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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card?

I recently received 2x 100$ Visa Vanillagift prepaid cards and I want to buy btc with them. I am in the US. Is there any way I can buy btc (not p2p) and no ID verification online? I’ve heard of a website gocoinstream.com but idk if I can use prepaid cards or if theres any verification
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Where can you buy bitcoin online?

Bitcoin, the highest valued cryptocurrency right now has taken the digital world by storm. The success of bitcoin has opened the door for many traders and ultimately the world of digital currency or better known as cryptocurrency.
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Can you buy Bitcoin as an underaged person?

Of course! Bitcoin as the censorship resistant, decentralized, sovereign money means no one can dictate if you can or cannot use it.
There is no central authority to say you can’t, though you might be limited to access certain types of ways to buy them (simply because you need to be of a minimum age to use most services) but there are P2P trades (which I still suggest you ask for adult supervision) that will allow this.
Perhaps the easiest for now is to buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM with cash. Most won’t require identification for small amounts, and you can get your Bitcoin on the spot with cash payment.
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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid visa gift card? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Where can you buy Bitcoin without registration?

Yesterday, our answer to this query got 1.5k views, so it was a really popular question that people ask, apparently!
And it's a reminder to us that many people start their Bitcoin journey without even realizing that it's sovereign money and that they need never to register any personal information to use it.
Crazy times we live in!
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Can you buy bitcoin in LBP?

Is there any way to buy and invest into bitcoin by cash in LBP? Say, 10 million LBP?
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Can you buy bitcoin with a card with atomic wallet if you're 17? Do they check the users age?

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Can you buy bitcoin with "credit limit"?

I attempted to use credit card to buy bitcoin on Coinmama and they tried to charge me through cash advance. Are there ways for me to use my credit limit to buy bitcoins?
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Where, in the U.S., can you buy Bitcoin -- today, with cash? Coinstar bitcoin vending machine locations

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How can you buy bitcoin if you are underage?

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How Can You Buy Bitcoin By Using Mobile Money?

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Can you buy bitcoin with fiat on COSS?

Is there an option to buy crypto with your debit card and bank account?
I can't seem to find it.
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Can you buy Bitcoin with a credit card if you are a New York State resident?

First let me get this out of the way: I fully understand that purchasing Bitcoin with credit is a big risk. I've been following Bitcoin since 2012. I know how it goes. My intention is to purchase an amount that is no more than what I currently own in Bitcoin, and if the price drops by half, I'll pay the card off by selling ALL of my Bitcoin. I strongly believe the price is on its way up from here and I'd like to add on more BTC to what I have. (I am an employed dude with no kids or house or student loan debt so it wouldn't be the end of the world if this goes wrong).
I'm looking for recommendations for the following:
Any suggestions are massively appreciated! I am also all-ears for other strategies and suggestions.
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can you buy bitcoin online?

Bitcoin, the highest valuedcryptocurrency right now has taken the digital world by storm. Success ofbitcoin has opened door for many traders and ultimately the world of digitalcurrency or better known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoinis actually entry on a huge global ledger called the Blockchain. Blockchainrecords every transaction that has ever happened till this moment. The completeledger is about 200 GB of data. So, whenyou send someone some bitcoins, it’s not like you are sending them a bunch offiles. You are basically writing the transaction down on that big ledger. Theledger is not centralized to any bank and it is completely decentralized.Anybody can volunteer to keep the blockchain up to date with all the new transactionsthat happened and a lot of people do. It all works because there are lots ofpeople keeping a track of the same thing, to make sure all transactions areaccurate. So the point now is where can you buy bitcoin online

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Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash with VISA/MasterCard hassle free?

I'm trying my best to on-board people to BCH and one guy was going to buy it right then and there. I know you can buy BCH on bitcoin.com with a credit card so I told him about it. "It can be easily bought with your credit card."
He reluctantly entered his personal details on this website he had never visited and continued to finalize the purchase. However then he was told to photograph both sides of his driver's license. After much hesitation he finally did take the photos but right before uploading the pictures he did a google search for the payment provider that bitcoin.com used and sure enough he got a bunch of scam warnings and "do not use"-threads. So he ended up cancelling the purchase and haven't bought BCH to this day because of it.
This is ridiculous, having to enter personal details and even a shipping address (?!) for buying crypto is one thing since the store can probably see those things anyway when buying using a credit card. But having to photograph your driver's license is one step too far. It adds a ton of hassle and even more uncertainty. Especially if the payment provider gets accused for fraud in the first couple of google results...
When I buy a pair of shoes online I don't need to photograph my driver's license in order to do it, why on earth should it be more complicated when buying crypto? It makes it much harder to on-board people. At least tell your customers that they need to photograph their driver's license BEFORE they start the buying process so it's not an unpleasant surprise at the very end.
Does anyone know of any sites that allow me to buy crypto with VISA/MasterCard without needing to jump through hoops and photograph ones driver's license or passport?
Preferably ones you have used yourself so you can be 100% sure they are quick and easy to use. I want to be able to tell people it takes 2 minutes to finish buying Bitcoin Cash (no accounts, no verification).
I've looked at https://acceptbitcoin.cash/ for places btw but it's impossible to know which ones that want your license or passport at the end of the payment process.
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Can you buy Bitcoin @market-rate and have them sent to a personal wallet

What are some platforms that allow buying btc at market-rate and allow the btc to be transferred to a personal wallet with good fees? (Other than coinbase)
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Can you buy bitcoin with a prepaid Visa card?

Trying to buy bitcoin with a prepaid card will it work?
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How can you buy Bitcoins in Bahrain?

What are the ways in which people buy/sell Bitcoins in Bahrain? What exchanges are there? I saw one called rain.bh but I don't think they've launched.
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Can you buy bitcoin with a credit card?

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Can you buy bitcoins for $5

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BCC Where can you buy Bitcoin Cash in the UK?

I cannot see any on Coinfloor even though they claim to support it.
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Can you buy bitcoins and other crypto with prepaid credit cards ?

I just don't trust any of the sites with my real cards/bank....
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