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New Difficulty. Not as bad as last time. Even still, check and see if you're still profitable.
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Generating BitCoins now financially impractical due to power cost? - calculator...

The BitCoin client reports how many khash/sec it is performing.
You can enter that figure into This Calculator to find out how long it should take to generate a block.
Using one core on my Core2Duo Laptop would take 3060 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes on average.
So that's approx. 30 watts, or 2,200kwh over 3060 days. At my local power rate that's about $420 worth of power.
I'm not sure how GPUs perform in comparison - but would need to be about 8 times better than one 2GHz CPU @ 30 watts to be feasible.
I guess the network has to be this way however to limit growth, and to cope with the potential of quantum computing in coming years to yield significant calculations per watt improvements.
It's really quite analogous to mining a rare item - perhaps there's an analogy to peak oil in there somewhere, with the value of BitCoins increasing relative to the difficulty in producing them 'cept they don't go up in an irretrievable puff of smoke like oil does... Similarly, one does not dig for oil with a single shovel any more - my dual core laptop is a shovel. Made by Toshiba. :)
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New Difficulty:567358

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FAQ-ish thing

Place to keep random notes
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Noob Question: Is this acceptable? How long would it take? (New to this who BTC THING)

Im using diablo on a box with a Radeon 4850, getting about 34 MH/sec using BTCguild
Is this good? How long would it take to get 1 BTC? Im a little dense so someone hold my hand to give me an idea where this is going?
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At current state-of-the-art Bitcoin ASIC miner efficiency, the network hash rate will increase until it hits around 1243 PH/s (1,243,360 TH/s) (difficulty 168 billion)

We know the efficiency of the newest ASICs. Miners will keep adding capacity until their margins are fairly low, say 20% more than their electricity costs.
Bitfury's new miner only uses 0.8J/GH (here it uses 1J/GH, but they're underclocking the chips in final devices to reach 0.8J/GH). With an electricity price of $0.1/kWh, that means miners want to make at least $0.12 per kWh spent.
0.8J / GH
1 kWh = 3600000 J
So mining for one day at 1 GH/s at 0.8J / GH uses 3600*24*0.8J:
69120J / GH/s for 1 day
which, in kWh, is:
0.0192 kWh / GH/s for 1 day
so to spend 1 kWh per day we can mine at 1/0.0192 GH/s for 1 day:
1 kWh / 52 GH/s for 1 day
Mining at 52 GH/s for 1 day currently makes $78.53 (at the next difficulty of 25.7M).
So in order for it to only produce $0.12 (which miners are willing to go down to), network hash rate would have to increase by a factor of 78.53/0.012 = 6544
So at current ASIC efficiency (using Bitfury as an example), the difficulty will increase to 168 billion (168,000M) until miners' margins are 20% (at current BTC prices).
This will bring the network hashrate up to 1243 PH/s (1,243,360 TH/s).
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How to mine a bitcoin - Tutorial The Bitcoin Show - Episode 019 Bitcoin Profitability Mining Calculator Bitcoin Quick Tutorial and Overview How to work out your Tera Hash payment per day using a calculator

b>Bitcoin Mining Btc Mining and Miner PHP Script from CodeCanyon. Earn Free Bitcoins Daily with No Investment from Internetbitcoin address generator free downloadThe Bitcoin Forum. How to Start a Bitcoin Exchange. By checking The Bitcoin Cash bitcoin calculator php (BCH*) project intends to hard fork from Bitcoin on 1 August 2017.Partner with a Bank or Payment Processor You will need wie viel ... Bitcoin Coin Lottery 9 Mar 2020. Furthermore, the Lottery platform is also the first to let users buy lottery tickets with cryptocurrency. “Over recent years we've seen a. What is a Bitcoin Lottery Site? Much like with regular lotteries, it involves the player purchasing a ticket with several numbers on it. The game will Read More... Alloscomp bitcoin calculator ub tcoinmining. Cada bitcoin (BTC) é divisível na 8ª casa decimal, então cada BTC pode ser dividido em 100,000,000 unidades. Bitcoin Mining Calculator e comparação de hardware. Alloscomp: Bitcoin Mining Calculator, bitcoin Mining Calculator. Com o primeiro você pode fazê-lo sozinho sem problemas, mas o ... #7 AllosComp. AllosComp is specially designed to calculate Bitcoin mining profitability. I don’t much like it because it has only Bitcoin mining calculator. It is not helpful if you wanna calculate profitability for other cryptocurrencies. But its simplicity is just awesome. You have to only enter the hash rate of your mining hardware and ... @Loshai Ich glaube da muß ehe pro Tag Fragen meine graka bringt 8mhps (ATI Readon HD 5570) pr opencl, mal auf Arbeit getestet die bringt 16 mphs (NVidi

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How to mine a bitcoin - Tutorial

Guest: Thomas Benoit 10% OFF Promo code: onlyonetv Today we announce a launch of the newest Miner in the Bitcoin Mining World. Thomas Benoit helps explain exactly how to mine ... Learn how you can earn most hottest and richest money in the world using mining. It's time for mining a bitcoin. I am not advertising any kind of product in ... How to work out your Tera Hash payment per day using a Bitcoin Mining Calculator. Calculator: Sign up for FREE with ... Check out the new video: Bitcoin Mining is Dead. Get 10% off Commissions for life on CampBX with this link: https:... How to use Bitcoin Alloscomp calculator to work out your Terra hash inside Swiss Gold Global Visit My Blog: Connect with me on Facebook:...