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Take a Look at the Most Promising Startups of the Year

Forbes released a cool ranking of the most successful startups, noting that they could soon reach values ​​of about $ 1 billion. Let's meet the possible future billionaires:
The startup created a research software in the field of cryptocurrencies, which can shed light on how people use bitcoins, ethereum, lightcoins and other digital money. Financial institutions use this technology to test customers and comply with regulatory requirements to prevent money laundering. Government agencies, such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation can use it to identify illegal transactions and find out about potential perpetrators.
Before joining the team and founding Chainalysis, 49-year-old CEO Michael Gronager co-founded the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, and 47-year-old technical director Jan Moller developed a "virtual wallet" for the "Mycelium" cryptocurrency.
In 2010, 52-year-old Jeff Williams began developing a program to automate software security monitoring. In 2014, together with Arshan Dabirsiagi, he founded the company "Contrast Security" in Los Altos (California). The technology they developed verifies the running code of mobile applications and notifies developers of potential vulnerabilities. In 2016, in order to expand its business, "Contrast Security" hired Alan Naumann, former CEO of the 41st Parameter, who now helps detect Internet fraud, as executive director.
Lior Div, Yossi Naar and Jonathan Stream-Amit met in the Israeli army. Being engaged in cyber security in the military, the programmers came up with "Cybereason" - a cloud platform that constantly monitors and responds to threats. The company was founded in Israel in 2012, and a year later moved to Boston.
As a student at Loyola Marymount University, Jason Wilk, now 34, was always in short supply with credit cards. An avid Reddit user, he had often seen complaints about the fees banks charge for overdrafts. Thus, in 2016, he launched the startup "DAVE". The application tracks users' expenses and alerts them when the balance on the cards is close to zero. In April 2017, DAVE became the "app of the day" in the AppStore. In just two years, it has been downloaded almost 10 million times.
Divvy provides businesses with free budgeting, fraud prevention and cost management tools. It offers Mastercard cards and charges commissions from banks when they pay for purchases. Alex Bean and Blake Murray have managed to attract over 3,000 corporate clients, including WordPress, Evernote and Qualtrics.
"Duolingo" is one of the most popular language learning and translation platforms in the world. It is used by over 28 million people a month. Most use the free version of the app. The CEO of Duolingo was a professor of computer science. Before starting a company in Pittsburgh, Louis von Ahn sold two inventions to Google, one of which you surely know of – "reCAPTCHA". Luis von Ahn is an immigrant from Guatemala. He claims that his knowledge of English has fundamentally changed his life and that’s why he now offers free training to all those who want to learn the language.
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Matching Donations: Register/Manage Names with Libcoin Rebase / Lite Client

As you may know, the Namecoin dev team has been working to rebase namecoind and Namecoin-Qt on a newer codebase, specifically libcoin (a refactorization of Bitcoin Core by Michael Gronager of the Kraken exchange). This is because namecoind and Namecoin-Qt are based on the Bitcoin 0.3.x codebase, which is not really maintainable.
libcoin has a lot of nice benefits: most notably it makes it easier to produce trust-free lite clients (we've already done some experiments getting the stored blockchain reduced in size significantly, see ).
Right now libcoin does not support the name_new, name_firstupdate, and name_update RPC commands, which are a prerequisite to the rebase. (It already supports name_show, name_filter, and name_scan.) To help speed up development, the FreeSpeechMe fund will be matching donations for this feature 1:1 up to $50 USD (so up to $100 bounty total). The bounties are handled via BountySource; this means that no one can redeem the bounty until the GitHub issue is closed. BountySource's escrow services are built in to protect against fraud. Both USD and BTC are accepted by BountySource.
So, if you'd like to support Namecoin development and have a few dollars to spare, please consider posting a bounty. You can do so at the link below.
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Bitcoin y la Blockchain: Realidades, riesgos y recompensas @ LATITUDE59, Estonia

//Bitcoin & the Blockchain: Realities, Risks & Rewards @LATITUDE59, Estonia
Realizado por ICT Week 2015 / LATITUDE59 / #estonianmafia
Cortesía YouTube
Publicado el 22 de Mayo el año 2015
El Bitcoin es motivo de interés en todo el mundo, al punto que en la mayoría de países progresistas con startups, grupos de interés, emprendedores y hasta capitalistas ángeles se están motivando a impulsar nuevos desarrollos y aplicaciones tanto para el Bitcoin, como para su tecnología subyacente la cadena de bloques o Blockchain, en este video de hace casi un (01) año, traemos un evento realizado en Estonio sobre el Bitcoin que demuestra el interés en esa tecnología en ese país.

