolent motives. They are unlikely to do this as it would cut them out of their 3% fee, but the potential remains and is getting priced in by the market.
This is only a temporary state of affairs however. It is only a matter of time before other convenient pools spring up and 1GH's dominance of the network falls, but until then I think the smart money will be invested in other coins. This is why the 1GH issue is currently THE MOST IMPORTANT problem for this coin. There are some other exchange-related teething problems, but they are insignificant in terms of the blockchain security issue.
Anyone currently invested in MaxCoin should probably hold tight through this period. Either that or crystallise a huge loss. I suppose it's about confidence. I have seen bitcoin go through similar growth pains so that is why I have the confidence to hold while others may not. In fact, I am using this as an opportunity to get some extremely cheap coins from panic sellers.
The single most effective thing we can do is to pull our miners from 1GH and move to another pool. If you keep mining there, you are de-valuing your own mining investment. This is not a profitable coin for people to mine and dump right now, so if that is what you are doing, I suggest you do it elsewhere. Mining MaxCoin right now is basically a speculative medium to long-term investment. Don't bother doing it if your cash-flow requires you to dump-out to fiat immediately to pay electricity costs. There is no profit to be had doing that at this point.
Here is a statement from the pool admin with regards to fees:
Quote from: 1GH Admin We are against artificaial regulation of mining. If majority of miners like our pool best - so be it, we are not booting them with prohibitive fees. We also believe that anyone genuinely interested in network security should get down to starting a p2pool rather than waste their time and effort trying to distribute and redistribute the hashpower between private pools.
Clearly, he does not care that the market and the price is reflecting the failure of the dominant pool operator to act in a responsible way. When the market urges an increase of fees, this is not 'artificial regulation', it is an attempt to self-regulate which 1GH is resisting.
If you care at all about the security of the maxcoin network and your future profits from mining this coin, you need to immediately introduce a significant fee for mining MAX at your pool or make an announcement on your site regarding the security issue your members are causing. Failure to do this is posing a huge risk to the security of the blockchain. As the largest pool, you have a duty to act in a responsible way. You cannot just ignore the facts and the price signals from the market telling you that this IS A PROBLEM. Increasing your fees is NOT an 'artificial regulation', it is something the market is DEMANDING that you do.
Please tweet this comment thread to the admin of 1GH. The community deserves a response from the dominant maxcoin pool operator. His twitter handle is @1ghcom
With that being said, I'd like to invite some of you to come join us over at, there's only 16 people mining atm, and there's NO fees, with a very pleasing UI.
Please consider leaving Scryptominers for a bit... for the good of the coin, despite the temporary reduction of coins coming in. If we split up hashing power more evenly, people will get more coins as well.
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SmartCash Reddit Mods Deleted this post. Why invest in SmartCash?

Why invest in SmartCash? To start, I found about SmartCash when I was mining at Zpool. Awesome miner keeps on mining a Keccak coin and that I will be earning 10x of what I’m supposed to have. For starters, it could be a glitch, so I switched to Nicehash, still the same. So instead of mining through these auto-exchange pools, why not mine the coin directly? Zpool stated that the coin for Keccak is Maxcoin same as what Nicehash has listed. Checked Maxcoin in CoinMarketCap, saw the price doesn’t make sense. I setup my rig, pointed to a working Maxcoin pool, and it’s not the same. So tried searching further, found a list of coins with Keccak used as an algorithm.. then found SmartCash. I went to the SmartCash website and saw that they have a lot of “community” projects being done. Youtube videos also explained how good the “community” is. The website also offered what’s called SmartRewards, you save a minimum of 1000 Smarts before the 25th of the month, leave it there until the 25th of the next month then get paid with the current percentage of what is showing in the SmartRewards calculator. Pretty enticing, because it is one way to “stabilize” the price. In order to get a headstart, I pointed my rigs to their “Official SmartCash Pools”, then hashed away. After a few days, I was able to amass around 300 Smarts. So, I planned to mine a bit more looking forward to getting the SmartRewards. As per “mining” goes on, a lot of things happened. The zcoin exploit, exchanges being disabled, difficulty rising exponentially and worst is, the exchange rate rose up to $3.20/Smart to a low $0.81 in a span of two days. Two (2) days, of disabled exchanges due to the zerocoin exploit. The Zerocoin exploit allowed 23.4 M SmartCash ($ 6.5 Million with current exchange rate at that time) was sent to a specific wallet. What makes the matters worse, they did ask the exchanges to “DISABLE” the SmartCash wallets. This is to prevent deposits and withdrawals, smart? Nope. It didn’t stop there. The Zerocoin exploit occurred Jan 8th-9th. The exchanges were disabled around that time. But if you look on the dates Jan 8th to 19th, had their DEPOSIT option enabled. And then from there, you could see a literal price increase to a dump. Price went up to $3.45/SmartCash on Jan 13th and decreased drastically from there. showed a very huge sell order starting from Jan 18th. Eventually, the “supposedly stolen” SmartCash was sold for Bitcoin. Thinking that Exchanges we’re disabled at that time. A lot of us miners, didn’t find out about it and was wondering why “DEPOSIT” is enabled, while withdrawal isn’t. Simple, if you’re a coin developer or part of the project. You have the authority to tell the exchanges to enable deposits and/or withdrawal or both. Smart right? Well, it doesn’t end there. The so-called SmartCash whales did a tipping spree on Discord. People got SmartCash for free. A lot were able to setup their own SmartNodes and move on. The news spread across reddit, twitter and even steemit. People started joining the SmartCash discord, and then it went on from there. People are begging for Smartcash, people are asking for tips for some unknown or weird reason, some are even there who are just in for the free money. Sad to say, the SmartCash team found out about the tipping spree and changed the tipbot rules. Fact of the matter is this: 1. SmartCash has 70/30 Block Reward Split; 70% goes to SmartHive Community, 30% goes to SmartNode owners, SmartRewards and the Miners. 2. SmartCash team has more than coins locked on their repository, and yet the price is too low for the volume. 3. SmartNodes are around 6-7k count or more. Price is still low 4. Mining pools are having constant problems With all these four (4) reasons taken in account, why invest in SmartCash? There are a lot of coins out there where you could earn more decently and honestly. Denarius is one. Why keep on pushing on to invest in SmartCash? Is it because of the SmartRewards? It still didn’t help. Is it because they have 6-7k SmartNodes with 10000 Smarts locked? Nope, not either. Do the math, if you’re reading this, you should be good at it. Imagine locking 10000 Smarts on 7000 SmartNodes = 70000000 SmartCash (LOCKED). Yet, still the price is not on what you should expect. If you read clearly, exchanges were disabled when the exploit happened, but still a huge dump occurred even before they announced that withdrawal/deposit are working. Oh, and yeah.. they “asked” cryptopia to delist them. Or should I say, Cryptopia delisted them. Think twice before you invest in SmartCash. Be Smart. Smartkonnnneeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!
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Maxcoin needs a unique usecase - Why Startjoin should accept Maxcoin only

For Maxcoin to really take of it needs a unique usecase that no other alt-coin can provide. Startjoin is the prefect solution for this, an innovative crowd funding social media platform which could have Maxcoin as its local currency.
