Bitcoins - Worthy Investment or a Big Risk

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/r/btc was created to foster and support free and open Bitcoin discussion, Bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top... Economists John Quiggin and Kevin Dowd stated in 2013 and 2014 respectively that bitcoins have no true value, although they didn’t forecast a time when bitcoins would become worthless. On the other hand Rate Strategist David Woo for Bank of America FX forecast a maximum fair value of $1,300 for a bitcoin. Professor of Finance David Yermack said in 2015 that bitcoins would eventually be all ... There are seemingly endless cases with Bitcoin where people have lost their private keys along with access to their Bitcoin wallet. The price of Bitcoin has gone from under 10 cents in 2010 to ... I have a new piece out in the National Interest, explaining why gold, unlike Bitcoins, will remain valuable for many years to come.In essence, gold has an intrinsic value derived from its industrial and decorative uses, and this value is enhanced by the demand for gold as a store of value, and by the belief (mistaken in my opinion, and certainly not an option I would favor) that gold-backed ... Without further ado, let’s follow the steps below, get our first Bitcoin wallet for free and then purchase Bitcoin. The senior account manager assigned to you is going to guide you through those steps and show you some of the best strategies available so that you become successful at online trading. Well, only time can tell…. Bitcoin Up members get to use a copy of our software for free ...

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Victim Hump: Doggone vs Dogoff

I’m the last turkey to shop this fat bag of dicks. But screw you, I have a format. Why not come to the ICMI this August and see odd people being odd: This content ... I've decided I get to break the rules as long as it’s fun. Those is the rules that I just made up, for fun. This content is NOT SUITABLE for the emotionally ... Thanks to Wizard of Cause for the use of his studio space and professional lighting. After this it’s back to everlasting amateur hour. So enjoy. This content is NOT SUITABLE for the emotionally ... Quiggin Report John "Angel Impaler" Stevens Shane Thompson Dr Nah Evelyn Kouromichelakis Ann M. Olsen whisp Stuart Duhuhu David Bridden GroundFloorGuthrie The Atomic Ass Petar Bozukov Alexander ... Happy Halloween. And Happy November 1st to Australia. Since Bane went first, I couldn't in all honesty make this a premiere. It's a 'deuxieme' at best. This content is NOT SUITABLE for the ...