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testing blackcoin css

testing blackcoin css

[NEW] Quick Links, Rich List, FYI, Mining (README)

I mined BlackCoin during the first week of release and have been a strong believer in its low inflation PoS concept. Since the release of the multipool, I've pulled all my other altcoins and have completely dumped them in to BlackCoin.
Why? Because this BC really is a coin that can provide great returns in the short term and even better returns in the long term.
As well, with the new multipool, we are taking the value out of other altcoins and increasing the value of BlackCoin. It is an inherent characteristic of this PoS coin that will make it successful.
Of course, I want more people to become involved and spread the wealth around to others. If ANYONE needs help setting up their miner, feel free to PM me, I'm always willing to help out.
Want to join the pool? http://blackcoinpool.com/ (Talk to us in IRC too!)
Want a wallet? http://www.blackcoin.co/ (Official Site)
Want to view the rich list? http://maarx.nl/maarx.nl/blackcoin/distribution/
What is proof of stake? https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Proof_of_Stake
Want to exchange your coins? https://www.mintpal.com/market/BC/BTC
Watch the market cap rise! https://coinmarketcap.com/
Again, want help with your miner, joining the pool, how PoS works, how we can still mine if PoS is over and any other info, PM me! I would be happy to answer your questions and do my darndest to get you involved in BlackCoin :)
Any donations are always appreciated. Thanks!
Bitcoin: 159oyRLAE6vu5nwnDRZApFs4CnSmoY6zkf
Blackcoin: B8bxpKBAEvUfRejWb9SxRq4ERxdeHn3puZ
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TL:DR Some elements of the recant, surreptitious Blackcoin pump