At the moment the vast majority of coins mined are immediately sent to exchanges and dumped for btc. There are some gambling sites and gift cards available, but nothing that cannot be done with Bitcoin already.
If Maxcoin was the only currency used to fund projects on Startjoin it would created demand for the coin. Those projects receiving funding could then spend their maxcoins to pay people contributing on those projects and we have the beginnings of a supply chain within this one site.
A great opportunity was lost for Maxcoin when Startjoin launched without it, but it is not to late. The community has demanded to be able to pay with Maxcoin and they are beginning to implement it. But they should go one step further and make it Maxcoin only.
Your thoughts?
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Vertcoin is the philosopher's stone of crypto, and those who are ditching it for pre-mined hype coins will soon be back (albeit with a less favorable conversion rate). ADVERSITY=OPPORTUNITY.

You know what's not productive?
"Pandacoin is gonna eat us up"
"Let's go whale hunting, we have to figure out who this big buyer is"
"When Maxcoin crashes, that's our ticket right there"
"The tip bot is down!!!!!!"
This is all reactive silliness. We need to be proactive. For one thing, identifying a big buyer - what does that do for the community? Oooh, it's Big Vern, oooh maybe it's the Winklevoss twins... what is this, the editorial office at some tabloid?
We should be grateful whales are buying up Vertcoin - perhaps they've done research and feel good about the coin. And whether it's 1 VTC or 20,000 VTC, that buyer is putting money behind their prediction, and is making a serious vote of confidence in our little community.
What might these big buyer "whales" know?
The entire alt coin landscape is ripe for consolidation, right now. Litecoin has surprisingly little outreach and buzz for a coin as old as it is, with a market cap second only to Bitcoin itself. And its community is stagnating - we've picked up about a ninth of their total Reddit subscriber amount, and we're only a month and change old.
The fact that we're an anti-ASIC, multi pool resistant version of Litecoin means we will earn the attention of their investors, miners, and users over time. I've said this before, but it's worth repeating in case you missed it: when consumers are asked if they'd prefer the "ASIC resistant" scrypt coin or the "ASIC vulnerable" scrypt coin, no consumer will want the ASIC vulnerable one. This is like how grocery stores have been getting out of control labeling things "gluten free." The other day I noticed bath soap that was advertised as "gluten free" -- good to know in case VTC's price drops so severely I start eating soap. :)
As silly as it is, however, "gluten free" brings us a feeling of comfort.
And what of the other alts? MaxCoin is tied into the following of Max Keiser, a bombastic television anchor at RT in London - he's been a big believer in crypto since day 1 or day 2, but to base a decentralized currency around any man's name is madness. If he has a heart attack, the coin tanks in value. If he loses his TV show, the coin tanks in value. If he says something repulsive or tweets something stupid while he's drinking with his mates at the pub, the coin tanks in value. I'd sooner buy a BieberCoin than a MaxCoin if such a thing existed. Again, not bashing the man for trying something new, only looking at it as an investor - and cult of personality coins aren't for me.
PandaCoin - everything about it rubs me the wrong way, and when the initial gains have been made by speculators, they will be looking for a safer place to put their money. Vertcoin seems like the perfect place for anyone who wants to believe in a coin for the long term and contribute to making that happen.
Ethereum - so far, I have seen no evidence that Ethereum is a threat to anything. It's not a threat to Bitcoin, and it's not a threat to Vertcoin. So far it has seemed like a very clever Phype game. "Ethereum will do this, Ethereum will do that, oh my!" Let's see some fucking code, then, and not just a dodgy kid putting out YouTube videos about how earth shattering his Ethereum will be... I wouldn't trust that guy with my lunch money. Ideas are a dime a dozen in crypto, execution is key.
Of the alts, Vertcoin is the only one I've seen with such credible developers, the only one I've seen go to 2,296 active subscribers on its subreddit in such a short period of time, get listed on so many major exchanges pretty much right out of the gate, constantly talked about on Twitter, and it's not pre mined so our efforts aren't making some bag holder or "Founder" rich beyond his wildest dreams.
There's a lot of money that will be chasing crypto growth this year, in my opinion. Most big investors and funds will go for the safety of BTC, but those in search of higher growth obviously understand they need to go for a coin that is still in the embryonic stages. For Bitcoin to produce a 10x return for a VC fund or wealthy individual investor, it'd have to rocket up to a $80 billion market cap. That same 10x return in Vertcoin would require a market cap of only $40 million.
Add to the mix not pre-mined, ASIC resistance, and all the organic buzz surrounding Vert -- add all that up and you get a coin that is the ideal speculative play for VCs and investors interested in finding the DHL or UPS to Bitcoin's FedEx. There will be other major players in the crypto space, as per the law of requisite variety. Bitcoin won't be "the only coin" that people use, so the question is which will it be? I don't think it will be Litecoin, for the reasons I gave above. I don't think it will be any of the flash in the pan coins or mere Bitcoin clones.
And for big BTC investors, Vertcoin offers the perfect hedge against eventual mining consolidation and higher fees/lower network security.
And our community is just nicer. I fly Virgin America whenever I can because the staff is noticeably nicer and more responsive to requests - they must actually train their staff that "the customer is always right." Compare this to the indifferent, bitter staff I've encountered on some of the older airlines... no way.
Our community is more proactive and friendly than many of the other coins. We get things done. You can't put a price tag on this attribute, but it leads to faster adoption, less problems as we grow, and more innovation.
The tip bot being down [edit- it's now back up] is the perfect opportunity to practice turning adversity into opportunity. Whenever you want to tip someone, get them to download the client (takes 30 seconds) at and guide them through creating a new address. Have them publicly post their address so you, and others who come across the thread, can tip.
The more Vertcoin addresses people see on Reddit, as long as it's genuine and not spam, the more curiosity there will be surrounding Vertcoin - and more people will get the client, get some coins, begin tipping.
In fact, every setback this community faces - there will be many - should be converted into positive action, convert that adversity into pure opportunity. Tony Robbins has this thing where instead of telling yourself "why is this happening to me?" ask yourself "why is this happening for me?"
Cheesy, but it absolutely works to keep you proactive rather than reactive. Tipbot's down? Great, that happened FOR us, now we can get others to download the client and we can tip directly to people's addresses - the way decentralized currency is supposed to be! Any tipbot is a risk because it's a huge pot of coins for an attacker to target.
Vertcoin's price is down today? Great, that happened FOR us as well, now anyone here who really believes in this community's future - as I do - can buy more. I see speculators and miners unloading their coins as a natural part of any coin's growth - now the coins are getting into the hands of people who really believe in it, and are planning to spend time promoting, developing, and innovating around Vertcoin.
And there are no bosses in this magical land of Verta. Want to develop a new [feature X] for Vertcoin? Guess what, you've got that job. Go do it. You don't need to seek approval from the HR manager or the CEO or the board.
Want to deal with some spam and clean up the community a bit? Job's all yours.
Want to help draft a press release and send it to members of the media? Congrats, you're now on the publicity team for Vertcoin.
