Peernova Quietly Collects $4 Million for Big Data ...

Overstock Invests $5 Million in Peernova’s Bitcoin Projects

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Understanding Bitcoin Mining Hashrates with Dave Hudson (Peernova)

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Bitcoin SF Devs Seminar: Understanding Bitcoin Hashrates with Dave Hudson (Peernova)

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News Bits: DEA Agent steals Bitcoins, Third Key Solutions and Overstock invests into Peernova

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Overstock Invests $5 Million in Peernova in First Bitcoin Investment

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Why I'll transform Reddit into a new online economy

I've been a Redditor since the great Digg migration and have been a Fintech & Crypto professional my entire career. My journey into tech started by discovering a post on Reddit about a new p2p cash payment system called Bitcoin in 2010. I was immediately a trader and miner, and taught myself to code in Python to create a trading algorithm in 2014. The algo became fairly successful and I decided to pursue a higher degree of education at Cornell Tech where I received an MBA but furthered my technical skills around data, systems engineering, and blockchain. I spent over two years innovating consumer fintech for CitiBank at Citi Ventures and enterprise fintech at JP Morgan, and in 2017 I left to start my own social crypto wallet called Mirian. I also part-time consulted on token design and economics for organizations including the Ethereum Foundation.
Mirian was and still is ahead of its time, but it didn't grow to its potential after peaking at 1000+ users due to some personal mishaps along with some first-time founder mistakes I made. Nonetheless, I received an opportunity to move to Silicon Valley and work with a startup called Peernova, where I've spent my last year as a Sr. PM applying my deep crypto and data knowledge to construct new types of digital economies intertwined with data analytics.
As I look for something new and exciting to tackle in my career and continue Redditing more than I'd like to admit, I can't think of a more suited opportunity to apply my skills than shaping the future of Paid Digital Goods at Reddit. I believe my experience in incentive and token design for consumer apps like Mirian or ones I've been working on for the World Bank at Peernova can be the catalyst Reddit is looking for to propel its Paid Goods strategy and foothold. I can't fathom how excited I'd be to dig into the digital goods data at Reddit and shape a roadmap around the behavioral patterns I discover on their use.
I look forward to your review of my background and application.
Many thanks for reading, Murat
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Does it not seem like everyone's "new product" seems desperate to avoid bitcoin? I see some new innovation, but then read that they started a new random private blockchain. Its like creating your own private TCP/IP rather than using the one that's free, popular, and already available.

This seems like such a simple decision to me. What's even more surprising is that every time I read about some new innovation it seems to be off the bitcoin chain more often than not. Why would they do the extra work and sacrifice the already grandfathered in security and decentralization for something completely new? And don't tell me profit, because that's a copout statement. It would be far more profitable to use the cheaper, alreadu available, and more trusted option. The risk in creating your own chain and hoping it stays relevant is pretty high. The whole idea behind blockchain tech was trust. And yet its the one thing all these companies seem to avoid when using the technology. they just want a new program for building the same old centralized systems. Peernova is the latest in a string of serious disappointments. When there is no decentralized alternative, then i get it. Decentralized is harder. But when a free, open source, trust-less, and secure decentralized blockchain is available... what are they thinking?
It seems like everyone is making their own computer plugs and refusing to put USB on them despite the fact that 90% of users already have USB cords and accessories. WTF are these people thinking that makes this not seem completely stupid?
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Patrick Byrne is a sell out....