This story of how Blackcoiners started to put together the infrastructure that got us to where we are today begins with the early establishment of the relationship between the coin and Mintpal. Mintpal believed in the coin from the start and quickly implemented it giving us a running start.
BC is now their highest volume offering. The relationship has been so good for us that some Blackcoiners now refer to it as Blackpal. The good relationship has been mutual. Mintpal put up the remaining 5 BTC in the last few days that was required by CoinKite to implement the coin. The surreptitious ability of the community in the last few days to meet the goals set by the dev team in this case obviously impressed some resent investors.
Blackcoin is a simple hybrid coin that was the first to go 100% PoS and was distributed in a fair way. There was no premine. This is why we think we deserve have our #9 in market cap at this point in our development.
Peercoin was the first hybrid coin, currently #4 in market cap, but it is not nearly ready to go 100% PoS any time soon.
NXT is 100% PoS, currently #6 in market cap, but it was not a hybrid coin. Sunny King recruited a small group of investors who essentially received premined coins in exchange for the bitcoins they put up. Some people believe this was not a fair distribution process.
While Ripple, #3 in market cap, is not technically a PoS coin, it takes an expert to try to understand the difference.
Obviously, the market is rewarding coins that are not based on Bitcoin’s PoW model.
Also, NXT is not a simple coin. It has all kinds of bells and whistles that are much too complicated for the novice user to even try to understand. Trying to explain a PoS coin is a great enough challenge.
Some people do not consider Ripple to be coin and do not consider it to be a rival for either Bitcoin or Litecoin..
Blackcoin's hybrid phase has already ended. We believe the mining phase gave us a fair distribution. Blackcoin is a simple coin like Bitcoin and Litecoin, currently #1 and #2 in market cap. .
We believe that the astronomical cost of mining hardware and the electricity require to maintain PoW coins is pushing their price down as the miners dump to stay in business.
These are the fundamental crypto attributes that has brought Blackcoin to where it is today. A press release was widely distributed on Wednesday that was used to produce over 200 stories on websites like this one:
Here is Coin Cartel’s updated blog post based on the press release and subsequent BC price action:
Here is the Friday link announcing the pre ordering of the BlackCoin Wallet Card.
The card has a USB dangle containing the light weight wallet.
Here a link to a UK blog carrying another announcement of the Blackcoin lightweight wallet software:
It is now further down on the webpage. Here is what it says:
Over the past few months, we have seen several crypto currencies develop some sort of desktop lightweight wallet. Coins like DigitalCoin and WorldCoin, but you can now add BlackCoin to that list.
Although adding BlackCoin to the list might be a tad premature, as the lightweight client is only starting development as of today.
The project itself will be open sourced, and a GitHub link is available (click here). The developer , called nov3a4 , is expecting to have the client ready for testing next weekend.
The reason why project like a lightweight wallet are important, is because users won’t have to download a huge amount of data in order to synchronize with the BlackCoin network.
The press release and the announcement of the BlackCoin Waller Card were obviously intended to pump the coin.
Here are Soepkip’s instructions to us to raise Prelude BC volume from 0 to 50 BCT in 24 hours to compensate them for fully implementing BC on Mullah:
The goal was met in less than 12 hours. This turned out to be another surreptitious aspect of the pump that obviously convinced many people that Blackcoin now has an effective community supporting it. It was shortly after this goal was met that BC broke above 20 k satoshi.
I have not covered here the latest developments in Blackcoin multipool mining. While the mining of BC itself has finished, some miners still want to have the coins to hold. They can join the effort and be paid in BC that are purchased on the open market using the results of their work. If they hold, it reduced the public BC supply. It is neutral for the supply if they sell. This is unlike the case with PoS coins, where we believe the professional miners are pushing down the price to make a living.
This is a rough draft. Please proofread and report any corrections or additions that you think I have made or left out.
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Hi all,
I am Jester, I am from Belgium and wanted to share my project with everybody. I have been working on it for over a month now, and it is in the final stages of development. The main idea is to provide altcoin traders with an intuitive trading platform that gives them more insight in the different altcoin markets on the main altcoin exchanges. (Cryptsy, Mintpal, Poloniex)
I did some trading on Cryptsy and what bothered me was the lack of actual live charts, detailed market information and cumbersome trading.
  1. The candlestick charts only refreshes every 5 minutes
  2. Refreshing the browser is often necessary to get the latest market information
  3. There is no good overall market overview
  4. Users have to open several browser windows to trade multiple markets at the same time
  5. Poor to no automatic trading functionality
I decided to create a winforms application to tackle these issues. It started out as a hobby project as I thought it would be nice to chart the 6 hour price evolution of all the altcoins. Soon after I added a simple trade panel based on forex trading platforms so that I could instantly place an order, instead of refreshing the browser for the latest price, entering the amount clicking the buy/sell buttons and confirm the transaction, which seemed rather cumbersome to me. As the project evolved, I decided to add detailed charts using the Zedgraph library (http://sourceforge.net/projects/zedgraph/). A couple of weeks ago I was looking for similar projects online and discovered C.A.T bot by Sampey. I registered on this forum to follow the interactions and I decided to code some bot functions in my application too.
At the moment, the application is a bit of a hybrid between trading platform and bot. From a trader's perspective, I think you can still earn a lot more by executing your trades manually, but I understand that for most people this would take up a lot of their time, so a trade bot is a handy add-on if you set it up well.
Currently, one static trade bot and 3 dynamic trade bots have been implemented. The functionality is explained on the website: http://altcoinsniper.com/advancedversion.html I plan on adding a bit of code in the future that compiles a text file from the user while the application is running, so users will be able to write their own automatic trading algorithms using the variables in the source code. (there's some screenshots of the bot code on the website, the plan is to open this up for users, so they can write their own logic)
I know the cryptocurrency community is all about open source, and I know it is selfish and some people may think its sketchy, but I don't like to make this application open source for now. I can guarantee everyone though, that I did not put in all the work to spread malicious software or to steal everyone's API keys. I just feel like I put a lot of work in the application and it would be awesome if I could get some BTC for it in return. To me it seems better to enter the bitcoin ecosystem by selling creativity and passions instead of converting fiat currency.
I don't know what is expensive for most altcoin traders, but I see that most other bots or cryptocurrency trading platforms sell for about 0.7-0.9 BTC. I decided to offer the basic functionality of my application for free, and the advanced trade panels and bots for 0.5 BTC. The bot logic is in c# and I added screenshots on the website, so you can decide for yourself if it is worth 0.5 BTC or not. I am always open to suggestions and improvements to the logic as these are the first auto-trading algorithms I coded. I have done some test running of the bots though and got the following results:
mzc (buy low /sell high -algorithm) sell buy 4/18/2014 15:16 100 0.00000146 0.000145562 4/18/2014 15:13 100 0.00000142 0.000142284 4/18/2014 15:34 100 0.00000151 0.000150547 4/18/2014 15:29 100 0.00000148 0.000148296 4/18/2014 15:56 100 0.00000162 0.000161514 4/18/2014 15:51 100 0.00000161 0.000161322 4/18/2014 16:03 100 0.00000167 0.000166499 4/18/2014 16:01 100 0.00000156 0.000156312
flt (buy low /sell high -algorithm) sell buy 4/18/2014 15:13 100 0.00002201 0.002195498 4/18/2014 15:10 100 0.00002147 0.002152368 4/18/2014 15:51 100 0.000023 0.00229425 4/18/2014 15:13 100 0.00002253 0.002258633 4/18/2014 15:56 100 0.00002333 0.002327168 4/18/2014 15:51 100 0.000023 0.00230575 4/18/2014 16:05 100 0.00002351 0.002345123 4/18/2014 15:57 100 0.00002331 0.002336828 4/18/2014 16:10 100 0.00002442 0.002435895 4/18/2014 16:07 100 0.00002333 0.002338833 4/18/2014 16:39 100 0.00002421 0.002414948 4/18/2014 16:11 100 0.000024 0.002406 4/18/2014 16:53 100 0.0000252 0.0025137 4/18/2014 16:46 100 0.000025 0.00250625 4/18/2014 16:55 100 0.00002595 0.002588513 4/18/2014 16:54 100 0.00002525 0.002531313 4/18/2014 17:38 100 0.00002606 0.002599485 4/18/2014 16:56 100 0.0000259 0.002596475
bc (buy low /sell high -algorithm) sell buy 4/18/2014 15:45 100 0.00038501 0.038385497 4/18/2014 15:09 100 0.00038 0.038076 4/18/2014 17:14 100 0.00039 0.038883 4/18/2014 15:49 100 0.00038799 0.038876598 4/18/2014 17:16 100 0.000388 0.0386836 4/18/2014 17:15 100 0.00038601 0.038678202 4/18/2014 17:36 100 0.000391 0.0389827 4/18/2014 17:17 100 0.000389 0.0389778 4/18/2014 17:55 100 0.00039209 0.039091373 4/18/2014 17:38 100 0.00039 0.039078 4/18/2014 18:11 100 0.00039495 0.039376515 4/18/2014 18:01 100 0.00039265 0.03934353
bc (trend-algorithm) sell buy 4/18/2014 15:44 100 0.000385 0.0383845 4/18/2014 15:15 100 0.00037878 0.037953756 4/18/2014 17:36 100 0.000392 0.0390824 4/18/2014 15:45 100 0.00038997 0.039074994 4/18/2014 18:11 100 0.00039495 0.039376515 4/18/2014 17:36 100 0.00039296 0.039374592
This is how it looks in the application: http://altcoinsniper.com/images/trading.JPG
More info on the bots and the trade panel is on the website. (www.altcoinsniper.com) It is possible to simulate trading and test run your bot settings. Currently, only Cryptsy is fully implemented, but if there is a lot of interest in the platform, I will work on implementing other exchanges. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to respond on this post or contact me at [email protected]
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Supporting the Litecoin Trading Pairs on the alt exchanges