Want to take a couple weeks off from Vertcoin? Feel free to do so, everyone here comes and goes as they please.
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Open-hearted opinion :: Its not Max's Coin. Its YOUR coin. If you believed in it since day one, own it, spread it, promote it, defend it, love it. Its up to developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption of Maxcoin will happen or not.

Dear friends and foes of Maxcoin
I write from the heart and wishing to express a very honest opinion. In no form I wish to insult anyone or to undermine the losses you may (or may not) have experienced in this first month of existence of Maxcoin.
I’m not connected to the developers, Max or Stacy whatsoever. I follow the program for many years now, and just like many of you, I imagined that the beginning of this coin was going to be very different in terms of where the price and hashrate are today. Just like many of you, my numbers now are in deep red, because of inexperience, enthusiasm and blind faith, I dropped half my bitcoins on the project. I learned a tough and big lesson, however, my sense of appreciation for Keister, Herbert and the developers of Maxcoin remain intact.
I come to reddit to remind you that there were programmers from Bristol Uni and two people that are fighting everyday for the rise of bitcoin and for a new & better status quo that decided to do a NON PRE-MINED alt-coin with very modern and interesting specs. That apart from this, they tried very hard to make the fairest launch possible and to promote it with their own means and channels.
Yes the launch was rough, yes there was such a hype that we knocked down one of the biggest BTC sites in town. YES, us amateurs were pushed to learn LOADS on that weekend about computers, terminal, ports and .conf files whilst watching with frustration how other pro-miners were getting hundreds of coin in the first hours. However, on the long run, isn't all of this something to be thankful for?? I mean, firstly you learnt something about computers and economics, secondly, you obtained a new form of value that was not there before and thirdly, some guys placed energies, efforts, love, dedication and brains to make a state of the art proposal and you were benefited from it also (either monetarily or intellectually).
YES, the developers and the Keiser’s may have profited from this launch, but who told you that they shouldn't?? After all, it isn’t the code you wrote, your 100.000 twitter followers that heard about it, your PR work that placed the coin in many exchanges or your TV program that spoke about it. The sleepless nights happened in another bedroom, the promotion and emailing happened in another laptop.
You are the only responsible for the creation of your own wealth, and just because the first month of the coin has been very difficult in terms of the price, mining conversion to BTC & hashrate distribution, this doesn't mean that we should not be grateful and supportive to the work these people have done.
This project will not go anywhere if the people that believed in it since day one don't stick around and protect it. This project will not succeed if you sit from your couch and scream “Fuck You Max” whilst contradicting the reasons that made you come here in the first place: To place a bet in a new de-centralized technology that permits the certification of ownership and transfer of a value on/to any corner of the world in less than 45 seconds.
This is a message of encouragement, a message of spiritual and technological support. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM THE BITCHIN’. Its not Max's Coin, Its YOUR coin. It will not work without you. It will have no value if you don't support it and cherish it. Bitcoin’s price was not 1000 USD in the first month and the reason why It grew to todays relevance is because the believers believed and they were more than the haters that were going to hate.
If you didn't cared about it and just came to Maxcoin for a quick buck, fair enough, I don't speak against your desires to trade and/or make business. But if you believed since day one: Own it, spread it, promote it, give it to friends, re-tweet it, defend it, understand it, love it.
The Keiser report started way before the genesis block of Bitcoin was mined, and I don’t know if you experienced the same, but it opened my eyes to the source of the cancer of today's problems. It also opened my eyes to crypto and to the mechanism that can challenge everything I learnt about wealth creation, capitalism, current stairs of affairs and economics. Thats the spirit of this coin: the desire to efficiently revolt against a corrupt status quo embodied in a name that happens to be the most mainstream face on the field of financial insurrection.
Just because you didn't became rich in one month doesn't gives you reasons to criticise and destroy the work that these people have done in the past. Lets not forget the lesson number one of Bitcoin :: Its up to the developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption will happen or not.
TL;DR -- True that launch was not perfect. True that expectations were different than today's situation. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP FROM THE BITCHIN’. Its not Max's Coin, Its YOUR coin. Creators may have profited from it, but who told you that they shouldn't? it's not the code you wrote, or your 100.000 twitter followers, or your TV show that pushed it. Programmers, Bristol Uni, Keiser & Co did LOADS of work for this to happen. Keiser report have opened so many eyes, enough for us to be grateful and supportive. If you believed in the coin since day one: Own it, spread it, promote it, give it to friends, defend it, understand it love it. Its up to the developers, promoters, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY early adopters, whether widespread adoption will happen or not.
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Is SHA3 the future?

Scrypt coin have been around a couple of years and we're in the beginning very accesible to the normal non-crypto users. Just like bitcoin was before ASIC miners. Nowadays, multipools and ASIC's are controlling the coins. Coins don't even get a chance, they're mined and dumped, if they make it to an exchange.
But still developers use scrypt, just look at the Altcoincalender. It's just scrypt after scrypt with the occasional SHA256.
Everyday I scramble accros the announcement section on bitcointalk to find coins that will stick out. I found out about a new coin that uses SHA3 called Slothcoin, on the first hand it looks like another dogecoin clone, but i found out the developer has apparantly put a little thought into it, when i read the "piece" he wrote here.
He is making some good points about SHA3 being the only one(currently), that is still completely open to outsiders. It's still a bit in a buggy starting phase and needs some polishing, but that will come later.
But what he wrote really opened my eyes. Dogecoin's succes comes and still comes from being an open-to-everyone currency, people liked that idea and formed a community around it.
AND, people like new things, look at other SHA3 coin like 365Coin and Maxcoin. They both are greatly liked on the forums and their posts are filled with "scrypt haters".
In my eyes SHA3 is the long term future. Scrypt coins and SHA256 coins, that have established and have an active userbase, will still have a future. And SHA3 will probably replaced in the even-longer-term. But right now, I think it's good to invest in SHA3 coins, as they are the future.
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Is mcxNOW turning into a wasteland of altcoins?

It would seem MCXNow is going through it's own problems right now. And perhaps dragging down MaxCoin with it.
The price of their mcxFEE shares have recently hit the floor. The trolling has reached epidemic proportions on this exchange. It's past time for the admin to step in to try and do something to curb the trolling, spreading of FUD & misinformation and manipulation of noob traders to try and bring back some semblance of rationality to this marketplace.
mcxNOW used to be one of the hottest cryptocurrency exchange around until RealSolid, whose real name is a “hidden secret”, shut it down late fall of 2013 because he experienced too many customer problems. He decided that he would improve the exchange making sure it would not cause problems for his customers again when withdrawing or depositing different cryptocurrencies.
When mcxNOW got back up after a long time left out in the cold, it immediately started to pick up where it had left with a total trade amount of above 1000 bitcoins. The fuel continued to burn when RealSolid decided to add MaxCoin to the exchange.
MaxCoin, like most of the other coins that are launched with big endorsements, initially peaked then to have what’s called a slow death. Some altcoins manage to revamp their expectations by doing some major changes, but unless there is an economy built around the cryptocurrencies themselves, they won’t survive.