Now that we know that his T0 project is built on top of a private centralized ledger with PeerNova I think it's time to severe ties with him. However, I'm sure that he will continue to use his Bitcoin hashtags and saying his new platform is "ledger agnostic" to try to get the true crypto enthusiastic Bitcoin-ers to rally behind him.
What he will come to find out in the near future is that any centralized ledger is always mutable whether it be by the companies' specific intent, a rogue employee or a hacker.
I'd recommend no longer giving up your bitcoins to his company and start ignoring all of his pro-bitcoin statements while he secretly works on his own private databases to maintain the status quo with the only difference being that he will gain control of the equities/stock markets rather than large banks or brokers.
At this time I think the best alternatives will be Nasdaq using the Open Asset Protocol (colored coins) on top of the Bitcoin network and/or counterparty. I look forward to seeing more news from them as time goes on.
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Good morning all, I am submitting our Altcoin Assembly Weekly two days early because of some prior committments this coming Sunday. Enjoy! And as always, looking forward to some great discussion around this.
Our focus this week is on Blockchain Capital.
Blockchain Capital ( (formerly Crypto Currency Partners) is a venture capital company that invests in blockchain related companies. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in October 2013 by Bart Stephens, Bradford Stephens and Brock Pierce. To say they invest in blockchain related companies is an understatement. They ONLY invest in ventures inside the space. As of now anyway, who knows if that may change in the future. They are one of the few VCs that do this.
Bart and Brad are brothers who have been involved in the financial sector for quite some time. Bart started his career at e-trade in the FinTech sector while his brother was a former hedge fund manager at Fidelity. They also ran one together for ten years.
Brock Pierce is someone that you may know as Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. All three combined bring a wealth of experience to the venture. Having a quick look at their advisory board, it reads names like Vinny Lingham, Bobby Lee and Charlie Lee among traditional financial corporate heavyweights. Entrepreneur and self titled Disruptepreneur, Jeremy Gardner resides at Blockchain Capital as well. He is an Augur co-founder.
They are currently invested in 40+ companies and have a proven record of exits as well. See below this post for their current holdings and past acquisitions which are publicly available.
Another part of their business is money management, usually for family offices, high net worth individuals including 25 Bitcoin CEOS.
The aim of Blockchain Capital is to invest in early stage fundraising, meaning they will meet with teams that may only have a small group of devs and a PowerPoint presentation. That’s a great position to be in since this is where the most money can be made if prospects can pass their criteria. Primarily, they want to see strong engineering teams with a proven track record of success. The opportunities need to lie in places where there is a large total available market, have an engineering advantage or a new business model that sits overtop free to use hardware/software models. Go big or go home right? Investing in A, B or C round is something they don’t ignore either.
Their ICO has happened already (April 10 to May 17, 2016) and it was successful. Their ticker is BCAP, an Ethereum based smart contract token. They raised $10MM in 6 hours, self-proclaiming they were oversold. This is 20% of the total funds they are raising. The rest will come through traditional channels and will not have a token. Though their token supply is also 10MM, valuing each $1.00. As of this (Sunday, June 4, 2017, the value of BCAP is currently $1.73.
The token represents an indirect fractional non-voting economic interest in Blockchain Capital. The sales were only available to accredited investors. Interested parties had to submit documentation to confirm their identity and net worth/income. A complete turnaround from how ICOs are usually currently conducted. They could be setting the way for how future sales happen. Keep in mind this isn’t a completely new concept. From what I know, they have been in touch with the Federal Reserve on how to structure this so I feel it wasn't done blindly or without guidance.
What they did here was disrupt the very industry they work in. And why wouldn’t they try to? It makes perfect sense. Why wait for someone else to do it? Your local cab company didn’t start Uber. Netflix isn't owned by Blockbuster. Look where those two are now. One is struggling to catch up and the other is defunct. This is a perfect example of a firm who sees blockchain technology as both a threat and an opportunity.
The funds raised from their ICO will be split 50/50. Half will be for new ventures. The remaining for follow-up investments.
Their token grants holders a portion of the profits earned by their investment fund. They wish to spread $500,000 per investment which means 20 deals at that rate. Blockchain Capital will take a 2.5% management fee from that plus a 25% performance fee calculated on the returns. The remainder of the profits will be distributed to the token holders.
Further, a token buyback provision will also enable them to purchase tokens on the open market. This would be in the event that their market value tumbles below their net asset value.
I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this. As mentioned, this isn't an ICO we're used to seeing although this isn't the first of its kind. I do not own any BCAP and I’m hoping u/laughncow can add something here given that he met and spoke with Brock Pierce at his party in NYC during Consensus 2017.
Portfolio includes: o Coinbase – ( o ABRA - ( o AlphaPoint -( o Bitaccess - ( o BitFury - ( o BitGo - ( o Blade - ( o BitPesa - ( o BLOCKCYPHER -( o Blockstream - ( o BTCC - ( o Chain - ( o Civic - ( o ETHCORE - ( - Led by Gavin Wood, with Fenbushi who VB is a partner in o Expresscoin - ( o Gem - ( o Go - ( o itBit - ( o Kraken - ( o LedgerX - ( o Noble - ( o PEERNOVA - ( o Ripple - ( o SFOX - ( o SNAPCARD – ( o Stampery - ( o Stem - ( o String - ( o TIERION - ( o WAVE - ( o Xapo - ( o zenbox o zipzap - ( o ShapeShift - ( o Ox - (
Exits include: o Authy – Acquired by Twilio o - Acquired by Klinch o Bitnet - Acquired by Rakuten o ChangeTip - Acquired by Airbnb o Coinsetter - Acquired by Kraken
Side note: Had you not participated in the ICO for whatever reason, they also have an AngelList network that allows smaller investors to get in on their deals with as little as $1K. I think this is smart on their part to extend and flex their financial reach. You can visit their page here, (
Edit: Formatting
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SO, if you are an obvious scam, and are not doing very well, don't despair, just get Overstock to give you $5 million dollars!
While Peernova has attracted new investment, evidence suggests its older line of products continues to suffer from a poor reputation in the general market.
Though the HighBitcoin brand was discontinued, CloudHashing continues to attract criticisms from the wider community. At press time, its website is inactive.
A Twitter search for CloudHashing's handle reveals a small but vocal group of former investors who are seeking to get in touch with the company.
Further, Reddit forums details customers who report both losing money on mining contracts, and being asked to pay money to end services.
And BTW: Overstock has a P/E of over 68!!!
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Did any VC-funded Bitcoin company turn out to be a scam?

