Deplatformed from Twitter...which had become, literally, their career. The Krassenstein brothers have flown into the waiting arms of Chapotraphouse and it's GOLD!
Do you know who the Krassensteins are? They are twin brothers whose sole claim to fame was mean-tweeting President Trump. That's it. Good hair and mean tweets. They created a monster of online mean responders. Krassenstein's monsters.
So, Twitter booted them off because apparently they ran alt accounts and manipulated things and they employed a bot farm to artificially boost their tweets.
But they are INNOCENT! Yadda yadda...
Now, here's two wealthy white capitalist boys. Who have also been nailed by the feds as scammers... when even The Daily Beast thinks you are shit...
If you are interested in more about them, I like this medium piece:
So, the Krass brothers now have a podcast and some news site no one has ever heard of. They grifted their way to twitfame and then got blasted off the platform.
Surely Chapo is their TARGET demographic!
So here's Brother Eddie with a missive to the Chapos about how UNFAIR twitter was to them. I like this bit:
Don't worry about us. We are just fine! Let's just say that buying very large amounts of bitcoin 8 years ago was a good decision.
Literally no one cared. Especially not the Chapos. But now they are positively GIDDY!
Under capitalism, we are all grifters.
(Your grifting is fine because you big tweet Trump bad! Meh...capitalism...amirite?)
You may be on to something.
(Suddenly Krasshead has an idea... blame the scamming on CAPITALISM!)
But then Krasshead does something that would be IRREDEEMABLE if anyone else did it!
I am not a socialist, but I respect your opinions, and I like some of your ideas.
(Look you naive fucktards what he means in Krassspeak is, "We got twitter deplatformed and the money's running low. No one reads our site and our podcast has four suicidal listeners, so I am here to pander to you guys because the Chapo podcast is raking in big patreon bucks and we'd like in on that.")
Now we have a discussion about Krasswealth and some of these folks understand that the bros are "bra-s" and have a lot of money, maybe...
Anyone making less than 10 million a year still ought to become a socialist. It's not like the transition to communism is instant. The labor aristocracy still benefits through labor focused policy.
(I can't laugh hard enough.)
Dirty fucking liberals. Go sell more bitcoin
(Before this there was a "post hog" so the Chapo we all know may finally have recovered from being starstruck...)
Other people on here may shit on you excessively, but I want to salute you and your brother for standing with Ilhan Omar when many other liberals joined in with right wingers to shit on her. We may see some things differently but you guys are some of the few liberals out there that I can have a lot of respect for because of that alone. Fight the good fight brothers.
(Back to fawning because while other leftists were telling Ilhan not to hate on Jews so much, the Krassy bra-s were there to support her.)
Ed you and your brother should become maoists. I’m not even a maoist, just a concerned citizen, but it would be extremely funny if you became one. Just going around calling people revisionists and shit. Tryna launch a protracted people’s war against the racist villain Donald Trump from the swamps of Florida. Anyway, love your posts, keep it up, death to amerikkka, google Chairman Gonzalo.
(My sides.)
Now we enter into the discussion about how the right didn't defend the Krassensteins against their twitter ban.
People don’t defend us because they think we were cheating Twitter’s system buy purchasing engagement and accounts. I wouldn’t defend someone accused of that either.
(BOOM! Got it in one. It's not like ANYONE expected Twitter to de-platform you guys. They de-platform conservatives left and right. If they did it to you... they must have had you nailed DEAD TO RIGHTS bot-farming and using other accounts to fuck stuff up. That's what twitter SAID that they had on you. It wasn't some, "violates community standards" hypocritical shit...)
That's true but I'm pretty concerned about the fact that like four companies determine who can speak online and who can't. What's the point of having a public guarantee of free speech if almost all speech now takes place in a private realm where that guarantee doesn't apply?
(On this day in 2019 I agree with Prince Kropotkin...but does he REALLY know what he's saying?)
I know we roast you a lot, and will continue roasting you, but it is deeply worrying that anybody can get unpersoned by some faceless mid-level bureaucrat with no warning, recourse, or chance to defend yourself. Hell, we're on a one-way road to getting kicked off Reddit, as well.
It’s great how we went from relentlessly making fun of you guys to this sub being the only place to welcome you.
(It's absolutely hilarious and shows how little consistency and ethics your group has...)
Hey Ed, do you have any advice on using fraudulent investment schemes to con rich idiots out of their money so we can fund a global proletarian revolution?
(Okay, now THAT is funny!)
No advice.
(But THAT is funnier!)
Then someone says "Krassenstein grifters go on Chapo" and he says, "Sure, but we need an invite first..." which is likely what this is about. Krassers are trying EVERYTHING they can to boost their public impressions. The dopamine hits aren't coming from the tweets any more. Help them!
Please do a socialism with your Bitcoin money and pay my debts off so I can tweet in peace
(The complete manifesto of the chapotard in one sentence.)
(This chain. The other brother showed up. Probably because Ed said, "I'm posting on Chapotraphouse and, surprisingly they don't want to kill me... get in here Brian...there may be grifting opportunities here...)
Will Sommer snitched on this post
That is to say that a Daily Beast writer tweeted that Ed was posting in the subreddit...
Ed has an answer:
That's because I sent it to Will Sommer.
(How? Krassys have DailyBeast writers emails? Or was some tweety tweeting done?)
Did you guys call your site HillReporter so that when people ask you for journalistic credentials it sounds like you're reporters at The Hill?
(Gee, ya think?)
I cannot believe the ass-kissing going on because two capitalist grifters famous for mean-tweeting Trump showed up at Chapotraphouse.
Hey guys, I'm a mod at chapotraphouse2, we're basically an off-shoot of this subreddit, but we're a bit more focused on theory. Regardless, we'd love to have you two join us!
$100,000 and you have a deal.
(He's not joking, you know.)
Are we forgetting the Krassensteins were literally con artists?
(Yes. And it's hilarious!)
They were a fun joke but don't forget what kind of people they are. We shouldn't be welcoming them here as a fucking bit.
(You aren't. It's not a bit. You are serious about it!)
What made you guys choose this sub to house your address?

>We listen to the show and generally respect those who post here. It's refreshing to see people who can debate a topic without resorting to unsarcastic attacks. We need more people who can laugh at themselves and hear out the other side even if they disagree.

(Translation: The other subreddits said "fuck off, you con artists"...we've never actually read here, but here's some good things I am saying to make it seem like I know what the hell I'm doing...that will, ironically, show that I have no idea where the fuck I'm posting.)
This is the worst thing that has ever been stickied here.
(I beg to differ!)
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No more bots, ever!

So a certain bot (the only one really :P) discontinued and they are gone for good after the losing the legal battle against Blizz. I doubt any bot will be taking it's place since Blizzard is fighting them fiercely.
This is huge! raw mats will increase in price quite a bit :D
Edit: Lmao so many people got butt hurt, aww I am sowwy bots are alive yes they are don't cry now :) .
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Many overlaid bots tonight.

So this is a lot of bots and I think it's two or maybe three different rings. I'll present them basically in the order I found them, hopefully it makes sense that way. I'll also include a few noteworthy notes worth noting, as there are a couple in there.
Account Archive Note Article clipper Article clipper Now porn, NSFW Put a pin in that C4CRep cheapfashiononline Put a pin in it Bitcoin, wow what a surprise. SoccerFarm SoccerFarm GCXRep Put a pin in it weedstocks NSFW NSFW, archived start of activity I was not the only one to notice fuckery afoot Crypto
Pin the first: Let's take a look at that /weedstocks thread, see if anything catches our eye. Just gonna archive whoever commented in that thread.
Account Archive Note Now that name sure rings a bell Almost had me but it's an article trimmer Stands out because they look like they're actually a real person.
If you wanted to, you could do a whole deep dive starting from these accounts. I might come back to it at some point but this has already slurped up all my evening.
Pin the second: That /cheapfashiononline thread. Same deal.
Account Archive
Oh dear, none of that was particularly subtle, was it?
Maybe team spam will be able to redeem themselves with that third pin. Now, /tech is a bit bigger and not entirely a spam target, so who knows maybe this will be more clever. That thread's a bit bigger so I'm just gonna go for the accounts that are noteworthy. If you want to, go ahead and look at that thread for yourself.
Account Archive Note Huh, familiar face I dunno about you, but I find it weird how many of those accounts happened to comment on this post a month ago. Probably coincidence.
Okay folks, that's it from me. I've got approximately way too many tabs open so I'm going to close this here before it all goes to hell. I'd definitely recommend looking at those pins in more detail if you have the time.
Edit: added links to previous posts, where relevant.
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Gather round Boys and Girls (Storytime!!!) "My Beermoney Journey"

Since January, I have made 55 bucks in amazon gift card credit, and 41 dollars in bitcoin.
Proof in amazon:
Note that, it says 50 but I said I have 55, in Bing, I have enough credits for a 5 dollar amazon gift card, but I have used up all the numbers in my house, so I need a phone for confirming my account-Which I will get by asking my good friend after I go back to school from Spring Break
Proof for bitcoin:
It says I have 41 USD, and I included a few pictures of my transaction history. As you can see, I have a ton of transactions everyday of very small quantities ranging from 29 cents and above.
Ways I accomplish this: I use 3 bing rewards accounts. I have had 2 accounts banned, but its 👌 since ill just make a new one. After I rake in enough points, I cash out immediately. I also have to say that I use a website called / bing rewards bot/chrome or something like that (just search it in google). Anyway, I leave the tab open doing searches for me while I browse reddit or do something else.
I made 5 bucks from PerkTV. I run it on 3 phones everyday, and then another one at night. Not that it matters, but I use a ZTE Sonata, a Galaxy s4, a Galaxy s5, and an Lg stylo.
Just today, I discovered that with an update, my Samsung Galaxy Discover is able to play perk, and it hasn't crashed at all, unlike my newer devices have. I don't know why, but perk is really shitty now. It used to run no problem, but now it seems like after 5 mins nothing plays anymore. Im at 3800 credits as of now and will try to cash out once I reach 5000.
Proof of current credits
I tried earn honey, but it sucks they don't have an app, and it seems to take longer to earn nectars, although videos don't crash or stop like they do on perk, and i'm glad that a user works for earn honey--forgot his name though it was like favgames or something like that. If perk continues being shitty, Ill go to earnhoney. What I do enjoy are some of their videos of cars they have.
I did sign up for swagbucks, but I just have used perk instead since I read a lot about perk farming etc.
I tried translation sites where you translate documents, but they take so long to do, and they are I don't even know what to say. I signed up for lingosaur saying that I can translate from English to Spanish, and Vice-versa, and I spent about an hour completing the registration. They make you translate a document, and then have other users rate your translation. I literally guarantee that it was 5,000,000 times better than whatever google translate could have said. I can say that I know Spanish and English fluently and perfectly, but I think the users who rate people's submissions are cheeky bastards who are greedy and rate submissions poorly, in order for you to be unable to work on the site. It makes sense to do, because if someone pays the site for a translation, it'll be harder for someone to get work if there are a ton of other users. That's why I think I got rated shittily. (Not that it matters, but I do want to mention that I interned for a different country that speaks Spanish I worked for them translating legal documents, registering marriages and births, making and taking information/pictures, for passports among other things (They liked how well I spoke both languages).
I use screenwise trends, which is a site run by Google. You register your gmail from your phone, tablet, computer, etc. I signed up my laptop, and my Lg stylo and have made 8 dollars doing nothing. They just track what you do with your things even more than they already do. You make 2 dollars a week from this.
But you can only cash out when you get $25 bucks.
I used an app (forgot what it was called) but it paid you like .001 cents and even less whenever you walked (it tracked footsteps), but after a week, I made like 6 cents, and so I thought it wasn't worth it because my phone has 8gb in memory, so the app is more inconvenient. And I for sure made them more than 6 cents in the time I used the app from the ads.
I tried Ipoll, and just, no, like, no, noooo. It felt more like a scam to me.