RealSolid has time after time told his users of mcxNOW that he would add Dogecoin soon. We even got confirmation after confirmation that “this week is it”. It is now clear to see that RealSolid has a major problem with following up on his promises, including running what we would call a business.
By not adding Dogecoin, one of the most traded altcoins out there, he shows a lack of understanding of basic market economics. It seems like he has given up on mcxNOW and what he wanted to make “the world’s greatest digital exchange”.
When he also sold 5000 of his remaining 10 000 mcxFEEs to sell, he told us that he would not sell his remaining 5000 mcxFEEs for a long time. However after a short period, his last batch was sold. RealSolid is either two or more people, or, well you get the math.
After RealSolid cashed in many thousands of bitcoins on mcxFEEs, he could be suffering from greed and megalomania. This makes the small amount he now makes on his remaining mcxFEEs irrelevant and, therefore, mcxNOW irrelevant.
I would go so far to say that if you have any mcxFEE at mcxNOW now, I would seriously consider selling it for a loss just to get some value out of it and transfer the bitcoins out of the exchange.
If RealSolid doesn’t change his business ethics and methods, mcxNOW will not survive.
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Altcoins is a list of Bitcoin alternatives
Find out more about alternate cryptocurrencies, real alternatives to Bitcoin. This site contains useful information about every alt coin such as client download locations, mining guide, exchange info and more. Use this site to get familiar with live bitcoin alternatives. Use alt coins, mine and exchange them. Keep the alternate chains alive. SHA-256 alternate cryptocurrencies
Altcoins using SHA-256, the same hashing algorithm as Bitcoin.
NMC – Namecoin PPC – Peercoin DVC – Devcoin TRC – Terracoin BTE – Bytecoin IXC – Ixcoin I0C – I0coin FRC – Freicoin ASC -AsicCoin DEM – Deutsche eMark PT – Platinum Coin BLC – Blakecoin 
Scrypt alternate cryptocurrencies
Altcoins using scrypt algorithm
LTC – Litecoin NVC – Novacoin FTC – FeatherCoin WDC – WorldCoin ELC – Elacoin DGC – DigitalCoin CGB – Cryptogenic Bullion MNC – MinCoin BBQ – BBQcoin TAG – Tagcoin MMC – Memorycoin 2.0 BTCs/BTC2 – Bitcoin Scrypt KRN – Ekrona PND/PAND/PANDA – PandaCoins 
Alternate cryptocurrencies can be mined using the same hardware as for mining Bitcoins (mostly SHA-256 alt coins). While bitcoin mining is going to use FPGA and ASIC devices, scrypt based alt coins can be mined using GPU cards. Hybrid and CPU alternate cryptocurrencies
Alt coins using other, innovative hashing algorithms
XPM – Primecoin QRK – Quark SRC – Securecoin Nxt – Next YAC – Yacoin SKN – Skeincoin PTS – Protoshares DRK – DarkCoin Curecoin OFF – Offerings to Cthulhu MED – MediterraneanCoin HTC – Huitongbi PGC – Pangucoin 
If you don’t have a GPU or ASIC hardware you can still mine some of the CPU-only altcoins. Recent Posts CGB – Cryptogenic Bullion DGC – Digitalcoin Panda altcoins – PAND – PND – PANDA Pandacoin [PAND] – “The original scrypt Pandacoin” The Panda Coin [PND] – No premine scrypt PoW The Panda Coin [PANDA] – scrypt, 3% premine Elacoin [ELC] – Fair Elastic Scrypt PoW Feathercoin [FTC] Platinum Coin [PT] SHA-256 WorldCoin [WDC] – Coin Of The Future Categories Alternate cryptocurrencies ASC – AsicCoin BLC – Blakecoin BTC2 – Bitcoin Scrypt BTE – Bytecoin CGB – Cryptogenic Bullion CRC – Curecoin DEM – Deutsche eMark DGC – Digitalcoin DRK – DarkCoin DVC – Devcoin ELC – Elacoin FRC – Freicoin FTC – FeatherCoin HTC – Huitongbi I0C – i0coin IXC – Ixcoin KING – Kingcoin KRN – Ekrona MAX – MaxCoin MED – MediterraneanCoin MMC – Memorycoin 2.0 NMC – Namecoin NVC – Novacoin Nxt OFF – Offerings to Cthulhu PAND – Pandacoin PANDA – Pandacoin PGC – Pangu PND – Pandacoin PPC – Peercoin PT – Platinum Coin PTS – Protoshares QRK – Quark SKC – Skeincoin SRC – Securecoin TAG – Tagcoin TRC – Terracoin WDC – WorldCoin XPM – Primecoin YAC – Yacoin 
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Maxcoin Fundamentals -- Concept of Difficulty, Difficulty Retargeting & The Kimoto Gravity Well

Dear friends.
Below a full article that explains what the Kimoto Gravity Well is and the mathematics involved.
TL;DR -- "Difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to find a new block compared to the easiest it can ever be. Originally its calculated by averaging the time it took to mine blocks during a 2 week period. Due to the influx of ASIC miners and "pool-hopping", mining difficulty can fluctuate dangerously killing or seriously harming the coin (It happened to Terracoin, Frathercoin, Megacoin and Anoncoin). KWG means that difficulty is adjusted after every single block that is mined on the network. It also determines the number of blocks which contribute to the evaluation of the new difficulty. It gives fewer blocks for high hashrate changes and is therefore more adaptive."
What Is a Mining Difficulty Readjustment Algorithm, Anyway?
To understand what the Gravity Well algorithm is and what it does, you first need to understand what a "mining difficulty readjustment algorithm" is and why is it important for all current cryptocurrencies based off of the original Bitcoin source code. First, let's pull a few important definitions from the Bitcoin wiki:
Difficulty is a measure of how difficult it is to find a new block compared to the easiest it can ever be.
Difficulty Readjustment (for Bitcoin)
The difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks based on the time it took to find the previous 2016 blocks. At the desired rate of one block each 10 minutes, 2016 blocks would take exactly two weeks to find. If the previous 2016 blocks took more than two weeks to find, the difficulty is reduced. If they took less than two weeks, the difficulty is increased. The change in difficulty is in proportion to the amount of time over or under two weeks the previous 2016 blocks took to find.
So basically, the "difficulty" of a coin determines how hard it is for miners to find and mint blocks of that coin. The more miners there are mining a coin, the faster blocks will be found and at the end of this difficulty readjustment period (approximately every two weeks for Bitcoin), the difficulty will change accordingly so that the number of coins minted will follow the intended distribution curve. This has worked well for Bitcoin (so far) because of it's extremely slow adoption rate in the early days and now because of the sheer number of miners on the network. However, this method of difficulty readjustment is flawed for new altcoins entering the market today for a number of reasons which I will discuss below.
The History of the Gravity Well Mining Difficulty Readjustment Algorithm
When some alternative crypto's like Megacoin were first launched, they used a more traditional difficulty readjustment algorithm based off of Bitcoin's original proposal. In the case of Megacoin, the difficulty was set to retarget every 22.5 minutes based on the same algorithm as Bitcoin, however, the developers later modified the source code to implement Kimoto Gravity retargetting because, by this time, some SHA-256 coins had already felt the pain of difficulty readjustment problems due to the influx of ASIC miners and an activity known as "pool-hopping".
