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Where should my ASIC investment go to?

Which company has a good reputation for shipping quickly and having quality products? I have a very good amount to invest, and I figured I should have some other opinions as well as my own.
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I became financially independent by investing in Bitcoin

Hello, thought I'd share my journey. I'm 31 and invested heavily into Bitcoin when it was just $5! The price of Bitcoin is now ~$2800 AUD!
It hasn't all been smooth sailing though, having being hacked for 750 bitcoins]( and losing a lot of bitcoins to high risk, Bitcoin denominated investments ASICMiner and NEO&BEE.
I cashed out a chunk of coins at around $1,000 (regrettably) and don't expect to cash out anymore until we hit $5k.
I'm currently earning an insane interest rate of ~125% p.a. on Poloniex which gives me an annual income of $178,000. I realise this is high risk, but the opportunity is too good to pass up.
I've been living in Taiwan for the last 3 years and will be returning to Perth next month. I run a Bitcoin Meetup group if anyone there wants to talk about Bitcoin.
Happy to answer questions here too.
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My tragic tale: A veteran/victim of the Bitcoin Securities market

I started buying coins heavily in 2013. This is one of many buys, since I had lots of disposable income at the time:
I was putting them all into stocks on Bitfunder and I made big gains on Asicminer and sold out at 4+ BTC per share. I toured Europe for a few months on my proceeds.
Then I invested nearly 100 coins into an exciting startup called ActiveMining which was organized on the BitcoinTalk forums. They had a press release from eAsic partnership which appeared very legitimate and drove the share price up. At one point my book value on Bitfunder was over 1000 BTC, which was the projected payout of my shares.
Then Ken Slaughter disappeared and it all came crashing down. One by one the securities markets got taken down. Now only Havelock remains as a defunct reminder of what once was.
I've got a few piddly coins sitting on a hardware wallet, but every time the price goes up I cringe and wish I had put the coins into storage since the beginning.
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Asset discussion 25/6: BASIC-Mining

Sorry about the late post, was busy.
This will be a once every 2 day stock discussion so every stock will be discussed.
Topics to be discussed includes but not limited to:
Today's discussion is BASIC-MINING which is traded on those exchanges below by order of volume:
BitcoinTalk Forum Thread
Business Model
bASIC-MINING was created to pool resources and to provide investors with an easily accessible path to ASIC mining hardware without a large upfront expenditure. This is not a mining bond with a fixed hashrate that offers a perpetually lower yield over time as difficulty increases. This is instead an opportunity to own a share of ASIC hardware, to have a voice in how that hardware is utilized, and to share in the rewards this hardware provides. 70% of all revenue generated by bASIC-MINING will be distributed to shareholders on a daily basis. To ensure that bASIC-MINING can continue to grow and remain competitive as the BTC network grows, 30% of mining revenue will be held in reserve to purchase new hardware.
bASIC-MINING was supposed to utilize bASIC ASICs but that operation folded so they are now utilizing other ASICSs.
Based on the performance on BTC-TC, the performance are as follows:
Dividend Yield Estimates (calculated using 2.78236/Share)
Based On Paid Est Annual % Est Annual BTC
30d 0.00434931 5.44% 0.05291660
90d 0.00823619 3.44% 0.03340232
190d 0.02276944 4.5% 0.04374127
Latest News
Recently received their Avalon Batch 2 ASICs. Share prices jumped froom 0.5 to 1.5BTC. Question: Is this share overpriced?
Future Plans
I am not too sure what are the exact future plans. If anyone can fill me in, I will edit this component.
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Asset discussion 20/6: All ASICMiner variants

This will be a once every 2 day stock discussion so every stock will be discussed.
Topics to be discussed includes but not limited to:
Today's discussion is all AISCMiner variants which is traded on those exchanges below by order of volume:
BitcoinTalk Forum Thread
AISCMiner Hashrate charts
Business Model
ASICMiner is a company that sells mining hardware and hosts their own mining operation. Business operations is located in China. FriedCat runs the company with 2 other partners.
Based on the performance on BTC-TC, the performance are as follows:
Dividend Yield Estimates (calculated using 2.78236/Share)
Based On Paid Est Annual % Est Annual BTC
30d 0.12391801 54.19% 1.50766912
90d 0.27760344 40.46% 1.12583617
For those who are unaware, their IPOed at 0.1 BTC last August. An investment for a board seat (5000 shares at USD6500) will yield a return of USD 1,989,387.4 at 110 USD/BTC.
Future Plans
I am not too sure what are the exact future plans. If anyone can fill me in, I will edit this component.
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Bi-Monthly Wiki Improvement Topic: ASICMiner

