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Next halving to occur April 17th, 2016.

At least that's my best guess, based on the difficulty trends. It was originally anticipated at the end of 2016, but we've already gained 3 months, thanks to the massive difficulty gains. By the end of 2013 we should be 4 months ahead, but that's an unsustainable pace, representing block generation that is 33% faster than the "normal" 10 minute interval. I'm betting we'll gain another 4 1/2 months over the next 140,000 blocks, then level off.
Any other guesses on the date? I'll donate 1 BTC to the closest guess! Ties will be split. If there's a way to reliably escrow the funds for that long, I'm happy to do so...otherwise you'll just have to take your chances that I'll still be around to honor the contest.
Betting closes at midnight on Oct 24th.
Edit: Thanks for everyone's inputs! The thread didn't get much attention, but it will still be fun to look back at this a few years from now, especially if 1 BTC is worth $10,000+.
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