If you are familiar with cryptocurrency mining at all, you may already know that in most cases, solo mining is usually impossible without extremely powerful hardware due to the large number of people now aware of cryptocurrencies and willing to mine for them. Most miners mine through pools, which provide proportional payouts of coins based on the amount of hashing power you provide to the network. This mitigates some of the risk of mining in that you receive a steady stream of coins based on your network hashing rate, so even small-time miners can still earn their share of the pie. However, as pool mining became more popular and more altcoins arrived on the market, services known as "multipools" began to appear. These were special pools that allowed miners to automatically switch to the "most profitable" coin to mine based on the current exchange rates. However, these new multipools introduced some new problems to the cryptocurrency landscape, one of those being major difficulty readjustment woes.
As some altcoins began to rise in price several months after its inception, it started to become a target for these multipools. What happens when this occurs is that suddenly the You-Name-It-Coin network gets barraged by an influx of new (and very powerful) miners. This causes the block confirmation time to plummet and subsequently causes the difficulty to skyrocket at the next difficulty readjustment. When this occurs, the mining profitability also drops due to the higher difficulty which then in turn causes all of the multipool miners to leave the network in search of the next most profitable coin. What remains is an extremely high difficulty and only the "core" group of a certain altocin's miners left to deal with the aftermath. In extreme cases, the difficulty may be so high in proportion to the number of miners left that the entire network grinds to a halt. This has happened in the past to Terracoin and Feathercoin, among others. The only solution if this occurs is to hard fork the coin in an attempt to readjust the difficulty (or change the difficulty readjustment algorithm) or simply grind out the mining at an extremely slow pace (during which time the coin is basically unusable) until enough blocks are found to make it to the next difficulty readjustment. The more blocks required until the next difficulty readjustment, the longer this period of unusability will be, and in some cases could mean the death of the coin completely unless drastic measures are taken.
When this happened to Megacoin for example, Kimoto decided to come up with a better way to perform difficulty readjustment, and the result is the Kimoto Gravity Well (which is now also used as the difficulty readjustment algorithm for Megacoin, Maxcoin, Anoncoin among others).
Gravity Well: Explained
Now that you know how the Gravity Well came to be, let's take a look at what exactly it does and how it works. At the most basic level, Kimoto has changed how difficulty readjustment works so that the difficulty is adjusted after every single block that is mined on the network.
The formula for the Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) is the following
KGW = 1 + (0.7084 * (PastBlocksMass/144)-1.228)
The goal is to have a more adaptive way of adjusting the difficulty instead of just averaging the last 2016 blocks like bitcoin. This is needed because of multipools which might switch the coin they are mining, and a sudden change in hashrate can occur (both increasing or decreasing). Especially when a multipool switches away you get stuck too long with a too high difficulty.
The algo loops backwards through the blocks, starting from the current one. The PastBlocksMass is just the number of blocks, so it starts at one and increases in each loop.
In each loop an adjustment factor is computed, which is the target block time divided by the actual block time, in a cumulative fashion, so at loop 10 we would have the 25 minutes target time divided by the time it actually took to compute the last ten blocks. When the hashrate increases, we get shorter times and an adjustment factor greater than one and vice versa.
The loop ends whenever the average adjustment factor is larger than the kimoto-value, or smaller than 1/kimoto-value.
Summary: the Kimoto gravity well algo has a fancy name and determines the number of blocks which contribute to the evaluation of the new difficulty. It gives fewer blocks for high hashrate changes and is therefore more adaptive.
More details on the math's involved and a practical example can be found here ::
NOTE:: The two original post that inspired this article were focused solely on Megacoin. I made some small modifications to them so the post can be applied to any cryptocurrency on the market. Below the references.
Original Post 1 (History & Background) ---
Oroginal Post 2 (Mathematics & practical example) --
Original Release note of the Kimoto Gravity Well --
We have to know very well the fundamentals of what we love.
Have a great day
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Bitcoin exchange stability

Hi Andreas, a few thoughts that may help the stability of bitcoin exchanging and purchase. My name is Craig. I have a background in cryptography, steganography and communication/electronic engineering. I came across you on the episode of breaking the set with Abby Martin and have watched your presentations about bitcoin neutrality and your presentation explaining the future of bitcoin at the Jefferson Club dinner meeting. Regarding MtGox and the fraudulent bitcoin intercepts. It seems the biggest problem as you pointed out is that once the Bitcoins are deposited at the exchange they are invisible to the block chain. They exist in a holding pattern while they are available for sale. We have Bitcoins at the BTCMARKETS exchange in Australia which we bought for Australian dollars by direct deposit. Their mission statement is that they would rather have security rather than speed. It seems that MTGOX has opted for speed of transaction over security of deposits and transfers, in the pursuit of setting up quick transfers for online merchants such as A possible solution is that if all the Bitcoins on an exchange were held there by proxy or ticket and were located in the owners online wallet once purchased for fiat and not on their own servers, then when a successful bid-sell match was made the transaction would occur through a peer to peer transfer mediated by the exchange that would then take their transaction fee. This would send the fee to the exchange and the bulk of the transfer to the successful bidder. On review of this maybe Coinjar offers this or similar. This model is already being used in the art market auction world like Southebys I believe. Proxy bidding and in house bidding whilst the actual item being bidded for may be just a photo or proxy for the real item. You may have already thought of this, it may be cumbersome but there may be something worth exploring. When I bought my bitcoin for fiat I did not immediately get issued with a bitcoin wallet, I had to set one up on to transfer to another exchange to buy some Maxcoins. My wife and I are developing several online services where we want to accept bitcoin or litecoin or even maxcoin directly but are concerned that if we post our deposit ID or even the QR code version that we are not open to fraud. What are your thoughts please. We are new to the industry and really excited about its potential and especially support and agree with your goals of social improvement, financial fairness and equality worldwide. We were inspired by your stance and attitude to empowering the 6.5 billion who don't have access to adequate financial services. Viva la bitcoin! Regards Craig S.
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[Table] IAmA: We are Adam, Mike, Ryan, Angelo and Ken of Vault of Satoshi (Canadian Bitcoin Exchange) AUA! And Raise Money for Cancer Research!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How does your company plan on staying competitive with other local exchanges coming out? Any plans on making an app? The company was started by Mike and Ryan, crypto-enthusiasts who saw problems in the marketplace when dealing in cryptos. They wanted an exchange that had a strong support team, legal visibility, operated somewhere where you could trust your money and had strong security - so in short they built it! We expect really big things for VoS and do indeed intend to be competitive with other exchanges, and yes, that does include building an app - we're currently exploring options in that field but we feel it crucial to take our time in doing that and put security first.