I have compiled below Bitcoin companies that have publicly received VC funding. (The data is taken from here.)
Have any of those 88 companies turned out to be a scam?
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July 2016 Expected Reward-Drop ETA

This is a tail-end scenario. How many mining operation and over all bitcoin 1.0 ecosystem companies will survive if the BTC price falls under / or up to double digits and continues to remain below 100 for next 18 Month after July 2016 block reward halving ?
Speculative Names of the survivors:
This is a speculative non exhaustive list. Addition and thoughts should be interesting .
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After the Bell Panel Discussion: Cryptocurrencies - Opportunities, Challenges and Profitability in the Migration from Main Street to Golden Gate: Looking at the Long Game Wednesday, July 30, 2013 – Golden Gate University – San Francisco, CA

These panel discussions address the movement of trade of cryptocurrencies from individual hackers to traditional financial institutions. But how do you gain on these opportunities? Is it just a bubble, another speculative commodity or something more? What regulation will be instituted and how will that affect trading? If you're thinking of investing—where do you focus? On the currency or on the technologies surrounding it? From our panels of leaders in this burgeoning industry and geared towards those in hedge funds, portfolio management and asset management firms, banks and traders, hear the latest on the issues and how to best maximize the market.
Event Program:
3:45 Registration
4:00 pm Panel I: Regulation and Regulatory Impact • Latest initiatives by regulatory bodies • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/ ABL ("Anti-Bitcoin Laundering") and know-your-customer rules • Storage issues/security/anti-hacking • Will it become a legitimate currency? Will it interface with banking systems? And how will it be taxed? Panelists include: Karsten Behrend, Chief Compliance Officer, Xapo & Executive Board Member, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists Jake Benson, CEO/Founder, Libra Services Inc Brian Stoeckert, Managing Director, Chief Strategy Officer, CoinComply
4:45 pm Panel II. Steps to Becoming a Cryptocurrency Trader • What is the potential of the crypto market? • Evaluating the volatility: How it differs from traditional arbitrage and understanding how to handle it • Is it another asset class? An ECN? A commodity like gold? • Trading on exchanges • Identifying current and future opportunities • Clearing and settlement issues; Counterparty risk Panelists include: Emmanuel Abiodun, President & CCO, PeerNova Michael Moro, Director, Trading Team, SecondMarket Matt Wreford, President & CCO, Vernier Partners
5:30 pm Panel III. Investment in Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin companies • What makes it a good or bad investment? • Investing in bitcoin companies: What makes them valuable? • What are the technologies available? Being developed? And how will they be advance the move from the retail to institutional trader? What about the block chain protocol? Panelists include: Emmanuel Abiodun, President & CCO, PeerNova David Chen, Venture Investor, Lightspeed Venture Partners Dan Held, Director of Product, Blockchain & Co-Founder, ZeroBlock Ethan Kurzweil, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
6:15 pm Networking Reception Following the conclusion of the Roundtable Panel Sessions join us for a Networking Reception to further discuss the most top of mind issues of those involved in the financial markets.
For further information about the event or if you are interested in speaking or sponsoring, please contact [email protected] To Register:
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Story of Naveed Sherwani - CEO PeerNova Inc. CoinSummit London 2014 - The Ever Changing Landscape of Bitcoin Mining PeerNova Overview 2020 [Active Data Governance] Chris Mausler, CFO, PeerNova Bitcoin SF Devs Seminar: A deep dive into understanding Bitcoin mining hashrates

Najważniejsze informacje o kryptowalucie Bitcoin. Na rynku od 2010 roku. Blockchain solutions provider Peernova is quietly raising money to bring its enterprise big data product to Asia. News Learn Videos Podcasts Research. Trending. Bitcoin Markets. Bitcoin Price ... ÜBerstock investiert 5 Millionen Dollar in die Blockchain-Technologie von Peernova; Peernovas Gesamtfinanzierung erreicht bis heute 19 Millionen US-Dollar; Overstock zur Finanzierung von mehr Ledger-basierten Unternehmen  Haupt-Nachrichten; Bergbau; Bewertungen; Führer; Bitcoin Geldkurs Technische Analyse - BCH / USD Annäherung an die Unterstützung. BTC Preis Technische Analyse 30/10 ... PeerNova is a digital transformation company with a mission to empower enterprises to unlock their data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities. Cuneiform® is PeerNova’s zero-code platform that automates data quality, end-to-end (E2E) visibility, and process correctness. Founded by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in data and financial infrastructure, PeerNova is a Silicon Valley ... Overstock Invests $5 Million in Peernova in First Bitcoin Investment US retail giant Overstock has invested in blockchain technology specialist Peernova as part of its second tranche of Series A ...

[index] [44962] [43144] [51476] [46338] [145] [24194] [41327] [32404] [36486] [22358]

Story of Naveed Sherwani - CEO PeerNova Inc.

PeerNova: Active Data Governance PeerNova’s mission is to empower enterprises to unlock their data, increase efficiency, and discover opportunities. PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform is an active ... Marc Aafjes (Bitfury), Timo Hanke (CoinTerra), Jez San (Angel Investor), and Naveed Sherwani (Peernova) discuss the ever changing landscape of Bitcoin mining. Dave Hudson of and Peernova as he give us an advanced seminar on Bitcoin hashrates. Slides from the meetup are here: This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue is the ultimate review site for the crypto currency community! We are delivering weekly news bits videos. If we can get our hands on miners we...