I tried an app called surveys on the go. I made about 6 or seven dollars in surveys, but you cash out at 10 dollars. Unfortunately, they stopped sending me surveys offers completely, and so there is no way to redeem my 6 or 7 bucks. I feel like a ton of sites can just put up a really high amount for you to be able to not redeem in a long time even after you have made money. For example, I can just make a site, offer a 15 dollar minimum payout, give you like 3 dollars when you sign up, make you work for like 2-3 weeks doing surveys and things up until you get 14 dollars. And then? Fuck you, I'll stop sending you offers so you never get to the 15 bucks and therefore not be able to cashout; I would have used you to make money for me and I'll just never have to pay you. That is what I feel happens with this app.
Anyways, I have also tried an app called Lucktastic. I do not recommend it at all. It is not passive at all. The app gives you scratchers, in the format of lotto tickets and they offer 10,000 dollars prize, among other values, you get like 10 to 27 credits per scratcher. This is really fucking stupid because after you scratch it gives you the credits, but when you try to scratch another scratcher, it play a thirty second to 1 minute advertisement video. And you just sit there and wait because just watching the ad does not do anything, scratching the scratcher gets you credits so you have to actually stare at your screen. It gives you 100 to five hundred credits daily (sometimes it doesn't). Anyways, the payout minimum is 23000 credits and I only have about 17000.
And I have had this app for like a month and 3 weeks. I gave up on the scratchers all together and just check in everyday by doing one scratcher, and it'll give you your daily 100-500 credits. So Yes, I do not recommend.
I signed up for ebates and think a cashback thing is a great idea, but seeing as i'm trying to make money, and not buy anything online, I have not made anything.
I really like the idea of UserTesting since it gives you like ten dollars per review, but I notice you need a microphone (which I have), but my mom will and does assume that Im chatting with online hoes, so i have not done that at all, but I hear its great.
Another cool thing, Mturk. I have heard about it, had my amazon account reviewed and approved for turking. I put in my SSN and all of my info and shit, but you need to make an Amazon Payments Account, and apparently they check all of your information thoroughly to make sure you are 18. I am 17, and my birthdays is March 25th, so I'll have to wait till then to start turking.
I Highly recommend an app called Bitit. About like 12 days ago, I made a post recommending it and saying that I had made 25 bucks from it, etc.
Link to original post
Okay, as of now, I have made 41 dollars in bitcoin from this app. Twelve days ago when I made my Bitit post again I had 25 dollars, meaning that I have made 16 dollars in twelve days from this single app.
I use it on 3 phones. My Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and my Lg stylo. and highly recommend it. From the people that I have signed up under me, I have made $1.56 total, so that still means that they have all made 15-16 dollars if you add all of their amounts together. (the only thing I am giving a referral to)
Non Ref
Two days ago, I went to the thrift store and found a TI 84 Plus calculator for $9.99. I convinced my mom to buy it (she was like why what the hell, you have one, and how do we know this one works?) We took it home, I found batteries, and it worked great. The same day, I made an Ebay listing through a promotion Ebay sent me. They said that if I make a listing by March 27th, and that if it sells by April 10th, they'll give me a $50 dollars to spend on ebay. Someone bought it for 50 Dollars plus 8 dollars in shipping the day after I listed the Item. I was ecstatic since I made forty something in profit from selling a calculator I got at the Salvation Army. And I will get 50 Dollars extra from Ebay!!!
Things that yo may be wondering (or not) and may mentioned before. I am a senior in High School. I am 17 as of now. I am in Houston, Texas, United States of America.
Phones That I have:
My main/daily phone is an lg Stylo. It's great for a cheap phone. It looks expensive as hell, but its really cheap.
I have a Galaxy S4 that has a cracked up screen. It used to be my Brother's phone, but he left to college, so my mom gave him her non broken screen mint Galaxy S4. I then bought her a Nexus 6 off Ebay for 223 dollars. (she wanted a big phone because she has bad eyesight).
The Galaxy S5 is mint condition and my mom found it in a restroom above the toilet paper roller thing. I can't use it becuase it has a bad IMEI, so its basically an Ipod.
We have a Cricket Wireless plan that is 5 lines unlimited data, calls, texts, and so whenever I signed up for things, I used the others phones signed up under the plan like my brother's phone, my mom's phone, my phone, the ZTE sonata (shitty phone really), and we could add a fifth line with an old HTC desire I have that was a gift to me (the HTC is an old 3g phone, and it had an old android system not fit for PerkTV).
My Galaxy discover was my first phone ever, its still in mint condition, but its a 3g CDMA phone so, I can;t use it anymore, so this is also like an Ipod. Fortunately, it has a more up to date android system fit for perking. My brother's galaxy discovers is lying around somewhere in the house and I hope to find it).
This is a post of my journey with Beermoney. I comment things I have done to make money since January.
(EXTRA NOTE) What should I do to make money with an Ipod touch 4th gen that I have (you cant perk on it I tried) and the old HTC desire?
Thanks for Reading and Wow holy fuck this is a five page document in Microsoft Word! I started typing at 1pm today!!!
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Benevolent Bots? or Malevolent Machines?

It's been a few weeks since i've traded on Binance. I’ve been out perusing shit-coins on shit exchanges as of late. But yesterday I decided to do a little day-trading since my beloved XRB was stuck on Binance anyway. It only took 14 hours for them to put my XRB into my wallet. Anyways, while trading my NANO there late last night, it didn’t seem right. I watched that chart for six hours and the buys and sells were odd looking, looked like bots trading with each other. EVERYTHING was very stiff and mechanical. Transactions of the same exact same size being sent back and forth, purposeful processing(if you’ve ever watched a bot that farms game currencies or something like Mybot for clash of clans, if feels like the same). I’ve seen it before on Binance, but never noticed this extent. Or maybe it was the low human-controlled volume that allowed for these little oddities to stand out more than before. Sometimes ,when trying to day-trade, I’ll sell on a rise then pop over to another coin to see if it’s on a dip and just do a quick trade while waiting for it my main coin to dip. So while trading, NANO went through the roof for no real reason except two bots selling each other volume to create a moon and panic induce buyers. I had seen them do that couple times that night. I had XRB, so I dumped it on those asshole bots and I left to check on NEO. But NEO had just Mooned too. So then I check ETH…..Jupiter. I checked a few other coins and they had rocketed into space the same exact moment and they all fell right back now and kept moving along. Then I start looking at the charts and they had all been doing this all night. Their charts were identical. Like fingerprint identical. And I know one month charts always look pretty similar with crypto and stocks. And Yeah, I know “CUZ EVRY THINGS JUST FOLLOWS BITCOrN!” Fiat Value wise, yes because it ties to the dollar and if bitcoin rises so does the value of a sat, but alts should have independent value, or lack thereof and should lose or gain sats due goodness or shittiness. Below are just a couple of the USDT/pair charts from when EVERY single coin on binance decided to knock a hole through the ceiling this afternoon. They all mooned in the same millisecond this afternoon when BTC was supposedly ‘Fixed’. (take note of that little bump right before the pump on all the coins. And look at where the highest/lowest prices of the frame, dumps, the overbuys and oversells etc.) These are the 5 minute charts, they give you an idea of the similarities. If you want real crazy similarities, open the binance app and do the 1 minute charts. Note the time of those random bot-powered mini-pumps and then go look for that time on the other charts, you’ll find them. It's easier to see the mini-pumps before everything went up, when there were long breaks and low volume. They start the same second on every other USDT pair as well as a couple BTC/alt Pairings too, every single time.
This is a NANO/ETH and NANO/BTC 5-minute candle
What the hell does it all mean? Why are these pictures friggin’ damn near Xerox. Here is how I see it. I can think of Three options……… A.) We are all connected on a deeper level than we can understand. Like fungus. And that dumbass decision of yours to buy ATH on some brand new erc20 knitting token wasn’t your fault at all, but some other dumbass just did it too while buying up all that ‘New Hotness’ sweatshiop* token. We are all one.
B.) We literally are following bitcoin and whatever is happening with BTC in your exchange is being fed to the bots in some select ALTs. The bots are just here to keeps us in check, and keep us on the road. So when you decide you can single handedly start a pump on trx to 20 cents for killr gainz and lambos, the bot just fills your orders and brings you back to earth and hands your coins off to someone else less flashy, minus a little commission, of course.
C.) We have zero control. The map in front of you isn’t a map at all. It’s a roller coaster and either you’re the guy finding the wallet in your seat or you’re the poor schmuck who lost it. The bots are either lovely little buggers helping us along the way so we don’t make any mistakes. Especially any ‘mistakes’ that could threaten hierarchy of the market (while still taking on a small commission, of course) OR worse- A select few are in complete control of the entire market. I always wondered how just printing tether could influence the market to the extreme. I always imagined some assholes with accounts at each exchange getting handed 20 million tether just to push BTC at opportune times. But it always seemed stupid and inefficient. Then while I was watching those bots sell back and forth to each other, it kinda clicked. The bots were making it look like more people were active, setting and removing buy/sell orders and to occasionally drive up the price when it wants users to full-on FOMO panic buy and then get dumped on. With Two accounts, one bot easily sells coins back and forth very efficiently. It can capitalize on human errors especially considering that the bot knows what comes next. Now, a bot with two accounts, a few million Tether and a lighting fast ability to realize humans split-second accounting errors, that sounds efficient and potentially very effective. Wow, this got long. Sorry about that. No FUD intentional. I just unTethered this afternoon, a little bit early in fact, I think we should use every advantage we have at our disposal while it’s here. We are battling against bots for shit’s sake! Remember Battle Bots? Show was awesome. Anyways. Any thoughts? Degrading comments? Maybe a fourth option ? A fifth?!
*I typo’d sweatshiop. What a badass name for a decentralized exchange “The sweatshiop”. You can have it. Just give me credit and one percent of future earnings, like that Macdonalds brother’s deal.
Also sorry Mods if this isn't a great forum for this sort of thing, but there isn't a rando_crypto_ramblings . I was just drinking a couple beers and had to put my random thoughts into something semi-cohesive. Feel free to delete. edit2 more page breaks
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Conversations with a Dev, Insight into the workings behind our coin.

This is a copy of a discussion I had with one of the dogecoin Devs, I think it is an important read as the original post dissapeared of the front page pretty quick, it was, enlightening.
[–]rnicollReference client dev 8 points 23 hours ago We need a stable reference client whatever we do next. 1.7 will be that client, but we need more testing. We'll hopefully have a beta release in the next few days, but until they any testing on the alpha release would be greatly appreciated: That out of the way; a coin derives value through utility. To make a coin useful, it must be accepted. For it be accepted, merchants must see acceptance as a cost-effective option. One of the issues they're going to wonder about, to my mind, is software stability. We keep having major updates which fork the blockchain or have problems with the RPC daemon. 1.7 is our solution to that; a massively improved client based on the Bitcoin 0.9 client, with a far more in depth testing period than previous releases. It means we're leaping to the front of the altcoins in technical basis, and providing a rock solid foundation for adoption. Meanwhile, we have documentation projects ongoing in security and standards both to further aide adoption, and to enable alternative implementations. Edit: Going to bed, not ignoring any replies, but unlikely to get back to you until after work tomorrow. permalinksavereportgive goldreply
[–]Master565[S] 1 point 16 hours ago That sounds great! I wish I could help you test, but I'm on the wrong computer in the wrong country right now.