Why is it important for bitcoin companies to donate to charities? Or people to donate with cryptocurrency? Just wanna say thanks for being in the btc community and helping it grow and spread it around. Is there a lot of pressure on you now that you got your MSB? Any pressure from banks or government on how to behave? As for Charity we just feel its the right thing to do, I've always been a strong supporter of charities in my daily life and I brought that forward to VoS and the team agreed it made sense to gather up some funds for the Canadian Cancer Society given that April is their big fundraising month. On a grander scale I think it's important for cryptocurrencies to play a positive role in the world, let people know what we are all about, there is a lot of negative stigma about cryptos, some people say it's just kids "printing money", but it's a lot harder to say that when you're positively changing the world!
There's not any more pressure on us now than there was before - in fact I would say the MSB has taken some of the pressure off. We instead hold ourselves to the same laws and scrutiny as any financial institution would have to, and we feel this is best for our users and this sector as a whole. Getting the MSB let us know we had done everything right so far, and being in a new and evolving industry it's not always too clear if you're taking the right steps. The MSB is a checkmark that says "Hey you guys are as legitimate as you say you are" and we'll continue to hold ourselves to what ever rigorous standards we can (even when we don't need too). As far as external entities like Banks and Government - I think they are happy to see we have our MSB, I think it makes them more comfortable with the field in general and more willing to work with us. We recently met with our Member of Provincial Parliament and are setting up meetings with our Member of Parliament, and our Minister of Finance so they can see our operation here! The MPP certainly loved what we've got going!
That was a fast reply. Thanks for the response, you guys always been good with customer service :p . And thats great Mike and Ryan stepped up to be the ones to do it, it's a really much needed addition to the Toronto bitcoin scene. Oh man if Timmies was a payment I don't think Canada would need cryptocurrencies at all! Timbits everywhere! We love Tim Hortons - we usually start our Monday's with group coffee and donuts! So we are never opposed Timmies if you are dropping by for a visit :P (Compliance disclaimer: Timmies is not a valid payment method, just a staple at all Canadian meetings)
We also feel the importance of charities, especially with the nature of the bitcoin community always being a giving one. I hope you guys see good results n help the bitcoin image. We want to come visit you guys sometime, do you accept Tim Hortons as payment? :p.
The charity that you are donating to, do they accept btc or will you be converting it to fiat? We'll be convert it to Fiat.
Any plans on an Android app? We are looking into this, no formal timeline, but we're certainly exploring it!
It would be great if the volume would increase, can you comment on what is the strategy for getting more costumers? We are actually making a big push this spring in regards to our volume, including launching a highly competitive affiliates program that expect will grow our volume a great deal.
Any chance on improving the charts? (Or being included in bitcoinwisdom) We're always happy to take feedback on our charts, let us know what you want to see! As for Bitcoinwisdom, we've reached out to them multiple times, and added all the API support they need - just waiting on them to hopefully add us!
It currently takes ~3 days to get funds added to the balance, I presume that is mostly for security and because banks suck, are there plans to reduce this waiting time? We're looking at adding instant online debit transactions, no formal timeline on that yet but we are sure it will be great for our customers!
Glad SonOfAragon asked those questions so I don't end up repeating them and thanks for your reply Adam. However can you give us an idea of when you plan to launch the affiliates program/make the big push? If I sign up for an account, I'd probably want to beat the rush. We're actively working towards our affiliate program and our intention is to have it sometime this spring!
As someone who is completely ignorant of all things internet currency. can you please tell me how a beginner would go about getting into investing? (Lets say I have $10k of disposable income currently, would you suggest investing it all in bitcoin?) Hey Buildingdreams4,
That's a pretty hard question to answer, and so I can't give you an official Vault of Satoshi answer but I can give you a personal opinion. So please note this is my two cents and nothing VoS official.
Personally I have some experience in day trading and that's the best way to make money in such markets - however that's the kind of situation where you have to take risks, actively watch the market and only ever trade with what you have to lose (not only to avoid loss but also to make sure you are willing to take the level of risk needed to make strong returns.) I'd highly recommend learning about Forex trading before you dive into this.
That being said the Bitcoin community still feels strongly that their currency value will rise, subject to merchant adoption, legal/political landscapes and a number of other factors but I can't really comment on that as it is a real challenge to predict; there is also a great deal of merit to a number of altcoins with unique value - but just make sure you research and make informed decisions. Don't take anyone's advice at face value (mine included) research and invest where you feel comfortable.
What does vault think about VOS bitcoin atms? What can we do as customers to help you guys make this site better? As far as what customers can do - simply share the love! Tell your friends about VoS and always feel free to reach out to is with what you want to see on our site.
What about a physical location for vault deposits and verifications? We are currently examining new infrastructure opportunities that would allow us to accept physical deposits in more locations and we hope to have more information about that soon!
How does your reporting with with CRA? As for the CRA reporting I'm not sure what your exact question is, but as a registered business we report to the CRA in a typical fashion.
Is there any way to shorten deposit times? I'm super impressed that I can pay you like a bill directly from my bank account, but I'm bummed about how long it takes. If I send money to my vos account on a Thursday, I may not see those funds until Monday or Tuesday. If the exchange is open for trading on weekends, how about processing deposits as well? Hey Jay.
Also, what is done with the confidential info people upload to become verified? is it deleted? if it's kept on file, is access to it restricted to certain employees? We're currently working on a system that will allow immediate deposits via online debit! No formal time line yet but that will indeed make things much quicker!
Keep up the good work! Thank you. As for confidential information, if you have ever made a financial transaction on our website then we are required by law to keep a copy of that information. We take this responsibility very seriously, this information is encrypted and stored securely and is most certainly restricted access!
That's cool! Awesomesauce! I'm looking forward to it! Do you know if it will be limited like QuickBT (.2 BTC) or if there is some kind of daily limit? Also: when trading doge to btc I swear it took me half an hour to figure exactly how many doge I could buy with my btc including the fee. And I did it all wrong. I still have like .00066 btc left in my account which I guess is forfeit to the ether... Is there any way to put a helpful calculator on that page that figures it out for you??? As for your other question, as Xangelo said, we are working on improving the layout of our coin to coin system to make it less complicated. Being one of the first major exchanges to offer any coin to any coin means there is going to have to be some tweaking while we find out what the marketplace likes! But we're always open to feedback!
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses? Please elaborate. Feel free to answer individually. If there is anything that years of video game playing has taught me it's always pick the bigger monster over a ton of little ones! A hundred duck sized horses could quite quickly surround and nip and kick from all angles. Where as I feel that whilst a horse-sized duck would be absolutely terrifying my odds are better as I can always keep it in front of me (and perhaps distract it with breadcrumbs)
Also do you guys have any plans to change the buy/sell mechanic? I find its way too easy to accidentally make a buy order when you meant to make a sell order. As for the buy/sell mechanic it is something we are actively implementing and expect to launch in a couple weeks! Will make it easier to keep that straight!
My question: To be honest I've been using CaVirtex.How* would you say yours is better? We stand by our service as we are sure they do theirs, but at the end of the day it's about what better suits your needs. At the end of the day competition makes the market better for everybody!