So I did a request for recommendation ( recently and what I have decided is to start with the most frequently used topics. What better to start off with than our veteran stock: ASICMiner.
I think ASICMiner is a great start as it comes at a time where the share prices have plummeted dramatically in the last few weeks which has drawn high interest.
What are we going to talk about?
Topics to be discussed includes but not limited to:
So please help out by adding your comments here and I will format them in the wiki.
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ActiveMiner, the crowdsourced restructuring of AMC(mining) and VMC(sales) just paid 0.00001830/share

Disclosure: I'm invested in ActiveMining... However, I consider myself a straight shooter, and am willing to field any questions people may have on this security. The day I purchased BTC was the day that I considered that money destroyed.
Picture of VMC Headquarters
Bitcointalk Forum Link
BitFunder Price Link
BTC-TC Price Link
It's been a rough start, but I think that ActiveMining is on the right track now. Below is a list of things I have put together about what has been happening:
Previously, investing in ActiveMining - rather AMC beforehand, would have been seen as too high of a risk for most. Right now... I'll let you make that decision. I'll start by giving you a pretty thorough rundown of what the hell has been going on the past year.
A little about Kenneth Slaughter (CEO Owner):
He's been into Bitcoin since 2009 and has had a BTCTalk account since 2010. He decided to look back into bitcoin in early 2012 and saw that the price was $6.50. He then started putting resources from a contract IT Job into GPU mining equipment. He then took most of the bitcoins he mined in 2012-2013 and purchased 6 Batch 2 Avalon's in February 2013. Needing to pay back to the first investors, he released a small dividend under AMC from profits on G.ASICMINER-PT dividends and the sales of G.ASICMINER-PT shares. This is where the idea of VMC began. He reasoned that you could not count on other manufactures to deliver their products on time or to even continue producing their product. i.e. BFL, Avalon. So VMC was created to provide AMC with a stable supply of bitcoin mining machines.
The contract was originally written something like this:
crash, bang, boom
Ken is an engineer and private businessman. In my opinion he had no experience with the dealings of managing a public company or being an underwriter. Having talked with Ken, I could say that he really wanted to get this company off the ground, but he made a few mistakes:
After the price of AMC surged from .0005 then to .0008, back down to .0005, then back up to .0008 then to .0014, then to .004, then back to .0025, Ken valuated the company at a higher value than .0025 but decided that it was reasonable to place a second offering of 4 million shares at .0025 to pay for an NRE for AMC's own chip. 1 million shares were purchased, then things started falling apart, mostly, the unfair way the contract was written. Many believed that the contract was screwing the investor out of money by not giving more profits from sales (10% at the time) since investors fronted most of the money. There are more details and grievances left out but this is getting long. I can answer questions about that if you'd like.
So, what happened?
Ken got together with forum members and worked out a new contract:
So, what plans does ActiveMining have and why is there 4 million shares for sale at .0025 on both exchanges?
All in all, I think is has been a learning experience for Ken. Everyone seems appeased at the moment, good things are happening, and I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any more, let me know and I'll try my best.
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Damnit, used up my Coinbase weekly buy already

I used up my Coinbase instant weekly buy already
And now I would be able to get TWO bitcoins instantly. You know what you can do with two bitcoins these days!?
Thats like 3460 Ethers
7 ASICMiner shares
Lets not even talk about the fun to be had on Counterparty
now I have to wonder if the exchange rate will rebound before my Coinbase reloads, or if it'll sit in this region (or lower) for some time so I can load up next week
if only I had an extra $500 instant from Circle, but alas, my invite is in limbo.
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How I fall in love with bitcoins these days