[–]junkyardmessiah 6 points 23 hours ago All things being equal however , as a Dev , do you see a problem is the current Sfire situation , 25gh is pointed at us and he is dumping mass quantities of Doge into the wafflepool for BTC using his asic farm. Last count it was over 1.1 billion coins in the past week alone. I can pull up the graphs, But I think you already know about this. Initial acceptance by merchants is not going to consist of true believers of the 1 doge = 1 doge principal . If you look at BTC and Tiger direct , pricing directly matches BTC = fiat. So any principle based on the idea that merchants are going to look to anything but what the coin can be turned into as an aspect of Fiat is ... silly, I knwo the mantra of 1doge = 1 doge sounds nice , but untill we have inter business trading of the currency between them. 1 doge is going to be worth .0003 cents
[–]rnicollReference client dev 4 points 22 hours ago Painfully aware of SFire. Honestly, I'm more worried about the continual drops in BTC/USD pricing. If you follow the price closely, we get further hammered down when BTC dips, so we're getting double the pain. We're losing ground to BTC, and that's not great, but that's about 10% of the total drop we're seeing. I can't do much for BTC though, so lets get back to mining. Okay; merged mining won't fix the price, as far as I can tell. We'd about break-even (I reckon) vs LTC miners dumping DOGE, vs DOGE miners dumping LTC. It would probably massively reduce risk of a 51% attack, but that's all. For that, we take on the risk of any major problems with LTC will also hit us, and as we expand over time it becomes harder to "de-merge" later. Lastly, it would likely trash many of our mining pools, who would be too small to find any blocks, vs LTC miners. Moving to a CPU mining algorithm would probably just hand us to botnets, instead of ASIC farms. I've seen this before, certainly. So lets say we decide to move to a GPU mining algorithm of one sort or another. We still need a stable client we know we can modify, and people report problems with 1.6, so we have to get 1.7 done first. Hence we need testing of 1.7. We then implement a new PoW, and at some point branch. Presuming we don't have any unexpected problems with the branch, or introduce any critical bugs while editing core parts of the code, we make it harder to copy to/from DOGE mining, but if we're still the most profitable coin, people will still mine us (although with GPU farms rather than ASIC). We also inherently accept the environmental cost of all that GPU power. Oh, and we have to remain hopeful that no bright pure maths PhD student finds a way of optimising the hashing algorithm which gives them a huge performance boost over everyone else (essentially acting as a software ASIC). In summary; we're getting to the end of the development period for 1.7 and looking at 1.8 will do, but no answer that's been proposed is clearly superior to all others.
[–]junkyardmessiah 1 point 18 hours ago Well I do thank you for the response, Just I really hope we can move towards an answer abit faster. right now we are in the sub 80's and still dropping in value. I think the fact we are tied to BTC as our peg is another thing that is killing us . we need to be tied directly to Fiat if we stand a chance. I'd rather not have our currency tied to possible future Mt GOX events. it really needs to stand on its own, But again value right now is reflected in fiat. This is a bad situation all the way around . But here is the question . is there ANYTHING the community can do to stop this falling value and turn it around, from the obvious. I have bought all of the coin I can right now and am mining my ass off. I am accepting the coin at my business on small items right now but need to pay rent and they don't take Doge. ... yet I don't want the coin so I can just dump it like Sfire does for BTC/Fiat. Is there a crucial thing each of us can do to change the current stalemate of the deflationary machine that is Waffle or multipools?. Where do we toss our Sabots into the gears of our destruction? I am my wits end , all I can see as a clear winner might be that we need a mixed POW/POS algo with 25% Scrypt, 25% Scrypt-n or scrypt jane, 25% CPU, 25% POS. If such a thing were a possible fix . and the devs need money to develop it, .. will you take a check?
permalinksaveparenteditdeletereply [–]rnicollReference client dev 1 point 11 hours ago runs back to the thread, out of breath Sorry, so many posts, keep losing track. Well, good news to start with, we apparently just jumped back up again. Praying this isn't a dead cat bounce (seriously, that's a term, I'm not making this up). Hoping other devs will chip in on suggestions; my background is trading-heavy, so I'm mostly thinking about things such as whether we can get UPS to accept Dogecoin (so merchants pay shipping costs in Dogecoin without exchanging through). I'm also wondering about seeing if we can pay taxes in Dogecoin, because I know HMRC takes debit cards, and if Dogecoin is cheaper to accept why not... We've also just had a working implementation of merged mining for Litecoin submitted to Github, which I imagine will be the major topic of discussion over the weekend, as obviously it reduces the work for that route by a lot. If anyone has the technical skills, a P2P multipool would be a way of avoiding Wafflepool scenarios by enabling those who want to make immediate profit to hop target without centralising their mining. This is where someone tells me we have one already, of course... Oh, also, you know we're 14 days (give or take) from halvening? So SFire's rewards will halve on the 25th (again, give or take a bit), along with everyone else's? permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply
[–]junkyardmessiah 1 point 6 hours ago Well I can hope things will be better by the next halvening But I suspect the percentage of low level miners will drop off since it just won't be worth it anymore. I suspect that regardless of the halvening his percentage of the % total coins mined will be the same. But there is a rumor that with the profits hes made so far that his goal is 50gh. and he has done some testing As for the sudden jump , A whale bought 101 million last night for his attempt to a pump and dump. I am not expecting much. So lets break it down, it is a simple question , What at present is off the table or is just undoable in time to bring our value up by the 10k block rewards. and what CAN be done by the devs. to me there there is only one thing that will guarantee a price boost and keep people mining. Drop the 5 billion deflationary yearly to 1.5 % or drop it completely, if the coin is too cheap and we cannot keep miners on it it is dead. simple enough. permalinksaveparenteditdeletereply
[–]rnicollReference client dev 1 point 4 hours ago Off the table? Well, we're not going to merge-mine with BTC, fairly certain of that at least! For 25th (halvening); probably most things would need more time, but most changes we could have in testing and potentially released ready for a higher block number, by then. Changing block rewards would need overwhelming support from the community to do. Honestly, I think people would call for our heads if we tried it. Notably, last halvening the price did nearly double in the week or two beforehand. That's part of why we're mostly favouring doing nothing; historically actually things look bad, but do get better. You can also dig into Bitcoin's history for examples of this. Interestingly, someone just submitted a patch for Litecoin merged mining. I'd definitely not want to be the one to make a call that we know will crush whole mining pools, but it means the option's there if it gained real support. As to changing PoW - I'm going to be talking contingencies with other devs tonight, see what we can come up between us. Again, there's mostly concern that if this goes wrong, we can do a lot more damage to the coin than SFire and a halvening is doing... permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply
[–]junkyardmessiah 1 point 2 hours ago Thank you for being frank and honest with us , Let the other Devs Know a weekly update on the front page would be really really helpful for bolstering confidence that there is actual direction to the madness that is Dogecoin A big question here is how do we gauge support? It is all over the place, voting system would be nice. with some protections against bots and nobody can vote with an account younger the 5 days from the time of the vote would be good too. Debate could be held on reddit , voting on on I think a lot of angst and worry is due to the feeling of not "really " having control of the destiny of dogecoin. That it is up to the devs to make decisions on the smattering of posts that are scattered all over this sub. We need a cohesive way to express our opinions . If you make the reasoned case for block reward changes , you might be surprised by the reaction you get. Please put it to the others that if we could have more interaction and more regular updates it would go well for all of us and inspire confidence . which can also help bring our value up. permalinksaveparenteditdeletereply
[–]rnicollReference client dev 1 point 1 hour ago It's worth keeping in mind we're still just assembling organisational structure. Clients up to 1.5 inclusive were led by the founders, 1.6 was lleti and rog1121, and 1.7 is now leofidus, langerhans and myself. So; we're working on communication with you guys, as soon as we've got it sorted amongst ourselves :) Attempts so far to have go-betweens assist us with communication have given an impression of an isolated elite, so yeah, it's a work in progress. Anyway; yes, there's predictably been extended and expressive discussion for several hours, and we think we've got a least bad solution. I'm getting everyone involved to confirm they're happy with the idea in principal, but it looks like we're going to try beating the multipools at their own game, by building a better multipool which is less hostile to DOGE. That's as much as is concrete so far, I can literally see the conversation progressing in another window, and the other two core devs are both offline anyway. I definitely want to see if I can get a weekly "What we've done, what we've learnt, what we've thought about but didn't do, what you can do to help" blog post or similar, and I may get the first done this weekend (if not, next). There is a hell of a lot happening (for example implementing the Bitcoin payment protocol for Doge, security whitepapers, writing formal specifications to go to the IETF) that people don't see... permalinksaveparentreportgive goldreply
[–]junkyardmessiah 1 point 57 minutes ago Okay that is at least something. It is like trying to pull back the curtain of the wizards of doge only to see them scrambling like mad pulling levers and pushing buttons/ I would like to post this discussion we have had in a new post to get it some more visibility if you would be okay with that. I really do hope the next Halvening will show some results. But I think most expected a lot more out of the last one. I think all of us would like to hear about the "least bad" solution, and what it means for the coin.
[–]rnicollReference client dev [score hidden] 43 minutes ago* If you want to see us at work, the #dogecoin-dev channel on Freenode's an excellent idea. I'm there if I'm working, and the other two currently active devs are frequently around too. It's... well, busy, and I can't guarantee you'll see stuff that interests you, but it does let you see what's going on. As to a new post; I'm unfussed. Anything I'm posting I presume I'll come back to discover a few thousand shibes have spotted and suddenly read. That said, because weekends are when I can get my head down and make progress, I'll be less chatty on reddit, fair warning. At the moment everyone in the room seems reasonably happy that the best thing to do is to provide better mining software to pull people such as SFire away from single pools. I think there's also the intent to have the pools generate DOGE by default instead of BTC, but even if that's not something people could work with, we can at least implement much better trading algorithms (that's well within my skillset). That said, others are taking the lead there, I'm going to be focusing on technical documentation; a security specialist is working on guidelines for using cryptocurrency safely (for merchants and similar) with some guidance from myself, and I'm hoping to make a start on formal documentation as soon as the Bitcoin payment protocol stuff is done.
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Talent Contest - One Sentence One Love's all submissions are here!

Hi fellow Shibes!
Finally, we get 47 submissions in this 3 Million Dogecoin Contest- One Sentence One Love! Awesome! You're all very talented. And in the next 5 or 6 days(depend on the time arrangement) the panel of judges will vote for the No.1 to No.10 entries! Some judges can speak English, some don't! I already translated all the submissions into Chinese. You know it is very difficult to translate poem into Chinese(like the Haiku,rhythm of poem). Luckily, I am one of the judges. I will give you all a fair score :) and Also I will try my best to explain your poems to them! Good luck!
Here are them:
The Moon is very Near if you have Doge. 月亮是如此的近,如果你拥有狗狗币;
Without Doge, Moon is impossible. See the chart. 没有狗狗币,月亮不可见,请见表;
And try your best to climb the Moon. 尽你的所有的努力去攀爬月亮;
Jokes, Memes are real now. Doge to the Moon. 笑话,迷因现在变得真实,狗狗币到月亮;
Join us, we take you to the Moon. Such Shibeness! 加入我们,我们带你到月亮,骄傲的施比人;
Anything is possible if we are united! 我们联合起来,没有什么是不可能的!
a song一首歌:
Came here as a dog looking for a bone, left here as a shibe addicted to my phone. 来到这里,就像狗狗寻找一根骨头!离开这里,就成了一个施比,天天迷上了我的手机!
To the moon, to view the world, in all its glory from the shining of coins.
Roses are red 玫瑰是红的!
Crypto is wow 加密货币是好东西!
They said dogecoin was dead 他们说狗狗币已经死了
But look at us now 看看现在的我们吧,
and a bonus one: 和一个额外的好处:
(There once was a shibe from nantucket. 曾经,有一个施比,来自楠塔基特;
who used to mine coins by the bucket. 他曾经用水桶挖矿;
His computer burned out 尽管他的电脑化成灰,
but there was no doubt 但是毫无疑问
That crypto would once again rocket. 加密货币会再次一举成功!
without the Chinese text没有中文字版:
Slowly bit by bit, it makes sense after a while.
Such prowess, generosity, knowledge and passion. Wow.
Say Goodbye to "where's George," hello to "where's Satoshi."
Dogecoin, a community driven currency aiming to spread peace, love, happiness and wealth to all those on the earth, and off it.
We've managed to make a joke/meme in to a viable currency, that never ceases to amaze me.
No matter what 无论如何
The people say 人们怎么说
No matter if 无论是否
We're laughed away 我们开怀地笑了
Don't worry Shibe 别担心,我的施比
Because just soon 因为用不了多久
Our beloved Doge 我们深爱的狗狗币
Shall reach the Moon 终会达到月球!
Dogecoin is just like an animal, never stops and never looks back
Economic equality - All of humanity, linked by the blockchain.