One advantage that litecoin has over other alts is that it is a trading pair in it's own right on most exchanges, as an alternative to trading against bitcoin.
As trading volume using litecoin increases, we should see people holding onto it for trading purposes, rather than selling for bitcoin, creating a network effect.
Most people unthinkingly use the bitcoin pair even if the litecoin pair offers better prices and profits.
One thing the community can do is where there is a litecoin pair and it is more profitable than the bitcoin pair, to use that instead.
It's important that there is volume on the litecoin pairs otherwise they get eliminated (eg Mintpal eliminated the MINT/LTC pair because the volume was negligible compared to the MINT/BTC pair).
It's very much the case of use it or lose it.
Here are some pairs which occur in both btc and ltc:
Too many to list
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A so-called, moving “sell wall” or “buy wall” is not an attempt to manipulate a financial market as claimed by Iconic and others. It is just a characteristic of any ongoing financial market whether the NYSE, the London Stock Exchange, soybean, pork bellies, or BC on Mintpal.

When viewing the Mintpal BC order book using BitcoinWisdom, it does appear that a buy wall rises over time during a continuous rising trend, and that a sell wall descends over time during a continuous falling trend. However, this is just the result of the stochastic nature of financial markets as explained on this Wikipedia page;
Stochastic theory is an applied branch of mathematics.
Just dream about what you would do, if you had enough BTC to buy 100,000 BC on Mintpal, and you had all the time you wanted to make the purchase. You might go and buy them all at once, but that is not what someone who appears to be using a buy wall to move up the price is actually doing, even if, Iconic claims that is what is happening. I think someone as smart as I think Iconic is does not really believe that.
Well maybe Iconic really believes it, but the most famous nineteenth century Robber Barons: Jay Gould, John d. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and J. P .Morgan; did their most famous dirty work without buy or sell walls.
Think about a financial market that trades 24 hours a day 7 days a week, week in week out without any holidays. If there are more people at any one time that want to buy, them the market will go up as long as the situation lasts, As long as there are people who wan to sell, the market will go down as long as the situation continues.
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