Specifically, I would like to know what the nature of their cooperation and level of engagement is. Do they provide VoS with the absolute minimum of services as they would with any other business? Are they accommodative to specific VoS needs and requests related to crypto-currency specific challenges? Are they mutually active in developing services and infrastructure to support VoS/crypto-currencies? Are they taking a leading role in facilitating the necessary changes to support this new industry and growing public demand? Are you provided with a liaison to facilitate a closer working relationship? That being said when we did work with them they were fantastic, very supportive, and loved our business; the local branch went to some great lengths to help with our unique challenges and we certainly hope we can work with them again in the future.
Thanks for the reply! I feared as much having read about Cointrader in Vancouver being cut off by BMO in February. If I can follow up, how are your banking needs currently being met? We're currently actually streamlining our financials and will have more announcements on this soon. New partnerships are opening up doors to new payment methods and currencies and we're excited about that.
Are you planning to offer other services with altcoins? or you want to keep it solely as an exchange? We are exploring services beyond just exchange services - but we have no formal timelines on them yet! We'll be sure to let folks know!
Are you operating a full or fractional reserve and how much liquidity do you have available if tomorrow all clients wanted to withdraw all their funds? We are a full reserve exchange. We do have our holdings divided between our hot and cold wallets and top our hot wallet as it gets low. But we do have all the BTC we claim to and are actively working on a Proof of Solvency tool to verify this to users.
Which altcoins do you see as strongest going forward? Anything that has a unique value proposition and a strong community has the ability to go places but it's pretty hard to gauge these in advanced. We expect great things from the coins we've added/intend to add over the next month, which have all been announced.
Good to know Yubikey's available, thanks xangelo. Maybe one of your execs can chime in on the qualifications needed to join your verification team but that has me wondering...if a customer opens an account with VoS, can they still be hired, then close their account of course, or is that an automatic disqualification? By the way I didn't see a careers section on your site, are there plans for that once volume and I guess revenue increase? Just because you have an account with us, does not mean that you would be barred from applying for a job.
Currently we don't have any openings but when we do we'll be posting them to our website and all current positions would be located at our Brantford office.
Our verification system was designed by our exec team and our compliance officer and aided by our legal team; and our support staff handle the verifications. (Wasn't sure what you meant by "verification team") as for requirements for any opening, we'll be sure to post them with up coming jobs! Thanks for your inquiry though!
Thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate your thoroughness. Yes sorry, I was just speaking about FinCen to someone else before replying to this. I did mean Fintrac and I've edited the post!
I don't want to draw this exchange out too much but what puzzles me is your statement about FinCen compliance. If you're currently not accepting US customers, why would FinCEN compliance even be relevant? Let's say a customer lives in Canada. Wouldn't you simply have to comply with FINTRAC regulations, seeing as that's an a Canadian agency? And one other thing. Does Vos report transaction details to the CRA to meet fiscal obligations? As for CRA reporting I can not comment on that, however we follow all legal requirements of a financial institution dealing with proper reporting.
How does the US IRS deal effect things on your end? did this announcement open the door back up for USD wire transfers? The IRS statement actually doesn't change to much for us, FinCEN and other entities still consider it as currency - we're still actively looking into US options and moving forward on some with our legal team.
Do you see cryptocurrency status changing in Canada as a result of the US ruling? Do you have any indication of the direction that the bureaucrats will take? We have met with our Member of Provincial Parliament, are meeting with our Member of Parliament and are having a meeting with the Minister of Finance arranged to continue to advocate on behalf of cryptocurrency in Canada.
From everything we've been hearing, we're optimistic about Canada's role in the future of Cryptocurrency, people have been very forward thinking and accepting here!
Disapointed you're getting ride of the free cash-out by cheque. And do you plan to have some sort of automated EFT withdraw ? you allready have my bank account into. Write now it would seem simpler to move my BTC to cavirtex when I'm ready to make a withdraw to my bank account, as I can do it from the website. What am I missing here ? thanks. We are rolling out a number of new payment methods shortly that will make withdrawals easier for our clients.
Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA. You were my first exchange, and gave me a warm welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency (free trading through Reddit promo, invited me for Doge cake) I've actually had the pleasure of talking to some reps from the MintChip program - we kept a careful eye on it but I know that the Mint is selling it off to private enterprise. While it is in a different space from us we are always looking at the evolving landscape of digital money and what can be done to promote that in Canada.
I was going to ask about your stance on MintChip, the Canadian government's digital currency program, but I just read they were looking to sell it off! Has there been any interest at Vault of Satoshi about this technology? While I don't think there is any direct partnership opportunities at this time it is always something on our radar and I think that MintChip was an interesting hardware development and it was great to see a federal institution being so forward thinking!
Can you tell us when and if you'll be able to operate as an exchange with USD? We currently do accept USD, we just can't accept it from US citizens or institutions.
That being said we are glad to announce we have identified our US re-entry strategy and are moving forward to launching in a few states first. We have no formal timeline on this yet, but it's a big step in the right direction.
Quick question, if in the future I choose to close my account with VOS, will all my info and history also be deleted from your servers? As per government regulations if you have ever made a financial transaction we are required to keep your information on file for seven years.
If you have not made a financial transaction you may email us with a request to delete your information. Please note that the request will be kept on file.
Hey guys, Are there plans to incorporate google authenticator? Thanks and keep up the good work! User we already support Google Authenticator, YubiKey, SMS, and Email for 2FA and will be adding Authy and Gemalto soon!
Is your $99 per month Unlimited Plan in USD or CAD? Please state it on your website. It is currently billed in USD as that's more widely accepted with our international audience.
When will Darkcoin, Worldcoin, Mintcoin, Cryptogenic Bullion, and Maxcoin be added? Those coins will be added in the next few weeks! We're pretty excited about that!
Hi there! I have a level 2 VOS account. I'm not really comfortable filling out the form for level 3. Currently I have to use QuickBT or an ATM to get BTC - which sometimes I turn into DOGE. (THANK YOU FOR ADDING BTC<->DOGE! you guys are lifesavers!!) We're actually working on adding an instant online Interac payment system, still no formal timeline but it's in the works. As for email transfers from BMO, BMO has come out and said they aren't working with businesses that operate in cryptocurrencies and so we can't accept funds from them on anything that would require us to have a BMO account or registration there. But, we can accept Pre-authorized debit and wire transfers from accounts there! Also feel free to email me about any concerns you may have about the level 3 account and I'll see if can't reassure you! ([email protected])
Just wondering why there is no support for an Email Transfer from BMO. Or online Interac payment, as that's the only reason I use QuickBT.
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horse. I prefer horse sized ducks! What a kamikaze!
Don't be so sure. YES! Take that Angelo! Horsefish!
'disabled login' Another word, the exchange is down. I've been trying to login and access my funds for the past 5 hours. We're back up now!
No need to be alarmed though people; this is just a result of VoS being pro-active with patching up the latest SSL security bug (heartbleed). Ah yes, that is indeed a side-effect of the patch. While our systems weren't directly effected a load balance server hosted by Amazon would have been so to be better safe than sorry we've got them patching it and we are rolling over to new SSL certs! Always better safe than sorry!
I can see your exchange being the top exchange in Canada. Great work! I will come up to brantford one day after my exams and bring you guys some timmies, depending on the weather it could be coffee or ice caps, or just let me know ha :) As for the UI we're currently giving it an overhaul on our internal servers and hope to have more info on that soon!