Dogecoin, I didn't invest in a coin; I invested in a community.
when a block passes, a whole segment of coins either doge or bit will be moving on to their next owner.
Every coin and every block has had their own personal background and story to them.
Together we can take a stance against widespread capitalistic oppression and find freedom in 3rd party free economy.
Every block in the chain adds a piece of history and adds character for both bitcoin and dogecoin
I am locked in a chain of doges and bits and still I am as free as i can ever be
The moonlit doge by the river is not forlorn when the time comes. So are you my young stickling
Golden , shiny and with the cutest dog on it o.o nothing is more enjoyable than giving and receiving this coin
It's not the moneypaper in your real wallet, it's the bits in your digital one
Doge is love doge is life Doge是爱!Doge是生活!
Brings those passionate together, to share in the success of cryptocurrency
Which I hope means something like "The moon goddess and the celestial wolf together watch us with love"
嫦娥象征月亮女神“moon goddess”,天狼星的民间叫法是狗星,“dog star”
It's so fluffy, barks so nice, it's so playful, has no price.
毛茸茸, 亲亲嗷!好玩至极,无价之宝!
One day he will reach the Moon so make sure you reach it too. Dogecoin!
Well I feel that...
...future is amazing, dogecoin, bitcoin and specially blockchain are the future that is already here and therefor now is amazing!
In Crypto, Trust No One They Said. DogeCoin Proved them Wrong
Doge coin is many WOW! 狗狗币很多很多,wow
Friendly crypto currencies 友好的加密货币
To the moon right now 现在就奔向月球!
In crypto we trust, 我们信任加密货币;
To make changes that must, 为了必须的改变;
Make better day, 为了过得更好
For all in every way. 为了所有人,用尽所有方法!
33.excitedmunkey always great gif
So money, much share, such tip. Wow.
真正的钱,更多的分享,美好的打赏. wow
a dogecoin haiku:
Doges come together 狗狗们,来到一块
To trade internet money 来交易互联网货币
In exchange for love 交易,以爱之名!
The beauty of Dogecoin, and perhaps what gives it its value, is that its community embraces the fact that it is indeed silly magic internet money.
poem from deep down Dogecoin and bitcoin its all the same lets reunite and put are differences ashame, to be a community is to be friends, doge and bitcoin they all share the same, to give to its community is all it takes, the simple share therw the block-chain can possibly help someone threw their day.
Doge you can make confirmation time fast Doge youuu can make this world so fast Doge you can go to the moonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
To the moon it's going (slowly), 飞向月球,正在慢慢进行中;
I believe in crypto wholely- 我全然相信加密货币
But because Bitcoin seems aloof 但是比特币看起来是如此的冷漠,
The mascot of my coin says woof. 狗狗币的吉祥物,在向我“汪汪汪”!
Entering: You can tip without loving, but you cannot love without tipping!
Individually, we all come together to create a revolutionary way to to share borderless economic value, charitable giving, and a whole lot of fun, with each other and the world!
No matter the amount of Dogecoin you have, all it takes is one to be set on the road to Happiness and prosperity.
Doge should not be afraid of growing slowly, only afraid of standing still. 狗狗币并不怕升的慢,最怕的原地踏步!
To the moon! (maybe slowly.) 飞向月球(可能慢慢地)
Much coins Such wow. 多多的币,这样的wow
Don't forget! You're awesome. 别忘记,你太棒了!
To be able to share with my fellow man is a beautiful thing.
submitted by Pyds1977 to dogecoin [link] [comments]

[Table] IamA CEO & Partner of one of the world's first legal marijuana stores (license # 37) in Denver, CO AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-01-01
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Can anyone buy or do you have to fulfil certain criteria? I am from England so not looking to buy. Anyone over 21 with a valid ID (includes a passport).
How did you decide to get into the marijuana field. Were you doing this previously but illegally/frowned upon by the state? & Congrats on your license! I have been a patient since before medical cannabis was legal here. I have been making my own cannabis medicine for about 15 years now. I had a professional career in a corporate environment that, while sometimes challenging, was not making me happy. I was also a professional photographer on the side. About 6 years ago I decided to quit my corporate gig and grow cannabis/take photos full time. It was a huge leap and everyone thought I was crazy (left an amazing job running a great and successful company). Then the cannabis caregiving just basically took over. The demand has always completely outstripped my ability to grow our company.
Colorado here - what were your start up costs? How long until you were in the black? Are you happy with your decision to leave your corporate job and would you do it again? Hi Colorado, Wow, that is a large question. The "start up" is still happening over 4 years later. The industry is fluid and extremely expensive. My wife and I started the business with less than $75k (everything we owned at the time, and a bit more in the form of friends and family loans). Since, we have put basically everything back in. We didn't really get on payroll officially until about this time last year. I'm sure we have put over a million in by now (don't have actual figures with me at the moment and I try not to think about it to be honest lol). I am generally happy but there is a little joke in the industry that goes something like, "friends don't let friends buy/start a dispensary". It is the most highly regulated and taxed industry in the world. It is highly brain damaging. I could go on all day about the endless facets of compliance and how we get screwed at every turn. I also get to help a lot of people improve their quality of life, and when I see a patient walking after being wheelchair bound (among countless other similar stories) because I helped them feel better, it makes everything worth while.
What are some of the more ridiculous regulatory and taxation issues you have to deal with? I don't even know where to start on this one. We can't write off expenses like other businesses do. Up to this point, we pay 30% on gross sales. We have to put a tamper proof tracking tag on a package to take it from one room in our facility to another, then put a different one on when it gets there (all on camera). The regulations for handling heroin is far less stringent for that of cannabis. I could literally go on all day on this one, but it hurts my brain, so i'll stop now.
Wow that's ridiculous. All that for something you're selling for recreational use??? Hopefully that will change when the novelty wears off. Actually that was all for medical. It appears that the IRS is going to allow a few more deductions ironically for recreational (and medical moving forward). One more thing I forgot to mention is that we can't have a bank account. That is also expected to change very soon.
You better buy a bigger mattress. I hope so. So far we have chosen to employ more people and pay ourselves only slightly more than our highest paid employees. We would like to keep it that way, so for me personally, it might take a while to get there.
You say you dont have a bank. Does your store accept cash only or do you take debit/credit card payments as well? Did all your start up money come out of pocket or was/is a loan possible? Cash only. We have a cashless ATM. Startup was mostly out of pocket and was everything we owned (plus some family only loans)
Is there a real threat of you getting busted by the federal government?? There is a threat if you don't follow one of the 8 major concerns the feds said they have regarding our little experiment. If you are interested, you can read the DOJ memo here Link to
Has any of the state laws or discussions for store owners addressed the federal government issue? The feds decided not to sue the states to stop legalization and instead are taking a hands off approach as long as we follow some logical (mostly) rules.
What will you do if in 2016 someone gets elected president who says they'll prosecute? I will make a judgement at that time based on the political environment and the potential outcomes. In other words if I can, I will fight it. I doubt any politician is willing to go up against one of the only issues in this country with bi-partisan agreement.
This is much the same approach that was taken in Montana. However, they did raid a number of legally operating dispensaries and seize all their equipment and funds. Do you think there is anything place to prevent that from happening in Colorado? Yes, Montana law was a complete POS. That is why that happened. Colorado law is specifically tailored around fed concerns.
I'm finding the whole interplay between state and federal laws fascinating. What is the procedure if the status of your license is challenged (suspended/revoked) with respect to the cannabis in inventory that you possess? There is no policy that covers criminal liability that I am aware of. By It's very nature, I assume such a policy would be illegal. Such a policy would conspire to remunerate someone in the event they were prosecuted and it is generally illegal to profit from your conviction. I assume we are tested regularly by federal agencies for compliance. If I was the DEA, I would just try to purchase illegally from us, and I'm sure they do. It is no accident that we are still open, I am a serious stickler for the rules. If one's license is revoked, the inventory is destroyed, by the agency doing the revoking.
How's business been today? I was waiting for this one. We actually decided not to start selling yet. This is a very complicated issue, but in short we didn't want to screw our medical patients so we are building the back end first, that way the patients who really need it will continue to have the meds they need.
When did the devil's lettuce first entrap you in her smoky green web? A friend of mine and I found his mom's pipe and we took it to school. That was 4th grade. We smoked a bowl with matches and everything in a ditch on the school grounds (remember it like it was yesterday). Didn't get high, or get busted somehow.
How many people do you guys bust that are under 21? do you think more underage kids go for alcohol or weed? Before today we sold to legal patients under 21. Things are changing though
Will medical patients under 21 still have access to cannabis from your venue? Great question. This is one of the reasons we decided not to open today for retail sales. Lets just say we are working very hard at great personal expense to be able to serve patients under 21(due to regulations that require changes to the building etc). Some of our sickest patients are under 21 and we feel a responsibility to them.
I am glad you are taking that approach. Best of luck to you. You're forging the paths of history. I'm proud to have been able to converse with you. Thank you for saying that. It makes me feel good to know people actually care, because we really take it seriously.
What are the requirements to get your license? And what qualifies you to be a consultant? The requirements are very extensive, in the hundreds of pages. Just too much to go into here. If you are interested, check out Link to This is a start, but not all our regs. What qualifies me is also a large question. In short, I am a professional cannabis horticulturalist, familiar with all cultivation methods. I build solutions for any technique (soil, soil-less,hydroponic,aeroponic etc). I build closed loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment myself and have extensive experience (15+ years) making water and solvent based extractions. I have created and developed over 30 unique cannabis infused products. I have a mastery of cannabis law and cannabis specific regulation that I have gained through navigating one of the first cannabis businesses, through to legalization. There is more, but I'm not trying to brag.
What's your favorite method of getting high? Such a good question. I love to drink medicated hot tea. I make all kinds of tea blends with medicated sugar. I would be happy to tell you how to make it later if you want.
That sounds amazing. I wish there was a cannabis recipe site / book. How to make different edibles using weed. There is.
Where do you get the marijuana from? We grow it ourselves. We also have a licensed grow facility.
We grow it ourselves. We also have a licensed grow facility. Is it difficult to grow marijuana? To grow it, no. To grow a lot of it well, yes.
In your personal opinion, do you feel that marijuana is a gateway drug ? No I do not. Spinning in a circle when you are 2-3 and you become aware that your consciousnesses can be altered, that is the gateway to drugs. Everything else is just a drug and cannabis is one of the safest, most productive drugs.
Do you think there is any potential for marijuana dispensaries to grow into larger, public companies or do you think they will continue to stay small, local stores? There is absolutely that potential and we have felt the pressure of big money for a while in the industry. It will get even harder for small operators to survive now.
How exactly do you verify IDs? Will you be recording customer info off of them and turning that over to some agency? 1.We will verify IDs the same way a liquor store does. We will likely use a scanning device and will record the information for tracking purposes internally through an encrypted and secure server (HIPAA compliant secure server), That information is used to prevent a person from purchasing beyond the daily limit and to provide proof to any law enforcement agency that all sales were legal. There is no list tracking your purchases though that any agency has access to.
How will labeling/testing go as far as THC content... CBD content, etc? The state is also licensing testing agencies and we will be required to test or slap a statement that says its not tested on the product.
Will you be selling bottles of Advil at the register? I am aware of the story and no. It is interesting, however we make no specific medical claims and have no interest in advancing any specific treatment agenda without further study.
I'll throw my personal recommendation behind Advil+Weed, having tested it... very scientifically ;-D. Nice!
How can I manipulate my diaphragm in order to boof rips? Breathe from your stomach not your chest cavity. Just like an opera singer. Not sure what I mean? See this video Link to that is all.
Video length: 4:20. COINCIDENCE? No way. serendipity achieved.
If I wanted to start a low cost of entry business in the industry, what would you recommend? I would recommend starting a satellite business that does not involve actual cannabis. Possibly, a nutrient, organic pesticide formulation, or maybe concentrate accessories. Sell the miners the shovels.
Are you a smoker yourself? I am an ent.