Cada primavera la familia de #estonianmafia invita a sus amigos y socios globales potenciales para que participen del evento Latitude59 la reunión más grande del ecosistema de capitalistas de riesgo, startups y emprendedores nórdicos del Báltico. Las palabras clave del evento del año 2015 de Latitude59 fueron e-Residencia, FinTech y Evolución de hardware. Este evento contó con la participación de más de 1000 empresarios en el sitio y otros +4500 que seguieron la transmisión en vivo por Internet.
Amos Meiri, Co-Foundador y CEO de Colu, Michael Gronager Co-Foundador y CEO de Chainalysis GmbH y Asesor de Kraken Bitcoin Exchange. Moderado por: Yrjö Ojasaar Socio Director de Solon Partners Ltd.

La próxima Latitude59 está prevista para el 31 de mayo al 01 de junio del año en curso.
El video posee CC subtítulos que pueden ser traducidos automáticamente a cualquier idioma para una mejor comprensión de lo que se señala en el video. Para hacerlo, ingresar en configuración/subtítulos/autotraduciseleccione el idioma.
Fuentes en Inglés:, Latitude59, Latitude59 – Photos_Stream, @Latitude59, @amosmeiri, @gronager, @yrjo.
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43. BITCOIN 2013 - Day 2 - Bitcoin in the Future, part 5of5 Bitcoin: A safe investment? Panel Discussion: What type of regulation for virtual currencies? #TradeTalks: Bitcoin Market Stability – More Reasons to Fight Fraud After Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies - where will we be in a year's time?

Michael Gronager, Chief Operating Officer, of Payward Inc, the startup behind the biggest Euro to Bitcoin exchange, gives his vision of the crypto-future and explains why Payward Inc uses Luxembourg's data centres for its critical and secure services in Europe. Michael Gronager. Chainalysis Raises $16Mn – Plans to Monitor Multiple Blockchains April 6, 2018 Jamie Redman 0. The blockchain surveillance company Chainalysis has announced it has raised $16 million USD in a Series A funding round from the firm Benchmark. ... View Michael Gronager’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Michael Gronager discover inside connections to recommended ... But Gronager defends the importance of transparency and tracking in terms that might give hardline privacy advocates pause. “When it comes to privacy, it’s not either/or,” he says. “The balance you have with Ethereum and bitcoin is, you don’t have any identity tied to your persona . . . It enables you to have a decent amount of privacy in your transactions, and at the same time you ... However, Gronager, who first began working in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space in 2011, is confident that companies such as Chainalysis will help the nascent crypto industry thrive by working ...

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43. BITCOIN 2013 - Day 2 - Bitcoin in the Future, part 5of5

A former key executive at the United States Department of the Treasury has joined a major cryptocurrency investigation firm, Chainalysis. Sigal Mandelker, a ... SPEAKERS: Amos Meiri (Colu), Michael Gronager (Chainalysis GmbH, Kraken Bitcoin Exchange) Moderated by: Yrjö Ojasaar (Solon Partners) Each spring #estonianmafia family invites its global friends ... Chaine d'information Sans Limites TV éditée par le Groupe GSL Communication, Ouest Foire Dakar ( Sénégal ) Directeur de Publication : Yankhoba SANE SERVICE C... Panel: Mike Heam (Moderator), JR Willett, Jeff Garzik, Michael Gronager, Chris Odom 3) This is an amateur video i... Digital Magus uploaded a video 7 years ago How to trade Bitcoin was discussed at a meeting attended by politicians and business leaders in Copenhagen today. The conference was par...