I know it's not much but I just sent 6000 Dogecoins :) Every bit helps :)
Whats the yearly revenue and profit of your company? Sorry, as a private company we are going to abstain from answering that one - but even if we wanted too, we couldn't; we've only been around for six months so far!
Last updated: 2014-04-12 19:27 UTC
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[Exchange] Prelude, launched by Moolah, is a new exchange with alt/alt and fiat trading coming soon. I thought I'd list its details here. I've also provided sources for what I could.

The coins that it trades (altcoin/BTC), listed alphabetically, as well as each coins respective sub is listed here to make life easier for you :) My two cents on the exchange (after using it for a little bit) would be almost entirely positive. I've noticed that it's fast, it looks nice, but sometimes there are little bugs that pop up here or there (the ones I've seen have been fixed so far). It is a new exchange, but it's a new exchange created by a company notorious for great customer support.
Obligatory Bitcoin - /bitcoin
Peercoin should be added today - /peercoin
2FA (Two Factor Authentication) should be available today.
Trading fees are 0.1% for buying and selling.
After the first week, pairings between any currency combination.
After the second week, fiat trading supported.
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Discussion thread: Isn't bitcoin too SLOW to be called "instantaneous"? -- Does Maxcoin solves this problem? Will both crypto's co-exist in the future together?

Dear friends.
I hope everything is great on your side.
I found today the following post on on about the speed in which bitcoin transactions are confirmed. Here is the original link ::
This motivated me to start the following discussion: Is bitcoin really fast enough like for it to be considered "instantaneous"?? Will it survive its faster competitors? Is it a realistic platform for on-site transactions on the retail and on-trade environment? Will it work alongside with faster coins as the "safer" and more "vintage" cousin of the family? Or is it doomed to fall to faster and more modern competitors?
I believe this is a very powerful argument in favour of Maxcoin: Whilst confirmation time for Bitcoin is 10 minutes, Maxcoin offers confirmation times of 30-60 seconds. This means that a crypto like Maxcoin can realistically be included in the payment platform of businesses that handle hundreds of customers simultaneously on-trade (i.e - supermarket, restaurants, bars, stadiums, small shops, etc).
This is something that Bitcoin with its 5 year older design and algorithm may not be able to do without going through serious modifications. So one question would be (I don't have the technical knowledge to respond this question): Is it possible to modify Bitcoin to serve this purpose and re-shape the mining network of BTC in order for it to be able to compete with cryptos like Maxcoin in the future???
Has anyone seriously presented this issue about Bitcoin on the "Mainstream" plate of Bitcoin supporters?
It seems to me that Bitcoin's benchmark will allways be the fact that it was the first network of crypto-currencies to be initiated, and it will (most likely) always have the higher hashing power than its competitors, thus having added security but slower confirmation times compared to other coins on the market.
This will mean that maybe bitcoin will work to send transactions, or to insure ownership of values via the block-chanin, that require EXTRA security. At the same time other coins may be used as a way to exchange goods and services faster but with less intrinsic safety on the network of payment. So the following question arises next: Can Maxcoin ever reach a point in which It can be be as secure and computationally powerful as a 5 year older, gold-rush-style built P2P network? Will SHA3 ASIC chips allow this?
Also I believe there may be also an emotional factor attached to Bitcoin it that will help it it to survive any competitor. Bitcoin was THE first crypto, so It may feel good in the future to on one of those "vintage" first-time crypto-coins. Wil lthe "Hype" Factor be relevant in the future?
I guess that the bottom-line question would be: Do you see altcoins like Maxcoin completely taking over the crypto market of Bitcoin?? or do you see them coexisting together and working for different purposes?
Below is the original post from April 8 2013.
Have a great day!
The first selling point of bitcoin at is:
"Instant peer to peer transactions"
But "1hour" to get at least 6 confirmations doesn't seem instantaneous to me, does it?
VISA-like transactions, that is 5-15 seconds, is what people regard as "instantaneous".
I don't get it. So please explain.
Imagine bitcoin gets popular:
1) You go to the supermarket or the bakery and pay with bitcoins...
2) You wait 1hour before you can go home???!! Conclusion, will you never be able to use bitcoins on physical shops or when payment needs to be REALLY instantaneous?
Another thing that is terribly slow is opening your wallet to take a look at it. If your wallet is on your pc, and you power it down every night at least, it takes 5-10minutes "to look what is inside your wallet".
That is TOO slow and also consumes too much disk space to be used on mobile phones!
I think those the problems comes from the block chain design and the mining.
Don't get me wrong, bitcoin chain mining incentives, its security design and all make a lot of sense and its what makes bitcoin appealing; totally decentralized, limited coin supply, etc.
BUT, at the same time it seems the 10minute cycle, which is perfect for mining, is TOO bad for transactions.
Transactions usually are: - Lightweight. - Really instantaneous (<20seconds in the worst case) - Once confirmed, they should not be reversible.
I know that bitcoin claims that transactions are NOT reversible, but that is also a half truth: only when the transaction is "quite" re-confirmed, it can be trusted have actually happened.
Please, let me know what I am missing. How is bitcoin handling or will handle this issues? I think these are really important to get right, specially if bitcoin ever grows up to be widely used just like VISA or paypal.
Should bitcoin provide a separate non-mining (not awarded) block chain for instant transactions (probably with bigger fees, although much smaller than traditional paypal or visa ones)? ((Re-poster added comment: Or other altcoins like Maxcoin a solution for a faster flowing currency that is suited for today's need for immediacy?)
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Get Maxcoin (MAX) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Get Maxcoin (MAX) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. 🔥 Out Now 🔥 We've just published the CoinGecko Q3 2020 Crypto Report! Yield farming, the NFT trend and so much more 🔎 EN . Language. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano język polski Limba română Magyar nyelv Nederlands ... Register Now and get 1700 Free Dollars! Buy and sell MaxCoin (MAX) on YoBit Exchange! Best price! MAX Exchange supports trading 24/7. Trade with Taiwan’s leading crypto exchange directly from our web or mobile app on the go. MAX app available now. Announcements More [2020-10-20] 2020/10/20 MAX USDT & ETH Withdrawal fee adjustment notice [2020-10-20] 2020/10/20 MAX Token burnt has completed [2020-10-06] 2020/10/06 The Third MAX Token burn [2020-10-05] 2020/10/05 Customer Service and ... Places to buy bitcoin in exchange for other currencies. Note: Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security, privacy, and control over your funds and information. Perform your own due diligence and choose a wallet where you will keep your bitcoin before selecting an exchange. The Maxcoin network is a robust & secure cryptocurrency with 3 main differentials to Bitcoin. Keccak, Schnorr & Kimoto Gravity Well. Keccak SHA-3 algorithm for Proof of Work. Maxcoins transaction security has been upgraded with next-generation, Keccak SHA-3 algorithm for Proof of Work. Whilst SHA-2 was designed and developed closed-door by the ...

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MaxCoin - Crypto Currency For The Masses

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