How stringent is the "seed to user" paperwork? I understand that CO is interested in tracking production so they are able to levy taxes on all the Recreational sales and prevent "black market diversion." Is there any legal framework for the distribution/marketing of imported (out of state produced) marijuana? We, here in Humboldt are very closely watching your social experiment as it unfolds... there are some strong proponents here for a Humboldt "branding" (think of Napa Valley as for wine..) of our product for market exposure/penetration. How do you envision that playing out for the overall future of retail sales. And in that same thought, what do we need to do to have "AOC's" enacted for some of our "heritage" production areas? Wow, great question. I love that you are thinking about an AOC for Humboldt and any self respecting cannabis grower should be proud of the contribution tri county has made to cannabis development and anxiously await that AOC designation to preserve those contributions. I would say it is the Mecca of cannabis, but my loyalty to my state will not allow it. Unfortunately it will be a while for those dreams to become a reality. There is an enormous legal framework to be built before that is possible. First, CA needs to legalize recreational use. Everything that follows would take me a few hours to write. I would love to expand on this question. Maybe I'll come back to this one.
How come I freak out when I smoke? How old are you? Be honest, this will help me answer the question.
21 but I only smoked a few times. I just get like dizzy and paranoid and like I guess hallucinate a bit. If you are over 21 it is likely just a bit too much, or is the wrong cannabinoid profile for your brain chemistry. Try taking one hit only (i know it's hard) and make it indica. I think you will have a better experience.
Same thing here. 32 y.o. Smoked like crazy before but now I get panic attacks. I know your not a doc but only Harlequin doesn't give me panic attacks. Would love your input as you seem to be an extremely intelligent person. How often do you ingest cannabis and does that only happen when you smoke it?
About once daily. Smoke, vape and edible (only cheeba chew and kiva bars) - not all at the same time of course. All CBD products except the Kiva as they don't have a CBD "model". Edit: sorry, forgot to answer - anxiety happens with smoking, vaping or edible. Ok, interesting. It initially sounds like you might just be taking too large a dose. What are you medicating for?
What is your take on marijuana vending machines? Link to I am currently invested in the company that provides that machine (Endexx Corp.) and it seems like a good way to increase sales considering transaction times will be decreased significantly. What is your opinion on them? Do you think they will be worth the investment for a dispensary (3,000 a month to lease)? Sorry to tell you this, but I think they are a joke. They are waaay too expensive. On another note, I am proud to employ people and for $3k a month, I could support at least one if not two employees and their families. The vending machine mentality is destroying society and devaluing human interaction.
Who made the better law in your opinion, WA. or CO. & why? They are similar in many ways (which makes sense because in large part they were drafted by the same people). There are aspects of Colorado law that I prefer, for example it addresses more details of medical marijuana regulation along side retail regs. There are other things I prefer with WA. One might seem counter intuitive to some and piss some people off, that WA doesn't allow home grows. I think recreational home grows lead to diversion and will cause problems with the feds. There is a reason bootlegging is illegal, we have been down that road before.
How do you feel about concentrates? Specifically BHO wax? What percentage of your sales consist of wax or shatter, assuming you carry it? Has it driven down traditional sales? I was very hesitant to accept BHO, mostly out of ignorance. Well made BHO is a great and safe product and I love it. Concentrates represent about 10% of sales (additional sales, not replacement sales). I have made water hash for 15 years and love it, but I now have a great appreciation for other methods and in more recent years have become a solvent based hash maker as well. I actually manufacture BHO manufacturing equipment also and I'm working with regulators to create one of the first fully sanctioned closed loop extractors.
I read an article a little while ago about how Washington's legalization laws included provisions for extremely restrictive and unscientific thresholds of THC to constitute a DUI (ie: levels could exceed the limit many hours after any effects would have worn off). Medical users were pissed because because it effectively relegates them to be in constant pain or in constant fear of being charged with a bullshit DUI. How does law in Colorado compare? Similar. There is a 5ng limit and an individual is subject to a forced blood draw to determine that threshold. It is unscientific and an affront to the constitution. On the other side of the coin, I don't personally know anyone who has been prosecuted for that (and basically everyone I know ingests cannabis, including my mom).
Wow, doesn't that effectively negate legalization? Maybe it's a seldom-enforced provision, but the fact remains that it's there and just waiting to be abused whenever convenient. Hmm, maybe that's the point. It doesn't exactly negate legalization, it makes it illegal for cannabis users to have a drivers license.
I've heard there's some limits placed on how much you can get.. and depending on whether you live out of state or not.. do you think those limits will disappear once the tax money starts rolling in? Not for quite a while. The surrounding states would really need to legalize for that to change.
How do you deal with people buying marijuana for people under the age of 21? What about fake IDs? We just refuse to serve them. We have confiscated a few, but that is pretty rare. People are somewhat more afraid to perpetrate that fraud with cannabis than they are with booze apparently.
Is your shop name a witty pun? Hehe no. It is actually a pretty tame and non descriptive throw back to a time when we didn't want to stand out and wanted to be respectful. We are actually in the process of re-branding (still not a witty pun, just a more dynamic name)
So how do you procure your product? Can anyone get a license to grow and become your supplier or do you also have a license to grow it? Anyone with an existing medical cannabis business can apply for a licensed grow facility. We do have our own and grow most of our own product. We will purchase infused products, topicals etc, to sell to give our customers options.
Do you soil grow or are you strictly hydroponic? We are mostly "soilless" at this point (we mix our own soil blend). Its a proprietary mix that includes peat coco and some other stuff.
Do you think we will see a change in federal policy concerning mj before the end of the Obama presidency? The policy has changed, which is why we are being allowed to operate. More specifically, the scheduling of cannabis is a much more complicated matter. The policy has changed several times depending on what detail you are referring to, but I do expect even more change yes.
Are you aware that the Feds hold a patent on the use of cannabinoids? US Patent #6630507. Kannalife has been granted a piece of this patent as detailed here: Cannabinoid Patent Exclusivity Only Applies To One Condition Link to There are over 20 patents related to Cannabis. A site that had a list has been removed, and right now I can't find another, but they do exist and I have a copy (can post if interested). Do you think these patents will prevent regular people from using Cannabinoids for health purposes? I am aware of that and I'm not concerned at the moment. The more entrenched our industry gets, the harder it will be to exercise those patents.
In your opinion, what does the timeline look like to have retail marijuana on a larger scale than just Co and Wa? Who will be next to adopt, and will it ever be nationally legalized? Good question. Several states are working on legalization language currently and I would expect at least one or two to follow suit in the next two election cycles. Each state that implements successfully will grease the wheels for the low hanging fruit. We already wrote the basis for nation wide best practices and regs here, everything after will be a version of ours (good or bad). Nationally, it will likely become rescheduled and left up to states to regulate. I don't think it will be subject to FDA regs, but will be subject to federal licensing. They want another piece.
What was the most difficult step in making this happen? Trying not to work too much. There have been too many 20+ hour days and 100+ hour weeks to count in the last 4-5 years.
Typical pothead. Always working way too hard and focusing only on the job at hand. Story of my life. They said I would never amount to anything and asked, "where is smoking weed all day gonna get you?".
What are the laws regarding smoking in public? I suppose there aren't really tests they can run like a breathalyzer for alcohol. Will there be designated areas to use marijuana like bars? Smoking in public is not allowed and is subject to fines and civil penalties. Public is defined as public property, I can smoke a joint on my front lawn. Private clubs can allow smoking for private but not pubic access parties.
Can the Feds come in at any given time to take all your bud, money, supplies and shut down your store? Have you ever seen the Feds watching you? Technically they could, yes. I don't pay attention, I just follow the law and make sure my employees do too.
Do you think it's safe from a personal safety standpoint for your employees or owners to work the retail aspect of the business? What kind of security safeguards are in place like working behind plexiglass, having a locked storeroom and having cameras everywhere? There is some risk, as with any high profile retail, but we take every precaution we can. All of our employees are very aware of the possible risks. There are cameras everywhere and everyone that comes into the building goes though an intake process. There is a reinforced barrier with a bullet resistant bank teller style window to pass documents into before being let in the door, among many other things.
Any idea how much per gram? Just depends on what store. Basically in the $10-25 range at the moment.
Are you at a [69420] right now? LMFAO! Actually about a 3. Stress. (literally lights a joint) And without this AMA to distract me I would be up to my eyeballs in work.
You mentioned in another comment that you pay a ridiculous 30% in taxes, but you also grow the product yourself eliminating all the middle men taking their cut in the current, not so legal way, most people get their cannabis. With these two factors how do your prices compare to illegal street prices? Also, with legalization, will bongs pipes and other things of the sort still have to be sold "for tobacco use only"? Paraphernalia is legal here in CO, just not "open containers" in your vehicle (unsealed or resin laden, not in your trunk). I honestly don't know what street prices are anymore (no bullshit, its just been that long and I don't have a reason to know). But there are just so many products and options that the question is hard to answer.
How long do you give it before somebody decides to create a name brand grow company and sell pre-packaged joints (much like cigarettes) on a large scale? Its not possible with the current regulations.
How much money is in the legal pot-farming business? It is a multi billion dollar industry.
What advice do you have for someone looking to get a job or career in legal marijuana? Make an impression on the company you want to work for. Don't be just another resume in the pile, unless your specific set of qualifications is outstanding (which is rare and subjective). Don't be unrealistic about what you will earn. Most of us are just trying to survive and are not making much money.
When somebody buys from your establishment. What details are retained and or sent to the local or federal governments? Only the amount they purchased, along with all the other purchases, to track the weight. No personal info.
What is going to happen once all this pioneering and development of the industry makes its way to big tobbacco companies? I am sure they have a plan in the works to grow and sell marijuana themselves, just like their cigarettes, but lace it with addictive chemicals and carcinogens. That is just a myth. That will never happen.
Do you sell only buds/flowers or do you sell concentrates, wax, pipes/bongs, edibles, etc? All of the above.
What is the best strain in your shop? Congrats, by the way! Thanks! It is so hard to say. Each one is like my child and has it's own attributes that make it unique. I really want to answer with one, I. Just. Can't. I'll say AK48 (Pre-2000), Indica dominant, very medicinal, appitite stimulating and the first strain I ever grew commercially so it holds a special place in my heart. Hanis, Bred by a friend of mine and one of the best growers/breeders/people I know "Tierra Rojo", and probably Golden Goat, our cut is just so good, chunky and terpene rich, I love it.
How much, if any, concentrate can an out of state person purchase? Vwax or oil ECT.. 7 grams.
Do you guys sell seeds as well? Not at the moment, but we do breed our own strains. I have discussed it with the Dept. of Ag and When we are ready, we will.
How long is the line outside your store today? Surprisingly few people have addressed this. We actually opted not to start selling yet. It is a complicated issue, but we would have to take inventory from our medical patients to serve the general public. We are just not willing to do that. So while it is extremely disappointing and anti-climactic, it is best for our patients and our business long term.
How much do you blaze up? A lot.
Do you label your marijuana with the ratio of THC and CBD? If so, is your store going to sell any high CBD ratio strains? We do not label them, but are aware of the cannabinoid profiles of each strain. There are no testing standards here yet, so we will wait until we feel confident that we are giving our patients/customers good data. We also breed our own strains and trade extensively with other growers. We do and will continue to sell high CBD strains.
Do you think the price per ounce will eventually be reduced through competition? How long does an ounce last the average person? Also Sativa or Indica? Eventually yes. About a month. Indica.
I'm curious, is there formal and scientific documentation on the study of cannabis farming/agriculture? Or is that knowledge transferred orally? Orally, scientific and pseudo scientific ( etc).
This may be an odd question, but does your family know? Do they approve? They do know. My mother (very conservative ordained reverend) is my mmj patient. Some people judged, some were supportive. Most judged, and still do years later. Then there is jealousy and all kinds of other issues. My family is pretty dysfunctional so that does not help.
I heard 1ounce is fairly expensive (compared to getting it on the street). Is this true or false? Also, what kind of impact is this legislation doing to the prices, do you think the prices will go up, or down? Demand has gone through the roof and supply has not. Prices are very likely to go up and stay up for a while.
Would you consider accepting bitcoin? Yes if it were legal, which its not.