 Actually, I was an PCB board foreign trade salesman, working on alibaba platform for 3 years since graduated from university. However, about 6 months ago, I remembered that was an sunny afternoon, my boss(a really professional PCB、PCBA man) call me to had a cup of tea with him. “he must have some idea again” I know. Then I felt very nervous, praying he gave me some good news like increase salary for me or something similar, but not fire me. God bless me. He really share me an surprising product.- Bitcoin asicminer. 
2013,9th, Sep BITCOIN ASICMINER, this new word then accompanied me for the last days till today. Since 2012, I have learned something about bitcoins from my friend. I know that [Bitcoin is a kind of network virtual currency, anyone in the world can use to purchase virtual items, such as clothes, hats, equipment in network game,etc. Certainly, you can also use bitcoins to purchase items in real life as long as the seller accept. However, the most special point for bitcoin is that the issue, circulation and management of bitcoins does not belong to any person, organization, company or any country. In another words, it’s equally and belong to everyone who participate in. Anyone who have a computer, connecting to network, and then running a free open source software can be involved. There is never such thing that anyone who as an administrator or who have the center node or privilege. That calls BITCOIN SYSTEM, a equally peer-to-peer(P2P) systems. Most important of all, BITCOIN SYSTEM can promise as below: 1. the total quantity of bitcoins is certained. 2.the quantity of bitcoins increase at a slow pace, but not sudden increase. 3. bitcoins will eventually increase to a certain quantity, but not unlimited growth. 4. the above characteristics are guaranteed by a recognized mathematical formula, do not need any guarantee come from any person, any organization or country. 5.the circulation of bitcoins do not need any intermediaries and the transfer process is not subject to interference]. So this news asicminer is a big surprise for me. At the first week, I was curious about this magical hardware , but then I nearly crazy about it. 2013,9th, Sep 13:46
 As time by, we learn more and more(an crazy increase speed) people are interested in bitcoin,, either to be a miner mining or invest bitcoins. About half an month later, I was called to have a cup of tea again. This time, I was exciting. As expected, boss asked: If you want to sell bitcoin asicminer on aliexpress? My answer is YES, without any hesitation. Then my experience with bitcoin asicminer hardware begain……… Then our store--- China BTC Electronics Co.,LTD ( opened, our asicminer begain selling on aliexpress. At first, we selling 330MH/S USB asicminer, then we selling 10gh/s blade asicminer and till today, we add 10gh/s mini blade asicminer selling 
2013,10th,Sep 10:05
 Here want to share some experience with my customer. My first customer is an gentleman from Russian. I remembered it was about 16:00 on Monday, trandemanager pop up a message. He very nice to say hello to me and told me he came from Russian and was a newer very interested in bitcoins, want to try to have a USB block erupter, but wonder if we can teach he how to use and wonder if we can ship to him immediately. That’s absolutely what we should service for our customers. Then online we talked about how to use step by step, and I promised him when we confirm receiving his payment, we will arrange shipment in 24 hours. Half an hour later, he told me everything is ok. And pop up again, aliexpress notice me my customer place order and 1 minutes later, he paid the payment. I was so exciting. That was my first customer and so nice an communication process. Next day moring, I confirmed payment. WOW, before noon, I arrange the shipment. ……later, later, this customer feedback, it’s vey nice, and buy 5 units again. Considered he was my old customer, at that time, I gave him an discount. Haha, good experience!!! 
2013,11th,Sep 15:16
 Another very interesting customer from Brazil who is now become my friend. We always chat on skype, chat some latest news about bitcoin, bitcoin hardware. He is really an senior man for bitcoin.. I remembered that was midnight, I was in sleeping, and my trademanager on mobile phone pop up a message, which really scared me, you can image that in mindnight, and your mobile phone suddenly rang, how horrible a thing. “Customer is our God” I have to wake up. (Saleman is really working 24 hours.) Then he told me he want an 10gh/s hardware,but wander if we can help him make the invoice value smaller which is convenient for him to let custom clearance smoothly in Brazil. And hope we can ship to him in one week. 7 days later, he told me he received the asicminer form UPS and gave us a 100% positive feedback. Really thanks!!! What’s more, he introduced his friends to buy asicminers in my store( Here thanks he again. And also thanks his friends trusting us. 
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You will also very likely need an ASIC miner, since GPU mining will likely never be profitable again going forward. Some hardware wallets and mining software. Mining Pools vs Cloud Mining. Many people read about mining pools and think it is just a group that pays out free bitcoins. This is not true! Mining pools are for people who have mining hardware to split profits. Many people get mining ... Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Posted in r/BitcoinStocks by u/puck2 • 15 points and 21 comments CGMiner 4.1.11 – This is a multi-threaded multi-bullet FPGA and ASIC miner for bitcoins, as well as the most popular miner for GPU / FPGA / ASIC. CGMiner – This is an open source GPU miner written in C and available on several platforms such as Windows, Linux and OS X. One of the things that make it extremely popular is the fact that it is based on the original Cpu code. Miner. Download ... ASICMINER-PT shares increase 2.5x in value. Close. 15. Posted by. u/Viridz. 6 years ago. Archived. ASICMINER-PT shares increase 2.5x in value. Friedcat just posted an auction on for 10 of the old 10GH/s slices used in a previous iteration of his ASICMINER company. The sell price will be divided among share holders. Some are valuing the stock at 2.7 BTC / share compared to ...

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