What is the scene now with "too many customers"?. I just mean our biggest problem is untapped demand.
Will I be able to go into medical marijuana stores that have already been open to purchase marijuana if I'm 21 but don't have a medical card? No, only the businesses that have been granted an additional "retail" license. So far there are about 180 applicants and 80-90 completed licenses.
I have a couple of questions for you that I hope you can answer. Would purchasing marijuana be about the same price between a medical marijuana dispensary and these new dispensaries? Of course, the quality has just about everything to do with the price, so lets compare two buds of similar quality. Do you think as years go on, there will be enough competition and product on the market that it will make prices of bud deflate throughout the state (or states if more and more obtain similar laws)? The rec product will be significantly more for the same quality. I have heard as much as $80 1/8 pre tax (35%) tax. The price will come down as supply ramps up.
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[Table] IAmA: We are Reddit co-Founder Alexis Ohanian, Reddit GM Erik Martin, co-Director Nadeem Mazen, and a gaggle of entrepreneurs. We’re here to talk about Internet freedom and our mini-doc Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy - AMA!

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Why does government keep telling us future bills won't have anything to do with internet freedom, but every single time, they do anyway? Thought after the first few, SOPA & PIPA, they told us it'll never happen again.. I think of this phenomenon as a matter of moneyed interests having a bit more bandwidth and consistency when they are trying to jam something through than we do as a more disperse online community. Groups like the Internet Association are beginning to lobby. But basically: politicians are going to revise goals based on what is politically expedient in the moment. At the beginning it may be expedient to join the tide of anti SOPA-PIPA. Then it becomes financially or politically easier to revise that thinking. We just need to be there at every turn with media, examples, arguments, campaign contributions and a whole lot more in order to support the politicians with strong moral and ethical views (and to turn those politicians who are more 'flexible').
So reddit big-shots; What subreddit do you each like and hate the most? Not a reddit big-shot, but thought I'd chime in. /roomporn is an inspiration (and one of my upcoming projects is to make a /roomporn worthy schoolbus interior). I also find myself in /politics a lot, but sometimes it's a little intense.
Like the rainforest that is quickly disappearing, it seems that internet freedom is also on the verge of collapse and that governments and corporations will fundamentally change how the internet will be used and who the internet will be given access to. The internet is the biggest tool we have to seek relevant information outside the conglomerate of media that is controlled by the few, giving us piecemeal of what seems like propaganda, either corporate, government or special interests. We, as the world's citizens need to defend against these erosion of internet freedom. Like the rainforest, we need to take active and monetary responsibility to save internet freedom from destruction and to prevent other future technology from being resigned to this same faith. What role are you as heads of reddit playing to save internet freedom? I definitely encourage you to download a free copy of the film and check out what Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network has to say - his articulation of the issue lines up with yours. And it's a good way to talk about this behemoth: "conservation". I think the issue is that a lot of the govt. infrastructure is broken: easily influenced, low accountability, zero investigative reporting. That pretty much means it's up to us to be 1) more influential (read: half a dozen people calling congresspeople about key issues every single day could make all the difference) 2) holding congresspeople accountable by quantifying their (negative or positive) impact and releasing these studies, 3) investigate (citizen journalism!)
I think the reddit folks do a great job inspiring people along these lines. but it's really up to us to organize. If I had a list of 6 people willing to help organize part time, I'd put tons of time into thinking through this in greater detail. Can I get a "and my axe" from the congregation?
Myspace. Bro, invest in my company it's the myspace of twitter and it's all about, like, foursquare check-ins for your pinterest. We're going to leverage market inefficiencies with first mover advantage, then ROI you hard until you black out!
So guys...what is making the midwest such a premium place for new tech startups? What are the best cities to work in for tech companies and why? I want Erik to chime in here because he has opinions. I was blown away by Cherokee St. in St. Louis. That experience inspired me to bring more art/tech/culture/community building back to Cambridge which is more of a traditional "tech hub" but in a way lacks some of the fast growth, cultural potential, love-of-city, and community cohesion that I saw on Cherokee St.
Hey there awesome people! From what I know about you guys, you're all "stoked about life." You wake up and go to work energized and excited to do what you're doing. Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious. Most people just don't have that. So my question is, how did you find your individual passions and what would you suggest for those of us who are still searching? Well! This is like my favorite topic. I actually teach a course about this as faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I have always been a bit anti-deskjob (possibly to my detriment), so I run around finding fun projects, pouring my all into them, and then desperately trying to break even on life/rent/project costs. It's always worked out well. I was able to start [Danger!Awesome laser cutting and 3d printing]( this way with no money and is pretty much the system I rely on to extend /explore the idea of "things I love" and to fund those things. Any specific questions about how I fell into this program/approach?
Found my passion, leaving desk job within the month ;) And I have another project I want to start, but I need to find me some programmers for that one... I think I'll be contacting you at Nimblebot shortly. Would love to talk! Often we find ourselves advising new startups so that they can sustainably find the resources they need (affordably and quickly) rather than relying on us. Always happy to talk.
Sure, i have a question for you. perhaps using danger!awesome as an example, can you go into the actual process of how you managed to create things out of nothing? (e.g. how did you get the money to set up shop or obtain the knowledge necessary for operating your business?) Ok! So for danger!awesome, I really really really wanted some lasercutters, but realized that (at the some) they were like $30-50k each. The only way I was going to afford that was by getting someone to sponsor a cool project. I shopped around dozens of cool projects with explanatory 1-sheets and examples of why marketing companies, art patrons, grant organizations and others might want to fund 3 cutters at 100k (or even 1 cutter at 30k). Ultimately the band OK Go! got together with us to brainstorm a music video using our lasercutting concepts and we eventually brought them the stop motion concept "last leaf". They got samsung on board, we got universal laser on board (to drastically reduce prices) and it seems like everyone got what they wanted. It was a lot of work and a lot of patience. Now, kickstarter is a great way to do something like that because it's easier for 100 duck sized horses to believe in your plan than it is for one horse sized duck to give you funding all at once (and faster too!). As for learning the business, I would say I was clueless at the beginning and then slowly learned from hard knocks and better entrepreneurs. The key for me has always been assuming I am wrong about a given confrontation/problem that crops up and then taking in knowledge through that failure. More questions on this?
Thanks for the reply! That story seems kind of surreal to me but I'm sure its just a result of hustling and making stuff happen. That being said, can you elaborate on some more of the insights you've learned after having started so many projects? What advice would you give to the you from years ago when he first started out? Advice to me years ago: -Don't start a project until you have a clear, concise 1-sheet describing the idea with pretty pictures -Use your 1-sheet to respond to people who like your idea and ask for "just a few more details on top of this great kick off call" which inevitably happens -When people don't get your project/funding/whatever going, they don't hate you or your idea, they are just busy. Or maybe moving in another direction and simply can't help you just yet. Find out which it is. If they're busy, bother them politely at regular intervals. If they are moving in another direction find out what nonmonetary help they can give you, if indeed they are excited about doing so. Or find out how you can help them (presumably you are talking to them because you already admire what they do and want to support it).
We have not seen nearly the amount of protest against the latest internet legislation. I presume a large part of this has to do with people either tired of fighting what seems to be an impossible opponent or there just hasn't been the same magnitude of press fighting against it to rile people up. Is this an inevitable issue that will only be more difficult to overcome with time? Why haven't I seen more discussion of trying to organize another internet blackout? Will it lose the same bite if it happens again and again? Will reddit go through another blackout, maybe for longer this time? Is there a serious effort being put into developing a parallel version of the internet that can gain serious monetary backers? Or is this just a sort of pipe dream that can't effectively be accomplished in the near future? (I forget the name of the subreddit that was discussing building something like this). Is regulation at the CISPA of the internet really a bad thing? I know there was a lot of hype about the loss of net neutrality, but would legislation like that really lead down such a slippery slope as it was hyped to be just a year ago, or is that just hype to rile up support (just like the other side riles up fears about piracy)? This is a matter of sustainability. Those fighting to gain control of the internet (or anything) through lobbying and lawmaking are consistent and well-supported. If we want to have the same bite, we need to organize. The Internet Association is doing some of that work. But there also needs to be a "by the people" version. So basically, the internet has just deputized you to start organizing people more often/more effectively. Let us know if you need help.
Reddit gets billions of page-hits per month, which translates to a lot of eye-balls on critical issues, and sometimes a lot of money put toward some really great causes. We've seen Reddit contribute to curing diseases, building schools and fences, planning rallies and meetings, and sending people on all sorts of adventures, etc, etc,. What we have is social media that actually creates social action. That's pretty damn miraculous. *** Any plans to proactively tap into Reddit as a place for social action/entrepreneurship? I don't just mean posts that make things available, I mean really bake functionality into the website that would make it a platform for the kind of beneficent movements we've seen in the past? Overall - nothing needs to change, Reddit is great, but it has the potential to become even greater. Does anyone see any other meaningful things that can be done to evolve the site and keep it meaningful? I'd be interested on Erik's view on this. As for Nimblebot, we are working on a video layer that makes user-action and user-participation a bit easier. So when you're watching a TED video thinking "That's amazing work, I should really get involved in something like that" you can instead click a button that leads you to a) connects you with the practitioner in the video b) connects you to the resources they want you to have to be effective as an activist or c) initiates some kind of voice call/form email/whatever that you need to fill out in order to, for example, email your congressman. The key here is adding this interactivity without bothering the user as they watch video - a constraint that we've created effective UX around. I can't wait to see existing platforms for communication really "turn the corner" to become platforms for action.
When making a team for an entrepreneurial venture, what features would you recommend looking for in members? Edit: What features would you advise avoidance? Do have: -An agreement and personalities that allow partners to describe feelings at any time (even if they are irrational) with the intention of strengthening the partner bond -I've watched a lot of entrepreneurs in the cambridge community who were proponents of "yeah we all have strong personalities and argue til we're blue in the face, but we do it out of love and we just want the product to be successful" fail pretty hard. There's only so much tough love your company can take and often it just manifests as anger, condescension, and greed. So I say go for a full team of meek people who know what the common goal is over those "win at all costs" people any day. Almost everyone at Nimblebot blames themself when something goes wrong and it's wonderful to be able to tease out the actual root cause of an issue without the added stress of "he said she said" or "I know i'm right on this one so can you just sign those tps reports, thaaanks" -balance: everyone needs to be able to "run fast" for the company, juggle multiple job responsibilities, and still (appear) to be a human out in real life. that's not super easy.
Can the Internet be controlled? With the government working on bills to control the Internet, how possible is that financially, physically, and legally? It can definitely be controlled. The question is will companies with influence over the internet comply with court orders (yes - always yes in America, unfortunately). A brief aside: Under the guise of anti-terrorism, big telecom companies complied with government orders to put huge wiretap operations on their own customers, a surprising fact which was leaked by disaffected high-ups at various companies and then eventually admitted by administration officials under bush. Those enormous monitoring operations are still in place. Wiretapping is obviously illegal - so eventually these officials and companies were retroactively pardoned as an act of congress. That's bonkers to me. There's already so much control over communications networks and law-making in that little part of our history. I fully believe that this bodes poorly for control of internet if we're not careful/diligent as users.
Why do you think there should be internet freedom? Why do you believe it is important? While bills like SOPA/PIPA were not perfect, I think that the idea of freedom of information (which is a component of the movement for a free internet) is inherently at odds with a capitalist economic system constrained by the physical scarcity of resources in the real world. A free internet made sense when it was for education and non-profit. Now that it is primarily used for commercial purposes, it needs to be regulated, and the government has the constitutional justification to do so. Furthermore, governments, and laws, inherently restrict freedoms but often do so in a good and productive way. Many laws are bad laws, but most laws are by and large good laws, and keep our society functioning. How do you propose to reconcile these realities? Often I just hear, oh, lawmakers don't understand how the internet, or technology, works. But as a young, technologically savvy, highly educated individual, who absolutely understands how the internet works, I just can't get on board with that. You appear to be advocating a type of internet libertarianism, and frankly, I think a lot of what goes on on the internet and has become status quo, should be or should have been made illegal a long time ago. Do you have any thoughts on this? I hear you and I do have some thoughts, but do you have specific ideas on what should be regulated or made illegal as a starting point for discussion? Thanks for the comment, curious where this goes!
If people take one thing away from your new mini-doc, what would you want it to be? Wow, great question. I would say that it's three mini-ideas blended into the same theme: a) people think you have to be in a startup hub to get your tech company going, but it's clear that's not the case b)entrepreneurship + community building/economic growth go hand in hand which is huge for smaller cities in America c) if it only takes 6-8 entrepreneurs in a given city to start making a vibrant startup "scene" (see Brad Feld's book "Startup Communities") that means that 100 of us could revitalize the entire country if we just stay focused and connected.
Awesome points Nadeem. Specifically regarding point 2, do you think that, reflecting on your experiences, tech entrepreneurship can be lauded as a new feasible model to drive growth not just in small-town America but for rural villages in developing countries or even low-income nations who have traditionally struggled with growth? I think it's plausible. I really think Brad Feld's Startup Communities is a good read here. It might be built on the American Context, but it ports internationally and into rural settings. The key would be the "events that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack" + getting some "feeder organizations" to pipe resources into some of these communities and most importantly having super great "6-12 core leaders who focus on startup community growth for the long term ==> 20-year view"
Questions for the guys who hosted the bus: Have there been any noticeable changes in your community since the Internet Freedom Bus rolled through? Did it prompt anything? Yeah - I am with Jordan. We weren't on a colonial journey, bringing light into the jungle. We were just telling stories and making new connections. If anything, we were learning/researching and they were lecturing/informing. If anything changed, it's that each of these companies have yet another experience/avenue for disseminating their important work.
Proof? (I keed! I keed!) Internet freedom seems to be taking major hits lately. Politicians don't understand it well enough to legislate it, and the big players are throwing back freedom as fast as they can manage. Note that large volumes of this seem inexorably tied to copyright law. How do you think this tide can be turned? This is right on - and I think the others will have more detailed answers (particularly Alexis, Erik, and Holmes). For me, the key is in connecting communities online and offline and then telling digital video stories that can be easily spread. This film is nothing more than us showing up to show people what is already going on. And when we did, everyone from big companies to congresspeople came back to say "oh wow, there's some good nuggets in there" - suddenly it becomes a bit more clear and a bit more real that internet freedom and economic growth are tied together (and that the internet economy can really be a big deal even in states not typically associated with "tech"). So now that we have the reddit community (and so many others) out there as a champions for Open Internet, and tons of other organizations steeped in these stories daily, how do we make the video stories diverse in content and ubiquitous in number. I am quite confident that once we have the storytelling down, the dissemination and lobbying part is actually comparatively easy.
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? I don't know why you're getting downvoted, it's a legitimate question. I've put a lot of thought into this one. It's got to be 1 horse-sized duck. I've seen a group of children attacking a tourist in Russia and it's scary as all get out. Basically, tons of small pissed off things will always kill you. Cue any horror movie that has ants consuming flesh, or tons of spiders, or whatever.
I'm going for 1 horse-sized duck and I'm going right for the throat. With my teeth.
Is Congress ever going to stop trying to fuck with the Internet? No. Way. The internet is everywhere and there is a lot of money to be made. When there's money to be made, think tanks and press organizations and lobbyists spin up into action with literally billions of dollars in funding and begin to create legitimate arguments (at various points legislation like CISPA seems attractive, based on "research"). These reports, talking points, and lobbyists are very effective at influencing lawmakers.
The good news is that to counteract this we just need to be organized, informative, and ubiquitous. Bombard these data-hungry representatives and senators from every. possible. angle. Politely (mostly). Heated televised debates and large public protests definitely a good idea.
There are a lot of important "causes" in the world. (Rainforest preservation, feeding the hungry,eyc) I'm obsessed with low-tech/high-impact technologies that can have a big impact on economic growth, education, etc. all over the world. My intiation to this work was through Amy Smith of D-Lab at MIT.
What cause(s) would you fight for if we didn't need to fight for Internet freedom? I'm spending some of my time supporting the social entrepreneurs who help create (and more importantly, make sustainable) worker cooperatives, drip irrigation installation and maintenance, water purification, night-lights (can't eat/can't work/can't read if you can't see!), mobile charging stands, etc.
How do you hope the film will enlighten those who are not tech savvy? More specifically what makes you think you can push start those not in Silicon Valley by means of a movie? Hey great questions! So I think people, even non "tech savvy" people, have a strong feeling that tech happens in the biggest cities. Maybe for some people it's silicon valley. Some people extend that to other coastal cities...But most people don't think of des moines or omaha. And, watching the movie, I don't think you need to be tech-savyy, or even tech-interested, to get excited when you see what ScarlettGarnet or STLStyle or widernet are up to. They are revitilizing their communities, creating brick and mortar shops, and reaching new audiences online - easy.
As for "push starting" those not in silicon valley. I think those not in silicon valley are already push starting themselves and we're just there with a camera. Maybe someone outside of the valley sees this and says "oh yeah that's kind of true - there's entrepreneurs nearby, i need to hook up with that community and get my ideas off the ground". But most likely we're just encouraging people to do the same "connect-make-grow" things they were already up to in these communities. Maybe talking about it more makes it broader, or faster, or both? I think so anyway.
What do you think of the possibilities of ad-hoc mesh networking, rather than depending on large telcos for Internet access? Not an engineer (or not that type of engineer), but I literally dream about this. I actually think that a "own your own data" or "port your own data" social network might have to precede something like that in order to bring "decentralized networks" into the popular consciousness as a useful social tool.
Is there going to be a sequel? Great question! I guess the answer is "Kind of." We're working with Alexis and CEA to make sure that the communities we visited have sustainable video storytelling equipment and training. We want to make it our business that emerging startup hubs keep telling these stories, keep affecting lawmaker policy, and increase connectivity between hubs. We're providing a lot of these services probono and securing the funding for equipment packages and local storytelling/advocacy/activism mentorship in each location. Michael Petricone should chime in on this one!!
Is there such a thing as too much freedom on the internet? Let's ask that question once we reign in control, tracking, illegal wiretapping, price fixing, and a bunch of other stuff. Right now I don't think that is a problem that is really in sight...
I am really impressed with Widernet. Getting knowledge to people that otherwise would not have the access to is changing the world. Sometimes I take for granted all the information just at my fingertips when I access the internet. Allowing a database with eGranary to spread knowledge on a local network in countries that couldn't afford the internet is amazing work. I was wondering if you all know of any example of any type of censoring when these databases are installed in certain countries? I'm hoping it gets there as is. I'll leave this to Cliff or Nick, but just want to say that they're not only an incredible project, they are also incredible people. And insightful on all range of social justice/internet freedom/poverty alleviation topics!
If you could remove one website from existence, what would it be? Pick your mainstream news site. These guys are doing shitty journalism. And it hurts my soul. And every single journalist reporting for these sites has a secret pain. A nagging doubt... "what have I done? what am I part of? can i really do anything to change all this...i've been backed into a corner and there are no paying alternatives anywhere in journalism. someone please help me. please, help me change." But they can't because journalism (and investigative journalism in particular) is on life support. The end.
Well! This is like my favorite topic. I actually teach a course about this as faculty at School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I have always been a bit anti-deskjob (possibly to my detriment), so I run around finding fun projects, pouring my all into them, and then desperately trying to break even on life/rent/project costs. It's always worked out well. I was able to start Danger!Awesome laser cutting and 3d printing this way with no money and is pretty much the system I rely on to extend /explore the idea of "things I love" and to fund those things. Any specific questions about how I fell into this program/approach? Someone gave me reddit gold for this post. I never dreamed it would happen to me (seriously, not joking - even though it seems trivial) and the fact that it was for this comment brings so much joy to my heart. Thank you!
After the safety of the Internet, what is, in your opinion, the biggest problem facing the world? The increasing distance between rich and poor - a root cause of many environmental, legal, and economic problems.
You called yourselves a gaggle... should I be inclined to believe that Reddit is run by geese? 100% geese powered. It's a very green company. Nimblebot takes the refuse and makes artisinal cheeses and cleans feathers, it's where we make our money - film doesn't pay bills, just warms hearts. A symbiotic relationship if ever I saw one.
Now you know. Good to see Charles got off crutches and back into the office!
Hello All! Thanks for taking the time! I'd like to get your opinion concerning the following: Also, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts concerning Danny Hillis' TED talk which was just recently added to the TED collection. Haven't seen Hillis' talk, thank you for the synopsis. Sounds fascinating - and true. In retrospect, things like slash and burn farming, or single-crop farming are so obviously stupid - because often times people knew what they were doing wasn't sustainable. Is that what we are doing here? Likely. Our use of rare earth metals is not sustainable. Our use of network infrastructure is not efficient. I saw a google shirt recently that was a turtle on roller skates...that's what the internet infrastructure is to me: a flaming pile or kluges going at light speed. So...yes, it would be nice to have some social, hardware, or mesh backups of some kind.
If you haven't seen it; Hillis argues that that the internet has become so integrated into our daily routine that we often times don't even realize we are using it (buying gasoline with a credit card, for instance). He warns that too much dependency could lead to disaster in the future if the internet were to suddenly crash and there was no proper backup, or plan b, in place. Thoughts? Ok I will favor the second point here. I think you are right to bring up the first point and agree: there is a huge amount of "primacy" talk and internal contradiction in legislation. Even good legislation. There is certainly no "kantian ontological imperative" talk at play in America's foreign policy, for whatever that is worth.
Whats the best way to educate those that are uninformed on this issue (the elderly, the younger, the uninvolved, etc.)? See some of my thoughts in other comments on the importance of ubiquitous digital video storytelling/storytelling training. If we're all bringing forward polished, articulate, diverse approaches and disseminate this messaging together, we can really do a lot. It only takes a few of us working in tandem to really get something like this going!
Nadeem, this is Jesse... How are you? Awesome that you're doing this AMA. My man! Funny that we have to use the internet to connect. Come by soon :D.
Steve Huffman will be speaking at my college on Friday about entrepreneurship, and founding Reddit and Hipmunk. What questions would you ask him? Would you rather fight 1 alexis sized horse or 100 duck sized alexis'?
What in the fuck is this? That is the worst explanation of socialism ever, and the best part is: SYRIA IS BAATHIST, NOT SOCIALIST. Good job spreading horrible messages. I agree that this explanation of socialism is wrong. But it is the cutest video ever and probably the way that socialism would actually be taught to 5 year olds in an american classroom. Also the video literally says "explain like I'm 5" in the title. So you have to hand it to them for going for "crisis in syria", no?
Do you think bitcoin will flourish? And, with the value going up every single day, are you hoarding your btc or cashing out? I think that for bitcoin to really flourish there needs to be an analogy for the cryptographic underpinnings that lay people can understand. A simple 1 minute animation about how you can take control of the standard of your own money, some of the benefits, but an emphasis on how the heck this thing really works!
Alexis, can you post in /DailyDouble? We're looking for celebrity endorsements and you'll do. You might be rewarded with flair. This is a big opportunity Alexis, you should do it. Things might really take off for you if you can focus up and take advantage of this great offer.
Nadeem, When do you sleep? Is it standing up? Ha! Honestly, I used to just sleep mostly during class in undergrad. Made my nights extremely productive. Now there's no class though - I'm like several years out and I haven't had sleep since like 2006.
Who's your favorite redditor? Besides kn0thing and hueypriest? youvegotapoint. or in real life? trickygonzalez.
Can you, please, delete the Pyongyang subreddit? It is very offensive. You make a very good point. What are you going to do about it?
If you comply with my request I shall allow reddit to remain private when I conquer the country hosting its servers. I will also arrest no more than ten percent of your active users in any given month. Failure to comply...well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I like where your head's at. Tell me more about puppet reddit governments: what mods are you liking right now?
The DPRK will liberate the oppressed peoples of the world! The DPRK will be the vanguard to bring you into the brave new socialist world we will create together! Dude, I am psyched about it. Now, don't be coy with me, what's rodman's cabinet position? I know you've got something incredible in store. Don't make me be all house-of-cards-journalist to get this information out of you.
Can we get back to talking about silicon prairie please? I would love that. Please venture a question!
Dammit... Does it have any nudity? Yes, a single frame. Update us when you find it.
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[Table] IamA guy who hand makes goat milk soap (I am not high, and I meant to do this) AMA!

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Date: 2014-07-05
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Questions Answers
Why soap? goat milk and goat cheese seem a bit more practical. what are major selling points of goat milk soap vs glycerin based soap? When I was a kid and we had the full farm going we sold cheese, yogurt, kifer, milk, and soap. Now I don't have that much time to run a full farm and go to school. Soap made the most sense from a business stand point as it is non perishable and the margins are better then the rest (less spoil and waste)
Goat milk soap has glycerin in it. Glycerin is a product that is made when the saponification process happens. What you are doing is taking a tri-glyceride fat, liberating the glycerin backbone and turning the fatty acids into soap, or surfactant. The soap part cleans and the glycerin (glycerol, same compound different name) is healthy for your skin. Goat milk has added vitamins, nutrients and exfoliating properties then strait glycerin soap.
How did you make your kefir? Much like yogurt but a different culture. It's like a drinkable yogurt if you have never had it.
Saponification. What happens when you screw up making biodiesel. Not screw it up but have the right (or the wrong, in this case) kind of fatty acids in there. On a side note, my master’s thesis is on the production of biodiesel.
Is the process difficult? And how much time does it take for it to be made? Also, is it actually sold a lot? The process isn't inherently difficult but there is a lot of little things that effect the quality of the finished soap. I use a basic cold process ( you can Google it) but have made a lot of tweeks from years of making it with my mom and now my better understanding of the chemical process (saponification) of making soap.
A usually make two batches at a time and it takes me about 4 hours.
Ya there is a lot of this stuff out there. I might be biased but I think I make a very good product. I used to make it and give it out as Christmas presents to people I know but then they wanted to start buying off me and it has grown from there.
I think I make a very good product. From now on i picture you as Heisenberg! Shhh, you'll blow my cover. Instead of a laundry above me I have this.
How much for goat milk meth? About...tree fidy'
What makes goats milk worth making soap out of? how is it different than normal soap? Great question. Goat milk has a lot of moisturizing qualities that really help out your skin. It is a natural product that doesn't require special chemicals to help it adsorb into your skin like a lot of commercial lotions have. It has a lot of vitamin A that helps repair damaged skin. There are also a lot of minerals in there too, like selenium, that have moisturizing qualities.
Is it better than human fat? im sorry this has just been a build up to a fighclub joke... but i am glad i learned something. if i see goats milk soap at a farmers market (is that where you sell it?) i will try some. To clear this up now you can't make soap from human fat, well good soap. If animal fat is used it has to be tallow. Tallow is a hard fat from around the kidneys of cows. As a kid we used this but it make for a very heavy bar of soap that doesn't lather well. Now I only use olive, coconut and other plant based oils.
Like i said, im sorry for the dumb fightclub joke. its the 4th and im kinda drunk. that being said, how would i find home made soaps? farmers market? i really would try them. You can find them there, i would suggest going to my website, Link to , but I might be biased.
I like the site. might i suggest adding the phrase "I make and sell soap" to it. REAL RESPONSE HERE i have hard water, is artisan soap any different in those conditions? It isn't. If you use a water softener it will feel like you are a little slippery but that is because the soap isn't leaving behind a residue you are used too with commercial soaps.
I am using a softener. and i always feel slimy. brb ordering soap. thanks for putting up with the dumb fightclub jokes. If you feel slimy after you are dry that is no good. If you are wet that is a product of the salt that replaces your hard water (calcium and magnesium) pulling the glycerol out of the soap. As in fight club, you can pull glycerol out of the soap by adding salt. Glycerol is a good thing for your skin, but most of the glycerol that gets made in the soap making process gets pulled out of the finished product in large companies as it can be sold for a much high price for other industrial uses.
At what age did you begin learning to make the soap? At what age did you stop? What made you decide to go back to it? I started when I was around 14. I remember boiling down tallow (fat) on the front porch on Saturdays, not fun. I did that for quite a few years than didn't get back into it tell I was about 23. I have been making it for myself, family and friends for the last 5 years and now in the last year looking to grow this into something I can at least help support myself as I finish my Master's degree.
I'm curious, what's your master's degree in? Chemical Engineering
I had a goat named Cheerios as a kid (no pun intended... although, it's a good one). Goats are the best. Did you always have goats? What is your favorite goats name? Ya I grew up with a ton of goats. I had kept one as a pet when I was a kid and named him Tumnus from the lion the witch and the wardrobe. I liked to push on his head and then he would chase me and head but me. It was fun until he got to be a big guy and just pounce on me.
How many goats do you have, how much milk do you get from them, and how much soap does that translate into? Also, is this kind of thing worth the time and effort if you were just supplying your own household, or is it pretty much commercial or nothing? Thanks - this is so interesting! Owning a goat to just to supply my own home in soap is not worth it. They are like any animal and take a lot of up keep. My mother keeps the goat at the moment as I am in school but if this grows I will be getting my own. I can get about a gallon a day per goat. This translates into a lot of soap so we drink it too.
How do you go around selling it? On the streets or is it demanded by pharmacies and stores? I have a few local stores I go to, word of mouth is the biggest way so far, but I am looking to expand into a real business not just a hobby. Now I am looking to break into the internet market.
What kind of stores do you approach? Which ones have the best sales? I am building a relationship with a chiropractor and looking to get into his office. I also live in a tourist town so there are a lot of places that sell locally made things. I'm not in a store now but as a kid the best stores my Mom sold out of were feed stores. We were in a small Texas town though so feed stores were the place to go for soap I guess.
Have you tried etsy yet? I like your goat logo. Have you looked into the hand rafters soap and cosmetic guild? That may help you too. Ya I am on etsy too. I will have to look into the guild think, thanks!
I'm about to move to a small, Texas tourist town and before I read this comment of yours I was thinking "Hey, I could probably do this where I am moving to". Now I am worried that I am moving to the same town and would be stepping on your toes. No worries! I am a free economics kind of guy and if you put me out of business I shouldn't be in business.
In beach towns along the Florida coast, there is sample soap in bathrooms in restaurants that have a sign by it saying where someone can go to purchase it if they like the soap. Just a thought for expanding your market (I want royalties if this works) Taking down your user name and will mail the stacks of cash to you.
DOCTORS are warning people with skin conditions not to use beauty products containing food ingredients after a Melbourne woman almost died following her use of a goat’s milk moisturiser. Link to Wow this is the first time I have seen this. It is hard to believe this happened with a normal use of a goat milk product. I’m not a doctor but I'll have to look into this more as it is the first time I have seen any kind of allergy to goats milk like this in the 15 or so years I have been working with goat milk products.
Can i eat it? You can, but it wouldn't be good. Link to
Where do you get your goats milk from? Goats! I ussaly get it from the family farm but m our sourceing at the moment. Just have to know who to talk to.
I tried to do this as challenge but was put off with using lye, would you suggest trying it with a small batch or is the cost not effective? I make them in small batches. You have to use lye, no way around that. I am well trained in handeling harsh chemicals but you do have to be very careful!
Do you use lye? When I make my soap i use lye and everyone always freeks out about it. If you can find another way to make it, you would be rich! It, or another equalally strong base, is the only way to make soap.
Do you know what a duvet is? Yes, I am under one right now. Getting them in there cover is the worst part about laundry day.
Which goat breeds produce the best milk for soap? What about the best for drinking or cheeses? Edit-grammar. I would say nubian. They give less milk but it has a much better butterfat content and tastes way better.
Would you be kind enough to share a recipe ? :( sorry no, It is leagly my mothers and I can't share it with anyone out side of the family.
Do you think the final product of a CP goat milk soap is superior to one made with a goat milk melt and pour base? If so, why? Also, do you or would you consider making and selling a melt and pour base? I have never used a melt and pour base myself but I know with my process you can't re-melt it and not have some degradation in the quality.
When will you have more blood orange goat soap? I have it made allready but it will be 3 weeks before it is cured enough to sell.
Does it have that goaty smell or taste? No! This is one thing I can not stand and don't taste it, it's soap.
I WANT TO BUY ALL YOUR BARS. I'm curious, I get really bad, painful acne on my back sometimes. How would goats milk soap affect this? It should do wonders. It helps to remove old oils from your skin and mosturize too so you don't get all dryed out.
Have you ever been surprised by someone's reason for preferring your soap? I had a guy tell me it revolutionized his shower experience, that was pretty cool.
Bob Saget and Steve Buscemi. Who would win in a fight? Bob is a bad ass but I think Steve would win from strait wileness.
Is it possible to make soap out of human boob milk? I’m sure it is possible, but not very marketable, in my opinion.
Would you rather fight 100 soap-sized goats or 1 goat-sized soap? Edit: The goat-sized soap is very heavy and can slide at your shins inflicting damage. 100 soap-sized goats. I feel like I could take a tremors II aprove and blat them all with some high rate firepower.
Have you tried accepting crypto currencies? I know the shibes over at /dogecoin usually go crazy whenever a smaller business shows up and wants to accept doge! I haven't, but it would be cool. Just have to collect a ton and hold on to them for when they go big like Bitcoins...
Do you wanna build a snowman... using goat's milk? No, Frozen goats milk looks yellow and like pee ice...
Do you use your own soap? Only thing I have used scence I was a kid.
Are you saying that you've actually made pee ice before? Well, I have peed on snow...
Can we buy the soap online? You can! Link to
Can goat milk be used to make other products (not edible)? And would you consider expanding your business to other products using goat milk? I am, loations and other specialty soaps such as shaveing and dog soaps.
What's your favorite kind of sandwich? Potbelly's Mediterranean with chicken.
This one? Ya but you got to throw chicken on it, non of that vegetarian stuff.
What do you think of Canus brand goats milk soap? Their scented version is way too strong for me, but they are what got me hooked with their unscented. Once I run out of my last bulk purchase from Amazon I will have to look your up! I have never used their stuff. I scent my soaps with essential oils so in the shower it gives a wonderful aroma that isn't overpowering.
Do you take requests for scents? After checking your site, I notice that you don't yet have a sweet floral one. I am working that way but it is difficult to do with essential oils.
It says that your shipping to Australia would be $50 dollars. Is that, um, right? I was ready to buy a bar until I saw that I'd be paying $55.50. Shipping for up to 4 bars should only be 18. then up to 8 is 26... i'll look into it.
No shipping to Canada :( will that ever be available eh? Messeage me and I'll see what I can do.
Okay, I love goat milk soap. It is the only soap that doesn't make me break out. I have a lot of allergies, though. Can we get an ingredient list for your soaps, either here or on the website? Ya ill look at incorperating that into my website here in the next few days. Thanks for the suggestion!
I wanted to buy your soap, but it seems you don't ship to Canada. Do you know if you will soon? Privet message me and we'll get something worked out.
Do you have an etsy store? Please say yes. Yes, sageandlinneasoaps.
Do you plan on allowing shipping international outside the USA such as Canada, Europe, etc? Yes, I just poste those shipping options.
I've been really interested in the idea of making soap for a while. What does the process entail? Also, keep doing what you're doing! I'd love to order some once your website's up and running. :) It is up and running! Link to Thank you for your support.
Are your soaps made with coconut products? I have an severe allergy and have a really hard time finding soaps without coconut derivatives. Yes they are :( I'm sorry.
Have you thought about mentioning that you make BEER SCENTED SOAP as part of your pitch ? I mean, I know its Hops, but still BEER SCENTED SOAP :) That is one of the fun ones!
Would you consider having a soap battle (to the death) with my cousin? He too is a goat milk soaper. Bring it!
Your website only seemed to sell to the US how would I go about getting say one of each kind to New South Wales, Australia? I buy some from the local chemist (drug store/pharamcy in US) here. But yours seems to look better and come in more scents. Email me on the site and we can work out shipping.
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